What’s the best bacon on keto & keto recipes with bacon

today is a good day because today I get
to talk to you about two of my favorite
things bacon and the keto diet
Elisa here head chef at warriormade.com where our mission is to spread the
word loud and far about our tribe
you see we’re passionate about helping
you reach your health goals with our
at-home workout routines and cyclical
keto style diet so if staying healthy is
important to you let’s take a look at
how you can do it while getting to eat
some of your favourite foods like bacon
okay in all honesty I could talk about
bacon all day but because we’ve got a
short amount of time together let’s
specifically look at where it fits on
keto and just so we’re all on the same
page let’s start off with a little
background on what keto is simply put
it’s a high fat moderate protein and low
carb diet that helps regulate blood
sugar and promotes weight loss on keto
your body metabolizes fat for energy
instead of carbohydrates and this
process is known as ketosis to get the
benefits of ketosis such as regulated
blood sugar levels and sustainable
weight loss the goal is to have 75% of
your food intake the healthy fat sources
like nuts avocados animal fats olive oil
coconut oil you get the picture this
means that about 20% of your intake is
proteins like grass-fed meat and
sustainable fish and only about 5% of it
is carbs
now as a quick side note you may be
thinking how can I say on a keto diet
without eating very many carbs doesn’t
this eliminate sugars and sweets well
well it’s true that foods like refined
sugars and starchy veggies are off limits on keto there are a ton of work
arounds to make sure you’ll still get to eat the foods you love
at Warrior Made we know
that it’s nearly impossible to follow a
diet and you have to limit yourself so
in a minute we’ll talk about why
delicious foods like bacon are doable on
keto now because 75% of what we eat on
keto should be fat and 20% should be
the short answer about whether bacon is
keto friendly is yes you see bacon is
both high in fat and contains protein
fat and protein are what we call
macronutrients in short macros are the
main components that
food is made of the three types of
macros are fats proteins and carbs so
with bacon hitting two of the most
important macro components for keto
we’re already off to a great start but
before you go out and buy pounds of your
favorite crispy treat there are some
super important things to know about
bacon to make sure you’re consuming it
in the healthiest way possible since one
of our Warrior Made values is to eat
high quality nutrient-dense foods as
often as possible I want to make sure
you’re a responsible bacon eater so let’s
dive into the lowdown on bacon okay
one of the most important things to know
about bacon is that it isn’t all created
equal the kind you buy matters I like to
visit my local butcher where I know the
pork gets our Warrior Made stamp of
approval first let’s make sure the bacon
you buy is organic like all meats you
want to buy those that are free of
antibiotics hormones and preservatives
and you want to make sure that the pigs
were fed with organic feed now the
second thing you want to consider are
nitrates and nitrites night-what? I know
I had no idea what these were before
diving into my own bacon research so let
me fill you in nitrates and nitrites are
the ingredient used to cure your bacon
curing is a process of preserving and
seasoning your meat this ensures that it
lasts longer that all harmful bacteria
are killed off and that the flavors have
lots of time to absorb into your meat
before hitting your table
the problem is that some nitrates and
nitrites may be harmful to your health
sodium nitrate for example may increase
the risk of heart disease by hardening
and narrowing your arteries nitrites
which are chemically similar to nitrates
have also been shown to turn into
a cancer producing substance when heated
now here’s where things get tricky you
can buy bacon that has been cured with
natural nitrates such as celery powder
to avoid artificial nitrates and
nitrites but no matter what kind they
are you still want to make sure you’re
not heating your bacon on too high of
heat because this is when nitrates of
any kind can become harmful to your
health so cooking bacon at a lower heat
in the oven instead of pan frying it can
be a better way to go now
one last thing to look out for when
sourcing your bacon is how much sugar
was used to cure it as I mentioned
earlier keto is a low carb diet so sugar
is a big no and unfortunately a lot of
cured meats are processed with sugar
even ones that meet our first two
checkboxes so be sure to ask your
butcher about the amount of sugar used
to cure your bacon or hop on line to a
site like us wellness meats which sells
a sugar-free bacon okay now that we’ve
sourced our high quality keto friendly
and healthy bacon let’s have some fun
seriously you guys I could eat bacon all
day every day and frankly sometimes I do
in fact I’m always dreaming up different
recipes you can make with it
some days I’ll make a bacon egg and
spinach casserole for the week which I
love because I can eat it for breakfast
lunch or dinner and simply cut a slice
to take with me when I’m on the go or
when I’m running to work and haven’t put
a lunch together
I’ll grab all of the ingredients for
bacon chicken avocado ranch lettuce
wraps and assemble everything on my
lunch break
oh and when I’m in those super bacony
moods I’ll make a dinner with it in the
main course and a side like bacon wrapped
chicken breast with Brussels sprouts and
bacon clearly you can see I really love
my bacon so much so in fact that when I
found out we were doing a bacon video I
wanted to come up with something crazy
special to show you how delicious keto
meals can be which is why I had a little
fun creating a bacon ice cream for you
to enjoy while staying in ketosis yes I
did indeed just say bacon ice creams I
make mine with egg yolks almond milk
heavy cream monk fruit sweetener maple
flavoring and bacon and a few other
ingredients that you can check out in
the recipe that I post below if you give
this a try let me know how it turned out
in the comment section so there you have
it bacon lovers you’re officially ready
for bacon on keto
in addition to grabbing your free bacon
ice cream recipe also make sure to click
the link below to get your free copy of
keto sweet treats 77 keto friendly sweet
recipes that ensure you get to eat all
of your favorite desserts on the keto
diet all that we ask is that you pick up
the shipping and handling also if you
have any bacon inspired recipes to send
my way please post them in the comments
section below if you’re worried they
aren’t keto friendly I will do
everything I can to create a recipe that
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again for watching and I’ll see
in our next video

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