Why You Should NEVER Start KETO If You Want To Lose Weight

so you want to lose weight and you made your research and you find out that keto is the best diet to lose weight so you start there to do this for a few days a few weeks and then suddenly get frustrated you stop you gain all the weight back and then you are over you are screwed so in this video I’m gonna tell you exactly why you should not do the ketone diet if you want to lose weight now before we start this video if you don’t know who I am my name is singers Columbus I used to be a celebrity personal trainer in central London I also used to be two years in the Special Forces and since 2013 I helped hundreds of people online transform their body and sustain their results now without being said let’s dive into this video and let me tell you exactly why you should not do keto if you want to lose weight so first of all let’s start and identify where this ketone diet came from so if you noticed the last two to three years I will say the kid on diet is the most and number one trending diet on the Internet unfortunately it is what it is if you won’t Facebook a video on YouTube every fitness coach right now tells you ok kiddo is the next big thing you should do kiddo you want to lose weight and of course you as an inexperienced person you just listen to those YouTube videos and you jump on this diet now what’s the problem if you start doing keto first of all in order to go into the ketosis mode that means you need to cut out carbs you need to eat a lot of fat and a lot of protein and you have to do this over on a consistent amount of days and this is how you will get your body into ketosis and then basically your body is going to take energy from your fat and not from the glycogen so this is how keto works now let me tell you exactly what’s the problem with this diet first of all every single diet out there if you want to lose weight it works with colors including keto so why keto is so effective so Kido is so effective because if you cut out carbs and sugar obviously you will also reduce your colors and that’s why it’s such an effective diet because automatically it gets you our body into a calorie deficit in a much easier way but there is one huge side effect so let’s say you right now you start doing keto you will notice that you will do it for a few days maybe a few weeks if you are more disciplined then you will give up now the reason behind this is because it’s not enjoyable let me ask you something can you cut out cups can you cut out sugar can you cut out pizza can you cut out bread or cut out fruits for the rest of your life I’m sure the answer is most likely not at the same time doing the ketone diet is extremely hard when you are a very busy person or if you go to social events with your work or if you eat out to restaurants or if you are traveling a lot it’s impossible to the ketone diet because all the time you have to look if the food has cups in it so your purpose is to make sure that we don’t need carbs because then you will did not get your body into the ketosis mode so that’s why I don’t want you to follow hidden because keto is not something that you can do for the rest of your life now listen if you can do keto for the rest of your life then go for it but most likely because you are not a professional athlete you are not a member of the Special Forces and you don’t have this amount of discipline that is impossible for you to do keto and do it over and long term and if you manage to do Kido for maybe six months then what yes you will lose weight but then I’m sure you will return back to your old habits and then you will gain all the weight back and that’s why most people they lose weight they gain their weight back they lose weight they gain the weight back I mentioned this countless times on this channel so far so this is my number one advice don’t do n diet that you will not enjoy don’tdo and ayat that you have to sacrifice a lot of things in order for you to get in shape it doesn’t work like this it is much better to find a solution that you enjoy it gives you slower results but you can actually do it over and a long tail thus this is how Fitness works don’t do something temporary you want to make sure that you will do something that is permanent and all these people that they follow keto and they promote ketone believe me they will not they will not do it for a long amount of time because after one year or maybe after a few months something else is gonna come out so these people they will not promote keto anymore they will promote something else unfortunately this is how works so don’t look for quick fixes look for something that is designed according to your lifestyle and you can do it for a long time so you guys want to take your fitness to the next level then I’m inviting you to schedule a free consultation call with me or one of my coaches in this consultation call we’re gonna discuss how you are going to achieve your dream physique so when I go back in the past we see what you tried what you did wrong and then we will try to find a solution based on that if you are happy with the advices that I will give you then I will tell you more information about my spot and coaching program which is the most successful program then developed so far it gets amazing results as you can see on this page and I can tell you more information about how it works so guys thank you so much see you again on the next video

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