Why Collagen Peptides DO NOT Work!!! Collagen Protein

Why Collagen Peptides DO NOT Work!!! Collagen Protein

Good morning, sis, it is your girl XO Rocky, welcome back to my channel today. We’re gonna be talking about Collagen and why it actually may not be working for you So I have a lot of information to give you a lot of things I want to go over some things about collagen You may not know and some facts on why collagen actually may not even be working when you’re using it So let’s get into this video But before we do make sure you hit that subscribe button become part of my sisterhood because I’d love to have you and turn on your Notification bell because every time I upload I want you to be the first to know But let’s get into this video because we have a lot to cover so I want to go over my skincare journey I want to go over what is collagen and how I discovered The collagen I was using wasn’t working. And also what is vitamin C. So those are the four topics We’re going to go over in today’s video and we’re gonna uncover the truth about why Collagen may not be working for you So first if you don’t know I do have a Nubian goddess series on my channel that does detail and follow me through the journey of getting perfect skin because my quest is Perfect skin right now I’ve had perfect skin before and I’m going to get it again. I will be coming out with a video discussing my skincare journey and how YouTube essentially helped ruin my skin and how I am now getting my skincare back on track and getting back to the perfect skin that I’ve had before so like I said, I do have my Nubian goddess series So if you haven’t seen that make sure you check out that playlist to see what I have been doing and what’s been working for me but essentially I started using the collagen peptide because I wanted to aid in my youthfulness and reducing wrinkles and just I mean the elasticity replenished in my skin and just making sure my skin stays healthy and firm and youthful So that is what I incorporated collagen into my diet. I do use dietary supplements for collagen So I just want to go over what I’m actually using collagen for it is not for Joints, it’s not for hair it is for skin Now if a byproduct of the collagen is having healthier hair having healthier joints and things like that I am totally down with that. But right now my focus is skincare So let’s go over what collagen actually is and collagen is a protein that helps bind Tissues so essentially it is the glue that holds the body together It keeps skin plumped and it reduces the line. So it reduces wrinkles and it helps keep your skin Plump and healthy and youthful which is what I am here for if you don’t know And naturally as we get older the collagen that our body produces breaks down. This is a natural process It happens to everyone as they age so you do want to replenish that collagen and help the body with the collagen production, so Collagen supplements are very beneficial in that aspect because as we get older naturally our collagen production Reduces and this can impact the appearance of our skin. So this is what led me to using collagen supplements and Ironically as I was starting to use them a lot of other people were starting to use them because I’m sure you’ve been seeing it It’s very popular right now at this point some people use it for their hair some people use it for their nails and some people Use it for their skin other people use it for arthritis and joint and just to help with the pain So there’s a wide variety of reasons why you might decide to use collagen now Essentially when I decided to use collagen, I did some research on it and I found that there was a study that showed Adding collagen to your diet just about 5 grams daily would greatly improve The look of wrinkles. So that is a study that kind of Piqued my interest and got me into collagen and made me want to use it for myself because I believed the best care in all Aspects of your health is preventive care. I don’t believe in trying to start Treatments once you have something I believe in doing things for yourself and for your body to help aid it in preventing things from even happening in the first place so I am in my 20s and I have a skin care regimen of like a 50 year old because I just believe in doing the things now to Prevent the things I don’t want later. That’s just my philosophy on health Whether internally or externally that it’s just the rules that I live by. Thank you mom for imparting that knowledge in me because at the age of 12, she was really like Okay, you about to get a skin care regimen and we’re about to you know Start doing things to help prevent aging. So thanks mom. Shout out to my mom So collagen is the main structural protein in various connective tissues It is found in fibrous tissues such as tendons ligaments in skin so it can aid in bone joint cartilage Tendons, it can aid in all those which are all connective tissues that we have in our bodies in terms of like arthritis If you have those if you have joint pain, if you need aid in your bone health collagen it’s really beneficial and all aspects because it is one of the main structural proteins in connective tissues, so Not just for your youthfulness and your appearance, but your overall Health for your body collagen is there in all of those aspects So I think it’s beneficial in general to be supplementing with the collagen Especially when you get to a certain age and you’re not rapidly producing collagen So your elasticity is gonna kind of slow down your collagen production. It’s gonna kind of slow down So you want to use things that are gonna help boost those productions and Aid you as you get older and you can’t naturally produce those things as quickly and in my research I found the most common treatments of collagen are in the bone and in the skin So I know a lot of