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so I’m having some trouble getting up this morning because every time I even attempt it my snooze button hits me so Tabitha don’t you think it’s time for us to get up we have to get up we have to get up we have to start our day Tabitha is it okay she just she just needs another minute [Music] I hear a teapot yeah you do what’s wrong this is not the same thing as morning this morning as off what are you drinking tea like an animal I’m telling you right now not happy maybe you should move to England because then you could drink tea every day hey what’s up family a great time I’m Joe and we are too crazy he does is your new door a channel welcome here aren’t too crazy fevers we do different things like park views recipe videos sometimes we do vlogs we talk about various Quito topics and then every Monday we sit down on the couch for Quito on the couch we just kind of talk about what’s going on in our lives for the way you can find us in different social media platforms like Facebook Instagram and Twitter and we have a website which is too crazy keep us calm and that’s you’re gonna find all of our different recipes now we do upload at least five new videos every single week so make sure you subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to hit the little bell icon in that way every single time we upload a new video you’ll be ordered to it yeah so it is week two of our reverse diet challenge and if the challenge wasn’t difficult enough I’ve added a new element to it which is I’m trying to detox off of my coffee addiction I just want to go on record as saying I had nothing to do with this nothing to do it I did you tell her to do this I didn’t say hey copies making you gain weight and she just woke up one day she’s like I’m quitting coffee well I mean I wanted detox and then put it to coffee in its proper place like being able to have a cup you know maybe once or twice maybe three times a day but not two pots of coffee can somebody come move in with us and protect me while she’s going through this detox because it is not fun to live wet this hasn’t been great but I know it’s necessary yeah because you mean Rachel really it was got to the point where she was literally drinking like two to three pots of coffee a day but tea so before we start okay let’s go over our macros that we have for this week so for me I’ve got 20 170 calories 107 three grams of fat 123 grams of protein and 15 carbs and I’ve got 1554 in the calorie arena 128 grams of fat 85 grams of protein and 15 carbs cool so one thing I did want to say with this so when I was talking about because he wants to make sure that we’re hitting our calories normally we don’t really care about like if you hate your 50 calories short 100 calories short something like that so when you look at our macros and you’ve got your fat your protein in your carb ratio is that if you don’t have all of those carbs eat that much more in protein okay so like the goal is make sure we’re hitting the fat and then on the protein and the carb those should equal the rest of our calories all right so if I only eat say out of my 15 carbs I only eat 5 carbs that I’m gonna take the other 10 that I would even add that on to my protein so instead of eating 123 grams of protein I’d be eating 133 grams protein for that particular day oh wow so it’s kind of interesting it’s a way to make sure you’re hitting like all of your calories is up because again the whole purpose is we’re trying to increase our calories every single week which we will talk about a little bit later so what do you have on your agenda for today first up is a bike ride because I need to just make it happen okay and yeah and I actually slept in today yeah a little bit I slept until 7:00 because for the last two days I’ve been getting up at 4:30 to do work and let get my mom to surgery and stuff and so I was like I know I need more sleep so except for the alarm still went off at 5:30 and then we had a snooze button bill we had a large free snooze button so um for me I’ve got to go do some cutting I have a game with Anthony later we have a JV game and then also some where we’re gonna do some filming I came up with a replacement for the real good foods jalapeno chicken poppers don’t kid yourself I created one they’re more balls and wife are really good I’m gonna leave a link in the rest of the recipe in this video even though the videos not up the recipes already on our website and also I figured out a way if you look at your chronometer for the day because I’ve already got all the food you’re gonna eat in there yeah you’re probably short about fifty calories okay you want to know the other fifty calories for we’re gonna do a review on the last real good thing that we haven’t tried yet oh my gracious okay I’m keeping an open mind open this mind I’m keeping over mind this is gonna be the one I don’t think so this is gonna be it you know why I don’t think so don’t say that a quick story before I head off to work so I had a coupon for this for free it wasn’t a buy one get one free it was a free one okay and it came in one of our crates so I’m in public and I’m looking and I’m buying and yeah this little how do I say this little old lady I mean she had