21 thoughts on “What Is a Ketogenic Diet? | Epilepsy”

  1. my nephew has a seizure disorder and is ON the ketogenic diet.
    he is also allergic to nuts, milk, and eggs which further limits his options,
    he's 3 and , well you know toddlers, they are very picky. he has to eat ALL of his food, and if he doesn't he needs a meal replacement formula bottle, and again, needs to finish all of it. We are hoping to take him off the diet soon as it is very difficult to maintain, but also that over time, the brain can develop a tolerance to it becoming ineffective.

  2. though it has been noticed that there has been a decrease in his length of seizures (down from 1hour to 3 minutes) and has been less jerky normally. the low protein has made it so his muscle development is behind. Overall, I would recommend this as a temporary fix, but don't expect it to help you forever.

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  5. Hello Dr Wolf.. hope you are well. I was your patient in 2002 and Alhamdulillah recovered well. is there any way to contact you??

  6. This is an Youtube but maybe someone is out here still 🙂
    almost 5 years ago I was dx'd with Celiac Disease. After starting the gluten free diet, I started having seizures, much like grand mal, but I stayed fully aware and was able to talk.
    One day I ate some little rice based cookies at lunch time and didn't feel well the rest of the day. That night when I went to bed, the seizures started, but this time with projectile vomiting. I really thought I was the end of my life. The next day I was still alive so I examined my intake, connecting the dots to rice and cut it out to see if they seizures would stop. They did and I no longer have those kinds of seizures.
    About once a week, I have little seizures, as though someone is kicking me at the knees while standing, but never completely fall. So far anyway. I know that for me, rice is the trigger and I must stay off it (as well as gluten). SO now I eat only whole foods i.e. veggies, fruit and meat. I am doing pretty well now, but still fear they will come back.
    It's only been about a month since not having a GM seizure, when I WAS having them several times a week. Listening to our bodies is critical in getting good health; I wish more people and medical professionals were more knowledgeable to nutrition. All bodies are different and have different requirements.


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