people do you use it for hair and things like that? But I find it to be most effective when you’re using it for joint pains for your bone development and for skin So that’s just what my research has shown if you’ve done research on other aspects I don’t want to deter you from using it for a hair health or anything like that But that’s just what my research has shown. Okay, so initially when I Decided when I did my research and I decided I wanted to use collagen I decided to go with this collagen This is the collagen replenish powder with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C for smooth and supple skin And it reduces volume eye wrinkles by 20% in eight weeks. So I did pick this up from the vitamin shoppe I’m pretty sure the vitamin shoppe is nationwide. I personally live in California. We have a lot out here I don’t know if it’s in your area, but if not, you can definitely find it online but yes, I purchased this from the vitamin shoppe and it was $19.99 so in the $20 price range this jar lasted me for about three months so this recommends that you use about five grams per day, so the scoop is very small and I actually would use 2.6 grams per day because that was the size of a scoop and I only used one scoop And I found that I seen results right away now This is supposed to be a month’s worth Because I was only using one scoop opposed two it did last me a little bit longer Like I said for the first three months I use this this is the one that I used and I do think that’s because I wasn’t overusing because I don’t feel like I Naturally have a lot of wrinkles. So I didn’t feel like I needed to use the maximum amount I felt like that would be for someone who was a bit older Whereas I’m using it for preventative measures, so I didn’t feel like I needed to use two scoops So I was fine with 2.6 grams per day and I immediately started to see results and I was happy with that So I stuck with my 2.6 grams. So this is what the spoon looks like Like I said, very small only 2.6 grams per day I would generally put it in my coffee and it dissolved It has no flavors, and I was really satisfied With the way my skin was looking and my nails were growing like crazy I was like, oh my gosh, what is going on? because I’ve always had really long healthy nails, but when I started using collagen it was like my nose were growing like twice the length and It like typically my nails grow fast the growth was double than what it would typically be. So I Noticed that right off the bat now my skin. Like I said, it’s fairly healthy and supple I just wanted to really ensure that I was Providing my body with all the college and then it needed so that is why I initially started using it I didn’t see as much skin results and I did nail results like my nail results were pretty immediate within the first two weeks I started seeing the change and how quickly my nails were growing and it took me about three months to start to see my skin becoming really healthy and vibrant and just I felt like when I smile the Smile lines that I do have were pretty Minor in comparison to what I felt like they looked at before so I did start to see skin results But after three months I ran out and I decided to use a different Collagen because I was in Costco and I seen this like ginormous tub of collagen for about $40, so This is the college and I picked up from from Costco. Now. This thing is huge This is the vital proteins collagen peptides. This is 36 ounces so compared to that small tiny one This is huge in size now. They recommend about 20 grams per day of collagen But like I said, I was using it as a preventative measure, so I didn’t even use 20 grams per day I think I did like um one scoop and I only did half of that one scoop So I tried to make it 5 grams per day, so When I did the math and I compared the prices the small one Which was about 2 point 75 ounces was about 20 dollars compared to this thirty six ounce huge container for about forty dollars that would probably last me for about a year because like I said I only use about five grams of it per day. So I just really felt like this when it came to cost and Using a product that I knew already was giving me really good results I felt like this with a better option for me because I do like to be the most cost effective as possible I don’t like to spend money unnecessarily So the first three months I seen really rapid results and really beneficial results And I started my collagen peptides in October of 2018 so like I said the first three months I seen a really really good results now when I ran out of my initial collagen I switch to the vital proteins collagen and then the next three months my nail health Went back to normal my skin still stayed pretty healthy But I felt like the benefits that I had seen in the first few months were Rapidly declining like I stopped seeing benefits from the collagen. I found that the collagen stopped working for me So initially, I thought maybe it was the brand of collagen that I was using. So I went to do a Ingredient comparison and then is when I discover that the initial collagen that I have purchased had vitamin C in it whereas the Vital protein collagen that I purchased from Costco did not have any vitamin C in it So like I said initially I did a lot of research about collagen So I was already familiar with the concept that you need vitamin C to synthesize collagen So when the collagen is being produced in your body the vitamin C helps synthesize it so that it can be distributed Throughout the body and used properly. So I made the mistake of thinking all collagen was created the same and that all Collagen because it needs vitamin C to synthesize it and for it to work all collagen would have vitamin C supplement into it as well This brand that I used initially when I was heavily doing research and I felt like this