to be in like her 70s walks up to me and she sees me grabbing his head of the freezer and she’s like don’t buy it I’m like what she’s like don’t buy it oh my god she’s like they’re terrible and I’m like I have a free coupon like my wife and I do a YouTube she’s like it’s not worth the free coupon don’t buy and she’s like well if you’re gonna buy it are you at least gonna put a negative review I’m like well I’m keeping an open mind she’s like there’s no open mind icky they’re terrible gracious well we’re gonna keep an open mind because yeah I actually got the margarita flavor this is the cauliflower country so we’re not gonna review this on today’s vlog but we are gonna film the review for us and then you guys let us know down in the comment section if should we even bother releasing the review video of it or do you not want to see it let’s check them with you guys later so we’re at the gas station we filled up the mower I’m filling up the truck right now Anthony is inside getting his drink and his breakfast and I’m gonna run in and get a coffee I’m super proud of Rachel because she hasn’t been drinking coffee for the last couple days and I feel like if I brew some coffee in the house it’s gonna trigger her to want to drink some herself and she’s trying to see how long she can go without having any coffee because like I said she’s been drinking like almost three pots a day sometimes at least two pots a day so I’m proud of her for weaning off the copy so I’m gonna go get my coffee and I have my perfect keto MC tea powder this stuff is great it gives me a lot of energy to start the day this is the salted caramel flavor and I actually just keep this in the car this way I can always just stop somewhere and get coffee I see Anthony in the back there also because we’re almost at 5,000 subscribers Justin from perfect Kido is giving us a 20% off of $40 or more purchase it’s gonna be good for 48 hours only starting today I’m gonna put the exact date right here below and the coupon code is too crazy 20 and again that’s only gonna be good for the next 48 hours after that though you can use our regular coupon code which is too crazy kiito’s which gets you I think 15 percent off and you can use it on anything on the website with the exception of their like promotional bundles can’t use it on that but you can definitely use it on this MCT oil powder so it’s day three of this hot decaffeinated beverage known as tea and it has not yet turned into coffee I don’t know why I expected it to turn into coffee but it has not however I have to have a hot beverage today because outside my door is the first signs of cool weather like it’s almost fall out there so yeah I have to celebrate it with like a hot beverage and this is the best that I have whoo it’s hot sorry about the Hat and the no makeup thing but I’m about to go on a bike ride and I figure why get all gussied up to just sweat so you get Safari Rachel maybe we’ll see an elephant out there today well that was really cool we don’t usually come to racetrack I usually go to Wawa we’re only here like once every couple weeks and I’m not usually giving coffee here but I got my coffee I put my MCT powder in it and they had the cow fee of farms almond milk link creamers like out on display for you bill to use so you don’t have to just use milk or heavy cream or half-and-half they actually never have heavy cream out they only have like half and half or the different flavor creamers but they had the almond milk account fee of farms which is awesome because I love that stuff it’s only 15 calories and it’s zero carbs so I am so jazzed about this bike ride today because it is so nice outside it’s cool and crisp it actually feels like fall so let’s get this thing started so that was an awesome bike ride but now it’s time to get started on my housework I get 15 carbs today and I know where to are coming from because I got to get started so cheers to your morning baby shower punch so one of the downsides to being a landscaper in South Florida the time kedo you don’t get to enjoy all of the delicious fruit that’s growing in my customers properties so this gentleman will not drink water out of the ball I have to stand here every single day turn on the faucet so that he can feel it run down the back of his neck and then shake it out all over the place but this is the only way that he will drink water he has to have it touch his fur on the back of his head Kadir NOLA Rachel was talking about that it’s nice and cool outside but my car is showing 89 degrees and I am pouring sweat I am so excited about this Abby and Sullivan white pumpkin fragrance oil I got a Tuesday morning for just 399 it smells so much like pumpkin pie and I just can’t wait to get my fall on look even these birds are like tell me more that seems interesting I have to be honest guys I have been super frustrated lately normally my weight is somewhere between 181 and 183 pounds and for the last couple weeks I’m hovering somewhere between like 186 and 189 there’s even times where I’ve gotten up in the morning or like in the evening and I’ve been well over a hundred and ninety pounds and this is the heaviest weight that I have been in two years I don’t know what’s going on I don’t know if it’s the reverse diet