Why You Need to Add Moringa to Your Keto Diet

Why You Need to Add Moringa to Your Keto Diet

If you’re doing a keto based program, adding Moringa is a must and today I’m going to show you all the benefits in why you need to add
it to your keto program. (energetic music) Watch to the end of this
video were I’m going to be revealing my super charged
Moringa smoothie recipe. Here’s why I love Moringa. Moringa is a powerhouse of food, it’s grown in different
areas all over the world, it has 92 essential
minerals and vitamins in it, you can literally live
off the tree itself, that’s why it’s called the miracle tree. There’s over 300 documented
health conditions that some part of the Moringa tree helps. It’s a great additive to your smoothie, it’s a great additive to your daily vitamins and nutrient routine. It basically has everything the body needs for health inside. It even contains the full
spectrum of amino acids which most plants do not even contain. That’s why Moringa is one
of my favorite additions to a keto diet and for that
matter, it’s just a great addition to anybody’s diet as a supplement or the raw leafs or the pods or the bark, any part of the Moringa tree, you can eat. All right, lets get into this great Moringa based smoothie recipe that you can add to your already
great keto diet plan. First , we’re gonna start with one cup of organic blueberries. You can use frozen or preferably
fresh, if you have ’em. I’m gonna put those in right there. Next, we’re gonna move
onto one cup of almond, I like almond milk, but
you can use coconut milk, oat milk, hemp milk, just
make sure it’s unsweetened. I mean, I like to use unsweetened but you can use sweetened if you want just to try to avoid any
extra sugars, obviously, if you’re on a keto diet you don’t want to add any extra sugar in there. Next, I add the Moringa
from Global Healing. This is a very powerful extract that’s based off the raw
herbal extract technology. I like to add four dropper fulls. I actually have some fresh Moringa here, this is from a tree here in Houston, you can even take these
leaves off and eat them. They’re really good, they’re
packed full of nutrients, they’re raw, they have amino acids, protein, it’s a great addition. Actually, if you can grow Moringa at your house, I would recommend it. You can always add these
leaves into your salad as well. The last thing I’m gonna add is the acai. This is acai powder,
which is a nutrient dense, packed full of phytonutrients, I’m gonna add one teaspoon of
acai power into the blender. I like to Vitamix blenders,
if you don’t have one, I would highly recommend looking into those, but any blender will work. Put it on and then slowly start blending. One thing that you
should think about doing is adding more color
into your normal diet. Some people might think that that would be hard to do on a keto
diet but it’s really not. There’s plenty of vegetables,
low carb vegetables and low carbohydrates fruits that work really well in a keto based diet. So you can see this is the purple, it’s got a lot of purple color in it, those are porphyrins, plant porphyrins that cause it to be colorful like that. So last part, the best part, is when you actually get to drink it. Wow, that’s great, if you
want to add extra sweetener you can always add monk fruit,
that’s what I like to add, that’s zero carbohydrates
and until next time, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel, click the notification
bell, leave your comments, try this smoothie at home, I’d
like to know if you have any additions to it or if you
have any extra low carb keto based smoothies that you’re doing. Until next time, don’t forget,
you have the power to heal, you have the power to
live happy and healthy. (music fades out)

3 thoughts on “Why You Need to Add Moringa to Your Keto Diet”

  1. Dr Group how much mg or gram moringa is in one dropper of your supplement?
    It’s always good to know how much we are taking
    Please do a video about bee pollen benefits

  2. Thank you Dr Group. Using this opportunity to ask questions I would like to ask you something completely unrelated. I would like to know your thoughts on drinking baking soda daily as part of anti cancer strategies. Many of my patients asked me about it but information out there is conflicting. If it is not too much hussle for you could you please comment on the topic.
    Thank you very much for all the time and effort you dedicate to help people get healthier.

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