was the best because not only did it Have vitamin C. But it had hyaluronic acid which studies show you need vitamin C to Aid in the collagen production So I just assumed all of collagen would have vitamin C in it It wasn’t until I realized I was no longer seeing results from the collagen that I looked at the ingredients In the vital protein collagen and realized it does not have any vitamin C and I wasn’t using vitamin C supplements to help aid and that is how I found that the collagen had stopped working for me because I wasn’t I Wasn’t taking in enough vitamin C in my diet like I would occasionally eat I would occasionally eat a Kiwi or eat a orange or have you know Orange juice or something that had vitamin C in it, but it wasn’t enough that it added in the synthesis of the collagen So I rapidly started to see the collagen not being as effective So like I said initially when I did all the research before I even started using collagen I knew that you needed vitamin C in it the mistake is I Assumed which is always my downfall and make these assessments about things and people and they always bite me in the butt. I Assumed that all collagen was created equal but it’s not so sometimes when you pay more for something it’s because The product is better quality because they’ve done the research and they’re providing you with the best product that they possibly can Whereas a product that’s a little bit cheaper may have similarities to the more expensive product But they’re not giving you all of the added benefits that the more expensive Product would the collagen that I was getting from the Vitamin Shoppe? They were putting the vitamin C into the collagen so you were going to have your body be able to synthesize that collagen and use all the benefits from it whereas the vital protein wasn’t putting any vitamin C in their product So if you’re not supplementing with vitamin C you’re taking collagen for three months and not seeing any results from it because the collagen and then being synthesized so essentially I’ve only used probably maybe ten to fifteen dollars worth of this product because it is so big but That was a whole three months where I was taking this and not getting any positive effect from it It’s literally taking it for nothing. So let’s talk about vitamin C for a little bit so vitamin C regulates the synthesis of the structural protein of collagen and vitamin C has been shown to stabilize collagen and increase collagen protein synthesis for damaged skin and studies have shown that a higher intake of vitamin C is associated with better skin and a better appearance of your skin so vitamin C plays a critical role in collagen synthesis and Healthy skin so vitamin C also plays a critical role in the maintenance of normal mature collagen and healthy skin contains high concentrations of vitamin C which supports collagen synthesis, so healthy skin needs vitamin C It needs vitamin C for the healthy appearance and it needs vitamin C the synthesize collagen and it needs vitamin C to maintenance Collagen so you can clearly see that without vitamin C taking collagen supplements is pointless so if you’ve been taking collagen Mainly a collagen that doesn’t have vitamin C added into it Then you will feel like collagen is it working collagen hasn’t done anything beneficial for your skin and ultimately you will think this whole collagen craze is just hoopla because you’re not getting any results from it and If you don’t do the research You won’t know that you need to also be taking vitamin C supplements to help synthesize the collagen production so that you can see results or you need to buy a collagen that has vitamin C so that you can see results so ultimately Sometimes even when you do the research and you know these things if you don’t fact check If you don’t hold these companies accountable and make sure hey are they adding vitamin C to their products? Or do I need to supplement vitamin C myself? Because a lot of times you’re watching videos and sometimes even the person in the video isn’t informed of this and they won’t mention Hey, if you’re taking collagen, make sure you’re taking vitamin C or hey, if you buy a collagen Make sure it has vitamin C in it so that you can get the benefits from collagen So if you’ve been watching people and they haven’t told you that you need to have vitamin C as well Your sister rocky is here to let you know sis. Make sure you either buy a very effective collagen that it’s gonna give you everything you need and provide you with vitamin C or If you’re gonna go a little bit of a cheaper route and get a collagen that doesn’t have vitamin C in it Make sure you’re also supplementing with a vitamin C. So there’s a vitamin C gummies that you can get There’s emergency that you can take. It’s a powdered form a Lot of people use it to aid with their immune system and boost their immune system But that has a lot of vitamin C in it that you can be taken in conjunction with The collagen because as I’ve said maybe a hundred times collagen Synthesis relies on vitamin C. So it’s a cycle You need the vitamin C for healthy skin and you need the vitamin C for collagen production So, like I said, I’ve been taking collagen for about six months. I started in October the first three months I seen a really rapid results so within the first two weeks I started to see my nail growth Double and how quickly my nails were growing and then within the first three months I started to see my skin really Really benefit and really have nice healthy appearance And then after the first three months I had completed my initial collagen jar So when I was at Costco, I bought the more cost-effective larger container of collagen and I started to see the Benefits that I had thing within the first three months decline rapidly like within the first two weeks. I started to see my nail