I don’t know if it’s I’m not getting enough sleep I don’t know if it’s because I’m super stressed or if it’s just a combination of all three things but something is going on because my diet really hasn’t changed I mean I’m eating eggs ground beef am eating like a lot of leafy greens or not even eating a lot of them because you know if we don’t have any I don’t eat it then one thing I’ve learned though is I think broccoli is contributing to it anytime I eat broccoli when I wake up in the morning I feel really bloated and I can’t even blame this on the scale you know the Rachel calls the double scale because I’m seeing it in my face I’m looking at my face and it seems really bloated and you know I’m feeling my clothes my shirts are a little bit tighter you know I did that you know like 48-hour fast a couple weeks ago when I dropped ten pounds so I’m definitely retaining a lot of water but I don’t know what’s going on and it’s almost putting me into like a depression mode and I’ve got to get this under control because I’m getting really frustrated with it time to clean the kitchen [Music] [Applause] [Music] one [Music] the baby I just want you to know that the entire time I am with tea I am thinking about you and you alone oh oh my bad oh this just got awkward what’s in the mail today what’s in the mail today oh my goodness I am so excited for the mail now ordinarily I would never open this up without Jo but look it already came open so I’m really hoping nobody fell out but look what’s inside – crazy Kito’s Blender Bottle oh my gosh they came out so cute I’m so excited coming to a website near you so we just got done cutting lawns um home looks like we got a couple of packages I saw show up on our ring so I’m gonna go in I’m gonna take a shower and then I shoot some videos with Rachel so how bad is my coffee brain right now well I planned on washing the clothes with this free sample of downy UNSTOPABLES that I got from the store I guess I did it cheap that I washed it with the laundry I just forgot to open up the package one of the staples on a reverse side has been our homemade egg salad so I’m gonna make some hard-boiled eggs we’ve started just keeping them always ready to go in the refrigerator and finally after a lot of trial and error I figured out the way to make the perfect egg every single time they’re never overcooked and they peel super easy and it’s using our instant pods so let me show you how I do it okay we’re gonna use the Nellie’s free-range eggs we usually use the vytal farms or one of the other pasteries but these were on sale at our local store like last week for 250 cents a dozen so we bought 12 dozen so that’s what we’re gonna use we’re gonna open these up and then we’ve got our instant pot I got this little like trivet pullout thing out of it Amazon I love this thing because it makes it easy to pull everything out so we’re just going to we have about a cup of water in the bottom and we’re gonna place our eggs in the only thing you want to make sure when you’re using this thing is don’t let the point stick through and touch the bottom of the pan so we’re going to just put all the eggs in here make sure is on seal and then here we go we’re gonna go pressure-cook two minutes that’s all you need we’re gonna go two minutes let it build up pressure cook then we’re going to slow release for five minutes and then we’re going to put it in an ice bath when it’s done past the two-minute mark and now it’s counting back up and when this gets to five we’re going to quick release the rest of it we’re at the 5-minute mark so now we’re gonna go ahead and quick release the rest of it okay now we’re just going to simply take this and here’s what I like about this piece lift them all up carefully so they don’t all fall out right into my ice bath and then I can just take this like this look at that perfect I was even able to do with one hand we’re gonna let this sit in here for about five minutes okay so it’s been five minutes let’s go ahead and see how easy these are to peel you ready look at that now here is the test you ready break one open look at that look at that perfect yellow so it’s 220 we’re in the middle of filming our jalapeno popper recipe and balls recipe and while we’re waiting for those to cook we’re gonna start eating our first meal so raychel of having an eggnog kitto ciao and I’m having a raspberry and then I’m also gonna have some keto brick along with that so we’re waiting for the first batch of art there they are now chicken poppers to finish cooking so we’re gonna have to cut this short to go finish filming that but here’s what I’m eating for lunch like I said I’m having a keto Chow this is the raspberry cheesecake with three and a half tablespoons of butter and then I’m going to have two of my Kido brick box and I am going to eat this what is that so this is a one keto now and this is one keto ciao so in other words this is not our keto ciao ice cream that we did the recipe this is ice this is just like one of these mixed with a whole bunch of ice so it’s kind of like keto ciao ice milk hi so good what are you drinking over there cuz you’re not drinking coffee I’m not drinking coffee what I do is I put hot water in the blender to get the rest of the keto Chow out