Why You Should Count Total Carbs, NOT Net Carbs on Keto

hey guys I am dr. Anthony Justin and a lot of questions about net carbs total carbs carb this carb that and the truth is that’s way easier than you think so let’s break this apart and define these things what are net carbs versus total carbs so if you’re using like a food tracking app My Fitness Pal sends some of these things and you put it in a food you’re gonna get two different values you’re gonna get net carbs out of it and you’re going to get total carbs so this kind of matters for I would say vegetables mostly but generally speaking when you eat a food there’s fiber in it and then there’s all other starches and things like that different types of carbohydrates and so some people they think that net carbs which is carbohydrate – fiber is all you need to worry about because the fiber doesn’t get digested doesn’t impact your insulin however when you’re getting started on a ketogenic diet what I highly recommend is just using total carbs total carbs only for tracking your macronutrients if you’re tracking with macros so it’s gonna make it way easier you’re getting ketosis way faster and it’s gonna simplify a lot of things for you and so looking at that you’re gonna include all the fibers and then once you get experience the ketogenic diet and you’re a couple months in and you know how to do things you know what ketosis feels like you’re really humming along you wanna start playing with it and seeing okay I can I get away with more net carbs if I exercise with more total carbs or net carbs and start tweaking with some of these things with your individual health like you should be doing on a long-term basis then go to net carbs are start switching it up but if you’re just getting started on a ketogenic diet highly highly highly highly recommend looking at total carbs instead of net carbs it’s gonna simplify your life entirely and you can get results way way faster so do you track total carbs do track net carbs what worked for you let me know in the comments below I’m really interested to hear your feedback and if you’ve any questions for me on the difference between top carbohydrates shooting an Instagram DM at Dr Anthony Justin and we will see you guys next time you

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