growth kind of decline my nose actually broke like it was really weird because they all just broke and I was like This is weird because like I said, my nails have always been really healthy So for them to all break after I’ve been using collagen was really strange and then my skin still stayed fairly healthy But I do feel like I lost some of the glow that I had initially achieved Within the first three months and I used this Vital protein collagen peptide for about three months and then by the third month when I stopped seeing any positive Result I kind of was like what is going on and I checked the ingredient label and realized that there wasn’t any Vitamin C in it and I wasn’t supplementing with vitamin C and that’s when the light bulb went off like oh shoot I’m not synthesizing the collagen that I’m taking because I’m not aiding it by also supplementing with vitamin C because I personally assumed that all collagen was made equal and all collagen would have Vitamin C in it because if I’m a collagen production Company, and I know in order for collagen I need to have or the people my consumers need to also be in taking vitamin C I’m going to ensure my product has vitamin C in it so since I am of the mind frame of always being productive and helping my people I Assumed this company would be too Dumb of me. I know why would a company want to aid in anything other than profiting So after realizing this I might switch back to my initial collagen because I feel like the portion that they want you to take and The way that they created the product to benefit you without having to buy extra supplements or doing anything I feel like it was very thoughtful and very, you know Just I feel like they have their consumers best interest in mind They’re not just profiting but they’re also trying to make sure their consumers see results without having to do extra research like if their consumer had never Did research and didn’t know they needed vitamin C to synthesize the collagen. They’re still gonna see results So I just feel like I appreciate that thoughtfulness and I appreciate the fact that they only recommend five grams Opposed to 20 grams of a product that doesn’t have vitamin C that won’t be able to be synthesized if the consumer isn’t Also supplementing with vitamin C and you’re also going to go through it like double the time because you’re using 20 grams daily It’s just very frustrating – also a reminder at the consumer do your homework because the companies are here for a profit Because some companies are here for a profit and they’re not always here to strictly benefit you So I’m going to probably switch back to my original Collagen which was the collagen replenish powder with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C But the thing is the caveat to this is that I bought this huge 36 ounce container that’s gonna last me a whole year and Best believe I’m gonna use it because I don’t have the receipt and I’m not going to go through the process of trying to return That I’ve had for three months with no receipt So I am going to buy a vitamin C Supplement and I am going to come back in another three months and give you an update on how this vital protein collagen Peptide has been working for me. Now that I’m also supplementing with vitamin C So look out for that update within the next three months make sure you’re subscribed to my channel Because we have a lot of great videos that we’re putting out and I don’t want you to miss out on anything So subscribe to the sisterhood Become part of my sisterhood because I’d love to have you so I know I’ve been really repetitive in this video But I really want you to get the point that you need vitamin C an order for collagen to work properly I want you to be either using a collagen that has vitamin C in it or I want you to be supplementing with vitamin C in addition to your collagen so that you can see results because if your results is For hair health skin health now health joints, whatever the case may be there’s Definitely collagen out there that are gonna be more beneficial to the consumer because they’re going to have vitamin C in it whereas there are Products that are just out there for profit that don’t inform the consumer of what they need for their product to actually work and they’re just going to Shove it in your face and have you buy it Anyways knowing that it may not even work for you So I’m gonna be here to help You and guide you and give you all the information that I have so that you can make the best decision for yourself so if you are using this collagen Make sure you’re supplementing with vitamin C or whether you’re just taking a vitamin C supplement as well make sure you’re doing the research and you’re watching the proper people who are here to actually Educate and not just push things and not just get views because I Think YouTube has taken a transition to where people just want the views and want the money and don’t necessarily Want to educate their viewers, but if you don’t know I am here to create a sisterhood I’m here to create a community everything that I tell you everything that I share with you I’m bringing from a positive place of love And I’m hoping to help I don’t want to hinder anyone in their life experiences I just want to help them. So that is why I am always kind of like reiterating the same thing or really repetitive it’s just because I want you to get it and I want you to have the best of everything you’re doing and using and I’m here to help with that. So make sure you subscribe This is third time I’ve said it but make sure you subscribe to my sisterhood because I really would love you to join the community So I hope you found this video helpful I hope you learned something new as always Please like comment share and subscribe to me cuz I’d love to have you but until next time see ya You

