Which Fruits Can I Eat On The Keto Diet?

Hey everybody it’s Denise back with Keto With Denise and I want to talk about a common question that I get asked all the time
what fruits can I eat when I’m doing keto or why can’t I have this fruit
versus that fruit let’s go ahead and answer that question so you can
understand how fruits fit into your Kido journey this is about addressing insulin
resistance remember that body producing too much insulin and not being able to
actually receive that insulin into yourselves so let’s take a look at
what’s causing insulin spikes as it relates to fruit fruit is good for you
it’s got a lot of the movements but when you are starting this keto journey you
want to minimize the carbs and sugars that you’re taking into your body to
address insulin resistance okay so let’s take a look at and let’s see what we’ve
got well we talked about keto and fruits you know with keto we’ve said this in
other videos we target our carbs daily input this is for the day not per meals
I had somebody asked me is this you know should I eat this many carbs per meal
absolutely not that’s what got us into this shape to begin with so our car
total for the day is 20 grams of 50 grams of carbs right so let’s take a
look at our fruits we’re going to look at the calories in them the fat the
carbs the sugar the fiber the protein the same nutritional information you
would look up when you’re looking at any food we just put it up here for you so
an apple that’s a common fruit I love apples but I’ve decided that I will not
eat them while I’m on this journey and you know there are times when you can
incorporate them down the road but not when you’re getting started so an apple
has five calories no big deal to read less
than one gram of fat in at point 325 carbs and one medium Apple but then when
you look at the sugar 19 grams of sugar remember the teaspoons how you calculate
your sugar we have that in another video every 4 grams of carbs is one teaspoon
of sugar do the math that’s almost five total
teaspoons and one Apple that’s a lot of sugar and you’ll see here the fiber
which offsets some of the cars but not a lot and then just half a gram of protein
not a lot so that’s why you know an apple you can do without the banana
comment I used to eat a banana a day lots of potassium in bananas but at the
same time lots of sugar too so you look at it 105 calories not a big deal not a
whole lot of fat in it but a whopping 27 grams of carbs in one banana 14 grams of
sugar and 3 grams of fiber and only one gram of protein in it so bananas are
know as our apples are know because they are high in carbs high in sugar and
that’s what you’re trying to decrease remember that target goal if you’re
trying to lose weight and get you know the weight off with your keto program
then you want to be closer to the 20 grams of carbs we’ve already exceeded
that with one Apple or one banana for the entire day you’re going to be taking
in more carbs with other food so you’ve already exceeded more than likely that
target goal okay grapes love grapes who doesn’t right one cup of grapes about
sixty-two calories no big deal less than a gram of fat again no big deal but when
we hit these cards 16 grams of carbs 15 grams of sugar that’s really high you’re
talking about 4 teaspoons of sugar Justin
that one cup of grapes and if you were like me you’re not going to eat one cup
you’re going to eat that whole bunch before you know it because they’re all
you know they’re so good and they’re so you know so easy to eat
so we’re gonna say no to the grapes on your keto journey okay look at
watermelon okay it’s that season right they’re already hitting the stores and
you know all these sales and things like that is that time of year Kenneth vane
whatever anyway sometimes you eat them all year round but the thing about it
this is one cup of watermelon because you know you can’t even eat one cup I
couldn’t so I will say not a big deal on the calories with 85 less than a gram of
fat notice that fruit doesn’t have a whole lot of fat in it that’s why we
don’t go to fruit to get our fat 21 grams of carbs 17 grams of sugar again
very high in carbs and sugar when you look at your daily goal so we’re going
to say no to that because remember I have this saying nothing tastes as good
as great health field so I don’t care how good these things taste we are after
better health this is to improve our health so let’s say no to the watermelon
right now but let’s look at some of these berries strawberries at the half
cup and if you want a cup you can do the math and see not a lot of calories with
24 less than a gram of fat 6 grams of carbs and that half a cup and even sugar
is only 3 grams and then you get a fiber so it’s going to offset the amount of
carbs there buy a cup almost 2 grams when you look at it so only 4 grams of
carbs in that half cup of strawberry so strawberries can be a yes
yes in moderation I wouldn’t do it whole lot of them I would just keep it in
moderation blueberries 1/2 a cup of blueberries
you’ll see the calorie count is low my fat count is low less than a gram of fat
my carbs are around 10 so 10 grams of carbs with seven grams being sugar and
two brands are so being fiber so really eight net grams so I would do
blueberries in moderation I would say yes to them but again in moderation I’ll
just say in moderation so you can enjoy them it’s not something I would pound on
cups of it every day raspberries have cup low in calories as you’ll see low in
fat less than a gram low in carbs as well with 7 grams of carbs 3 of which is
sugar low in sugar and also 4 grams of fiber in the half cup of raspberry so
this is a whopping yes raspberry is get and a Goldstar I had a gold star because
they will not raise your glycemic index is one of the better fruits that you can
have on your keto journey and let’s look at blackberries with competing really
close to raspberries only 31 calories less than a gram of fat 7 carbs this is
half cup again with 3 sugars and 4 of your of the fiber so again raspberries
aren’t big yes I mean blackberries and raspberries so if you want to focus on
these I would do it in this order I would do raspberries blackberries
strawberries and blueberries I can do them in that or and then notice if you
want to combine these 1/2 cup is a lot when you put them all together in a
serving that’s a lot of berries together so sometimes I just do a mixed berry
Bowl and I do quarter cups of all of these and it just works out fine
now again I’ll have that as a treat now give me some of these recipes are on the
site where you can just do a smaller berry Bowl with some heavy whipping
cream mixed up to make whipped cream it’s very good so we’ll have we have
those recipes on the site so this is really how you look at it you want to
target your cards and your sugars and that’s going to tell you whether or not
you really need to incorporate that fruit into your keto journey hopefully
that’s been helpful to you thank you so much for watching we’ll see you on the
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9 thoughts on “Which Fruits Can I Eat On The Keto Diet?”

