Zed Does Keto IF – 105 Days Left – Thoughts & How To Use a Keto Calculator

good morning guys this is Zed it is September day is Wednesday September 18 2019 we have 105 more days until the new year January first feeling kinda sore actually so yesterday was my second day of consecutive training as expected I’ve got some cramps this morning but not the crap that I was so desperately wanting to avoid the adductor or growing crap the one in the inner thigh I got this morning and I got ready to go to work just put on some socks then my foot cramped which is like very awkward and hellish and then because that caused like a chain of events my foot crap man and then my toe cramped and then my shin cramped and so those just me standing awkwardly for 10 minutes trying to get ready for work but eventually it went away I direct more of my uh my water but I mean I expected worse I’m still expecting the muscle soreness from a couple of days ago because the you know the Dom’s right the delayed onset muscle soreness usually takes about 48 hours but I’ve just read recently that it could be 76 it’s only two hours sorry three days 72 hours and I’m I’ve been expecting that to hit me and now coupled with the fact that I was training yesterday but I have precautions set in place I have one more thing of vicodin which I know I’m not supposed to do but you use what resources you have and vicodin is one of mine and I’ve used it before I never got addicted it’s mine and also have a thing of extra strength tylenol and thing of extra strength motrin and recent study indicates that it can be just as good as opioids when taken together not like at the same time but you take firstly take Tylenol or motrin and then after six hours I think is the safe duration and then you take the other one and just keep switching on and off and that’s supposed to be just as effective as vicodin and yeah I think part of the way to deal with this kind of thing is just to expect it I don’t expect to have a good day I expect to be in pain and moving around stiffly but you know it just means that I did some good work I did some good work yesterday I didn’t squelch on myself you know I don’t want I did think about not feeding today I just do else think about switching to a alternate day fasting ADF it’s exactly how it sounds you feed on one day and you fast the next day and it’s still one meal a day and essentially if you’re doing 618 six or 1824 so 32 or 42 we have 42 six yeah so 42 6 so you’re fasting for 42 hours any feed for 6 but since I’m switching to a smaller window to a 4 so be 44 4 but I figure with all the training I’ll be doing that I might need the feeding time to recover my muscles and general strength and energy and I also need to recalculate my caloric quota and my macros since the first set was based on me being sedentary it sounds like being sedentary isn’t an option anymore C gets better you guys [Music] I just made my Keitel ciao something closing out the day and is September 18 I think we’re at 105 days left until the new year I’m feeling sorrow normal I’m like neutral right now I mean I’m still still kind of rocking from the way in yesterday that’s fine I’m gonna stop but I am suffering from cramps in my my shins they hurt a lot but I still haven’t gotten that muscle soreness from two days ago that’s got me a little worried and when I brought us up to my friend Alex she’s a chiropractor and very like one of the most fittest person I’ve ever known she said that I might have written I reached I might have reached my I guess my Zenith my my max strength or whatever and so my body’s used to the normal stress that I put it through ie my workout which means I need to shock it with something new as I expected she mentioned walking going uphill I hate walking and going uphill how much you just go longer wouldn’t work out I mean I might not change anything because I’ll be working out from 3 times a week to four times a week and two of them and two of those four days four out on Monday and Tuesday will be back to back and Thursday and Friday will be back to back they’re consecutive and so I won’t have time to recover which hopefully means that it’s also gonna be another stressor in my body something new for it to adjust to and I still do plan on getting the battle ropes I mean I was thinking about getting the slamball but I feel like I have more utility with the battle ropes and also in a minute I’m gonna show you my new macros since you know I’m at a new weight I’m actually active supposed to sedentary so they’ll be a whole new set of values for me like I said you know when you fail you go back to basics see where you went wrong and I might be one of them we’re gonna go and find the calculator here it is all right so I am 36 I was 414 on Tuesday I am 511 I am male activity so I guess you can see it’s a gym workout yeah so if iced if I’ve been stressing striving for half an hour of work out and I’ll be doing it four times a week I guess five times if we count the beach oh my god 150 and so I’m gonna go to 40% deficit again and my new kcal is 30 22 30:22 KCAL yeah might be in their room ever been using it alright so 30:22 kcal 128 protein 39 carbs 262 fat [Laughter] and according to this graph I would be 350 by around 355 by New Year’s so I need to keep consistent with my workout 150 minutes a week that was gang the dog that sneezed so let’s go back I need to be eating 30 22 to be at 40% deficit at this activity level to maintain that’s 5,000 Wow Wow ok so before if I remember correctly it was like around 3000 for me to maintain but with me my workout apparently yeah ok so that’s my that’s what I’m burning rock 2,300 K ki Cal okay that’s pretty cool

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