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  1. i think your problem may have been that you only take "5 grams" a day. the directions say to take 2 scoops a day- much more than 5g! xx

  2. XO says she’s in her 20s. I’m guessing 29. I’m a 33 year old male. Outside of my skincare regime (been upgrading with facial masks and eye cream) I’ve decided to add collagen and bone broth to my diet for additional benefits. Fingers crossed!

  3. I'm a 32 year old guy…I shouldn't need this stuff, but my days are long and Im only getting 6 to 7 hours of sleep a night. Wrinkles are starting to show on my forehead and I've also started getting pimples that last two weeks maybe three! My diet is fairly good, I would say. I work out and cleanse my face almost daily. I'm going to be putting two scoops of this stuff in my dinner smoothies. I'm sure my body will absorb everything at night since I don't really eat food before bed. My hair is also thinning. Maybe this will help..idk. Probably not. I'm doubtful. I don't deal with joint pain but we all gotta avoid that– because that's what really slows us down when we get older!

  4. She is young and still has young skin….cute. Thanks for the info about the vitamin C. I just started researching collagen and can use all the help I can get before purchasing.

  5. I started using collagen peptides the 5Types. I notice growth in hair, harder stronger nails and skin heals faster from cuts

  6. Not sure why there are still so many people who are miserably going bald and spending money on shots or implants.
    This is all BS.
    When I was 20 I could have shampooed my hair with vinegar. I had a full beautiful full hair of hair.
    I have tried EVERYTHING including this.
    My hair looks a bit shiny but that about it.
    Whatever….. i guess this is the next new trend.
    More money for those companies, good for them.

  7. The collagen replenish powder is the one I take. The difference between that and the vital collagen is the replenish powder is made from verisol collagen. This is the type of collagen used in the study. consumers labs also recommends using verisol collagen because of the study.

  8. It’s the fact that you only take 5 grams a day. You have to take more than that…I’ve gotten great results from using collagen. But it did take 2 months for my hair to start to grow and my skin looked better after a week. It’s kinda weird to make a video like this if your not following the recommended dosage.
    I wish you the best of luck on your journey ❤️

  9. Thx but I discovered It is animal bones and cartilages so I have to go another route.. No disrespect for those who it works for..

  10. This dont work for me gave me tennis elbow and to the point I couldn’t not even move my arm got worse the more i took. Fish oil helped more . Cant say for everyone.

  11. This is gonna sound crazy and please don't get me wrong, has anyone else felt horny all the time while taking this supplements? I have found my self "extra" lately since taking it and I wonder if is bcus of collagen reason?

  12. Good info, I was just about to hit order on Amazon but had to make sure it contained vitamin c and yep it does. Thanks 🙂

  13. Look for Dr Axe video … he talks about collagen loading. For at least 1 month you take around 10gms of collagen 3 times a day … after that you cut back to around 10gms a day.

  14. There are many ways to get vit C … stiir collagen into fresh squeezed orange juice or eat an orange at the same time or drink with lemon water

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