and drink it as like a hot beverage like hot milk and then for my Kido bricks by the way I’ve got a new thing so I melted down like I had a peanut butter one that I’d melted down which I only have a couple pots left then I had a half of a cookies and cream one that I melted down because I was just eating like bricks by the half but I like doing it this way cuz I know exactly what each one of these pots is 129 calories nice so I know exactly what I’m getting and then I melted down a cinnamon one so here’s my new thing I’m playing keto brick roulette I’m pretty sure this is a peanut butter one because it’s like a darker color and there’s no cacao nibs in it so I’m gonna eat two of these for lunch and then for dinner we’re having top sirloin steak which we got from butcher box oh man so there’s a link down below if you’re interested in butcher box and then we’re having our egg salad and then I’ve got to eat a bunch more keto bricks because it’s just easier I bet a game that I’ve got to get to I gotta leave my game at 3:30 so in about an hour and then I’m on we’re gonna have our egg salad with our homemade mayonnaise it’s so good and then what else oh I’m gonna eat a half talk about discipline I’m gonna eat a half of a perfect keto bar on my way to the game do you think you can actually just eat a half I’m actually gonna cut it in half and only take half with me but I need the extra fat I need the extra calories that gives me a bunch of energy for I’m gonna eat it like with this meal within the next hour and then we really like to finish eating like by about 6 o’clock yeah I’m not gonna be home from my game till 6:30 so we’re probably gonna eat it like 7 o’clock or something like that so that’ll be the end of our eating for the day but we’ll show you what we eat a little bit later on the worst part about drinking ko Chow is when you get to the end that’s gonna be a much longer span of time for me a lot of times I’ll actually take water and rinse it out and then drink the water I know some people ask us like why do we use keto ciao sometimes it’s just easy it’s very fast I like the fact that I don’t feel like cooking or it’s just the two of us if we’re not gonna pull something out we always have a few of these ready to go in the refrigerator and having these makes it that we don’t make a stupid mistake or a stupid decision and eat something we’re not supposed to eat yeah it’s already ready to go and unlike some things that you made meal prep it tastes better the longer it is sitting in your refrigerator so it’s time for me to head out to my game I’ve got a JB game over at Pine Crest school and I’m taking along a half of a keto bar the cinnamon roll flavor I love these things but unfortunately I can only fit this many carbs in my macros for the rest of the day so I’m going to really enjoy it and again the next 48 hours we’ve got a 20% off of a $40 more purchase the link is down below in the description I love these things I wish I could eat the whole bar this is some real discipline okay quick survey am I the only one that after they’re done eating the keto bar undoes the wrapper and licks all of the fat off you just gotta get all of that fat well it’s dinnertime it is and I’m ready for dinner how was your day it was good it was full we got a lot done I definitely feel like we got a lot done I got my cutting then this morning I came home Rachel like scrubbed the house exercises it’s oh you exercise I did the house smells great you’re on day three of no coffee I don’t know how this is happening I don’t know how you’re doing it but I’m super proud of you thank you then we did a review video for the real good pizza cauliflower cross which you guys have to tell us if you even want it yeah we’re not gonna tell you what we thought of it let us know down in the comments section if we should even bother releasing that it’s definitely interesting I’ll give you that much then we did a cooking video on the real good a copy of the real good jalapeno poppers all balls they’re balls we filmed this video I went and did my game you took the kids from youth to youth grew so I think we burned dinner we definitely earned dinner and you didn’t even tell me I came home from my game and I found these you didn’t tell me they came I am so sorry but you’ll find out in the video hey they came and also they came in an open box oh really so I can’t yell at you for opening the box no no there’s a standing rule Rachel’s not allowed to open boxes that come because like there could be a surprise for her like brains or I could just get yelled at forgetting something that she didn’t really want like Brighton’s yeah where there could be a new pet you don’t know we definitely need a new pet so these are blender bottles the official blender bottles I say to KK the to KK logo to crazy fever came out so good they came out really good I love the color they got the little blender ball in there so we’re gonna put these on our website as soon as I can figure out how to put them on the website learning experience yeah we we had to buy a bunch of them to give them at a decent price but I think I think we said they’re gonna be $20 including shipping okay we want to keep them as low as possible but just keep your eye on we’ll let you know