What’s Healthy Keto? – Part 2

What’s Healthy Keto? – Part 2

Hi everybody it’s Denise back with Keto
with Denise and we’re still talking Keto basics in the last video I talked
about what ski dome was the difference in all the buzz about Keto today I want
to talk about you know a little bit more and we talked about healthy Keto and
this is the difference maker in healthy Keto you may have heard Keto is high
fat moderate protein low carb it would be absolutely correct in this case when
we say healthy Keto though we’re introducing the need to take in more
vegetables we target 7 to 10 cups of vegetables a day and we make that 5
percent of our calories our daily intake and then of course we keep our carbs at
5 percent of our calories these are your macros 20% protein and 70 percent from
your effects now because we’re saying is healthy keto listen we’re talking about
clean eating we’re talking about organic foods grass-fed pasture raised and wild
caught seafood is important it’s just a lot of junk in the everyday foods unless
we try to get it cleaner you’ve got all kinds of herbicides pack all kinds of
stuff pesticides and foods that were taken into our bodies and our bodies are
being damaged by it too so we want to be clean so today I want to talk about each
one of these macros and the importance of targeting those numbers those
percentages of the macros when you’re talking about the key to a way of eating
and it’s very important because keto is a game changer in terms of really
reversing insulin resistance in your body or improving it and that’s what
we’re really trying to do we’re trying to go after the root cause we don’t want
to medicate high blood pressure forever we want to be able to find out what’s
the root cause of high blood pressure and a lot of it will find its roots back
and insulin resistance so we can go after the root heal or improve the root
then we will now end up killing off the symptoms like high blood pressure
diabetes high cholesterol and all of these other things from heart disease
you name it and then to some of the typical things we don’t even think about
brain fog memory loss all these things are happening as a result of insulin
resistance watch one of the videos that I’ve put out there that I explain
insulin resistance a little bit for you but as we look at the ketone way of
eating we are looking to eat clean and help our bodies transition from burning
fat I mean from burning sugar as we wanted to burn fat from burning sugar to
now burning fat so let’s start with the culprit carbs if I looked at my diet
before keto I was probably taking in a good 200 grams of carbs a day how in the
world can that be when now we’re telling people to target 20 grams to 50 grams a
day in the keto way of eating especially healthy keto because this is where we
will control the insulin spikes in our bodies anything above that we’re going
to start seeing greater insulin spikes and of course too much insulin which is
the insulin resistance issue so we’re trying to improve that state by reducing
the amount of carbs that we take in me personally I was a junk food eater I ate
whatever I felt like but there were two things I can tell you you consistently
find me eating peanut M&Ms yes it’s true I would graze off of peanut M&Ms
throughout the day and mindlessly effect so when I would get one of those bags to
share oh they’d be gone like that and I’d be looking for another bag that was
the reason why when I turned my life around and changed my eating it was a
day after binging on peanut M&Ms and then the other thing I would eat potato
chips I had to have it any because my body was craving it so when I added up
eating out traveling a lot and eating any and everything yeah I am reached
over 200 carbs a day and that’s why I was extremely overweight in the obese
category now 90 later eight months later this is now a
game-changer in terms of how you can turn your body around okay so when we
talk about carbs this is really important let’s explain cars for a
second carbohydrates are sugars they turn to sugar in the body so when you
think about sugar people tell me well I don’t eat a lot of sugar and I ask them
well what do you eat what do you typically eat later so well I don’t eat
sweet foods I don’t eat cakes and candy and things like that
and I said okay well tell me what you eat what I eat oatmeal
I eat brown rice I eat pretty healthy and I say not so fast let’s look at the
card counter thought content in those foods because that’s what’s going to
turn to sugar in your body and then it’s an eye-opener and even a game-changer
for people that really want to take control of their health and they start
to turn that cycle that vicious cycle of insulin resistance around so when we
bring our carbs down that low you’re not causing the insulin spike so we’re
looking for hidden carbs hidden sugars in food the obvious carbs like your
sugar candy and cakes and pies and all of that but we’re after the grains and
things like that because they turn to sugar beans and all of that so there’s a
list as a matter of fact if you click that link down below you’ll see a whole
list of foods that are acceptable food so he dough and then the foods to avoid
on keto so that will help you in your own journey to improve your health okay
so that’s part so we all have another video strictly on cars strictly on sugar
I do this demonstration all the time to help people learn how to count how much
sugar is in your foods over the only look out for that also on the proteins
we really keep it simple and just go with three Alyce’s to six ounces of
protein and per meal this is how you know how much to eat if you’re eating
three meals a day then you want to stick to about three to four ounces of protein
per meal but if you’re doing intermittent fasting and we’re going to
be talking about that in one of the videos as well you’d be able to click
that one next if you like but when you’re doing two meals a day with
intermittent fast and then you want to increase that
protein to about 4 to 5 ounces per meal and if you’re doing one mill a day which
is really really good we’ll talk about the hat too
then you want to get about 6 to 8 ounces and we go a little higher for the guys
ladies you can stick close to the six ounces of protein for that one meal that
you’ll take in so it’s really important because your body does need protein but
you don’t want to get too much protein the liver will turn protein will turn
protein into sugar so you want to be careful about the amount of protein that
you take in and then of course fats healthy fats I talked about this in the
other video and also in the link below you’ll see a list of all the healthy
fats and you’ll see that these are foods that are common to you these are foods
that you’ll even enjoy because you know what that just tastes better fat has a
lot of taste it’s the stuff that when they take fat out of foods and say no
fat or low fat there’s no taste in that so how do they make it taste good
yeah you guessed it sugar they add the sugar in it sometimes it’s hidden sugar
it will say sugar free but if you read the ingredients that’s why it’s going to
be important to know how to read the nutrition and ingredient labels to know
what’s in your foods and then lastly we’ll finish up with the veggies these
are really important they’re going to give you a body all kinds of nutrients
and vitamins and you’re going to love the transition that you see in your skin
and your hair and your nails all of that it’s going to be working to your good so
when you’re talking keto basics we’re talking healthy keto take a look at
those links so you’ll know what foods fall in these categories that we’re
talking about so you can easily begin to prepare and eat a corn Akito that’s so
magic to this there is nothing mystical about this if you stick to this
breakdown I guarantee you your body will respond in a positive way okay thanks
for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

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  1. When I break my fast I usually do like 18 hours and I break my fast with a sourdough roll. I looked it up and it has like 32 grams of carbs, which is under 50. Is this ok? Thanks a lot and great work!! 😀

  2. Very fresh clean face to me about KETO you make it so easily to follow a healthy KETO diet. Thank you very much for this Denise!!! You are so APPRECIATED.

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