  1. omg,, i wont do any fruits…… thats crazy… i do under 10g of carbs each day… 2 carbs in zip fizz but i do that for the 950mg of potassium

  2. Denise, Denise, Denise! I’m loving all of this detailed info that will help me make informed decisions & I am amazed at your teaching style-you are not yelling at us & you’re making it super simple to understand!
    However, for someone who is trying to decide if keto is sustainable for them (like me) I must admit, I almost screamed aloud when I saw no watermelon!!! Lol
    I am blessed to have a pretty big vegetable garden, but also grow watermelon & cantaloupe. I am also a huge fan of apples & bananas for my protein shakes.
    So, are we talking NO FOREVER AS IN NEVER AGAIN??? Lol I’m laughing, but trying to grasp it for real. I thought “nature’s candy-fruit” was healthy & that natural sugars in it was ok because of the fiber.
    I guess I’m still not sold because of how well the clean eating & 5 meals a day worked for me, but
    I’m still binge watching your videos & taking notes, because you – unlike all the doctors & scientists that I’ve watched – have captivated my attention & I am finally understanding! Thank you so much!!!

  3. I am so happy to have watched this video from you, I was doing well and than I started to eat these things that are no no's things that people gave me because I had a short hardship, however as I am getting back on track with keto, next year will be money savings for me as I have started to grow my own keto friendly fruits, berries of all kind, yes I am growing other things as well but I can have extra income with that, and I have 5 adult children and 16 grandchildren that do enjoy them, most of my children have chosen to continue to eat their regular diet, but my middle daughter eats more like I do, keto most of the time, she does it for continued good health check ups not so much for weight loss, she is at a good weight after doing keto for a year. but before that she was not only but a few pound over weight, maybe 10-15, but now she is looking good. I just want to thank you so much and God Bless you

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