we’re gonna put them on the website and I think we’re also gonna have one of these in our five thousand subscriber box right absolutely so so glad they came in time yeah we got that we’re waiting for a couple of other things as well you want to go over dinner real quick okay so I made dinner while you were gone so I guess I’m gonna go through what we got so we each have a top sirloin from where do we put your box these came in butcher box where did this come they’re about 6 ounces apiece beautiful the thicker one because Rachel likes hers like almost rare like bleeding yes just knock off the horns wipe it’s dirty but we have about one and a half tablespoons a piece of browned butter so I cooked them in a cast-iron I didn’t feel like starting up the grill or anything like that or this TV okay so after I cooked them on my cast-iron I put some butter in there to brown it up get all the seasoning off of the banana baby I poured it over the top so for me I have this is our egg salad which the recipe is going to be on our website and we’re going to do a video super easy to make so I have four pasteurized eggs with two and a half tablespoons of our homemade mayonnaise which you’ve not seen that video it’s right up here gotta make that it’s super easy believe me if you’ve tried to make mayonnaise and you weren’t able to do it follow that I guarantee you’ll be able to do it anybody can do it and it only takes like 30 seconds which I love and there’s no cleanup so it’s got like celery in it we use the Trader Joe’s everything with the bagel seasoning and it’s on a little bit of a betel s then I’ve got two kedo bricks and I played roulette again I think one of these is the cinnamon and one of them is the cookies in Korean I have one and I’m guessing my roulette ended on peanut butter you got peanut butter all I dug the peanut butter out because I know you like to be in the butter and it was only one peanut butter left yeah rapes done soon my steak she’s got three eggs drinking a bubbly yeah three eggs she’s got a little bit more of the greens than me cuz I all said the perfect keto bar and you only in half I only ate half of it it was kind of like a teaser it was funny we passed each other like I was coming home from something he was leaving for something and he’s like hanging it out the window going look I’m only eating hi I did cut half and bring away me otherwise there was no way I was finished and then of course I was licking of the wrapper I becoming you for super classy okay look real quick cuz I’m hungry oh and I’m having a polar essence of fresh lime seltzer water it’s very unique that one I really like this one it’s like cherry to tart cherry limeade okay so mine is 2127 calories this is for the entire day okay out of 20 107 some 20 calories over me with that 124 grams of protein I’m a lot of 123 a hundred and seventy three grams of fat I’m a lot at 173 on that 6.8 net carbs 20 total cars Wow okay so for me I have fifteen hundred and forty nine out of the 15 54 calories so I’m actually six calories you’re six calories short that’s awesome a hundred out of 85 protein so I’m way up on my protein but stage yeah you’re way up on your protein but remember what I said that savage that if you go low on the carbs go up on the protein to hit your calories and you’ll see why in a minute so for fat I’m 120 for 128 grams that I have allotted and I am at oh my gosh for the day 2.6 net carbs no wonder I’m getting some more prozac you’re on at eleven point six total carb and I’m supposed to have 15 yeah total carbs well sort of remember we’re doing like or lettuce that kind of stuff doesn’t count but still that’s awesome so this is what we eat for a day and again like we said earlier sometimes we have Peter Chao sometimes we don’t sometimes we have Peter bricks busy days it’s just easy I want to see you like cut down the middle of your steak and let me know if it’s rare enough it’s perfect I can tell you right now so I’m gonna show mine so this is how mine came out I think it’s perfect gorgeous and this I can’t wait to taste this with them one taste and then we’ll sign off [Music] okay so that like I said is our full day of eating let us know if you like these will keep them up try at least one a week and also what’s your soundtrack for cleaning your house that’s a good one don’t forget our the next 48 hours that’s today Thursday and tomorrow Friday you guys are seeing this on Thursday perfect hito has given us a 20% off of a $40 or more purchase the coupon code and the link are down in the description so we’re super excited about that it’s good on anything on the site other than the bundles okay but you can use it on MCT powder you can use it on the bars anything like that there’s also a link down there for the butcher box we have a video coming out soon on what exactly comes in a butcher box yeah because we had absolutely no idea what came in a mixed box yeah we ordered the mix box and this was one of the things around that so do its favor hit that like button down below and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the little bell icon in that way every single time we upload a new video you’ll be alerted to until next time [Music] [Music]

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