What I learned This Week: Episode 1 – Keto Diet

hi everyone I am Miriam welcome to my channel Murphy in this series of what I learned this week I want to talk about diet nutrition fitness tips that I learned and I want to share them with you today’s topic is keto the diet that I am currently on and I want to talk about like what is this diet what are the macros for this diet how can you benefit from this diet and how decide can make it easier for you to reach your goals let’s get it started Chito is a high fat moderate protein low carb diet everybody has two main energy sources one is Coco’s that comes from carb the other is kiddos that comes from fat ketones are these energy molecules produced by liver to replace glucose when our body runs on ketones it becomes efficiently burning fat and our brain loves it Tito uses ketones instead of glucose that will help to reduce blood sugar level and balance insulin level in long term this will of results in less inflammation so chronically high blood sugar is linked to many diseases such as diabetes age-related brain degeneration cancer metabolic syndrome and so many other diseases so the traditional keto diet was proposed to cure some of these brain related injuries it is very high in fat the traditional is 75% fat 15% protein and 5% carb but over the years this keto diet has been modified and research supporting that you can eat more protein and this keto diet as long as you keep your carbs under 20 grams so what is the difference between keto and low carb diets such as Atkins ice cream is very high in protein low in fat and low in car and very low-calorie diet and it has different phases and at the end at the start introducing carb to your diet but keto is very low carb moderate protein and high fat so you have to keep your carbs under 20 grams in total knit and fiber all together so I want to clear this definition keto diet and ketosis states are different thing maybe you can get to ketosis a state by using another diet so ketosis state as I said that your body is producing ketones and using fat instead of sugar but keto diet is a diet that helps your body to get to that kiito’s of the state as I said you may get there by using other tools and other diets but keto diet makes it easier and faster and I will explain it how when you compare fat to sugar fat is more satiated it keeps you more full for a longer time you don’t crave that much food but when you are on sugar based diet like higher high carb diet you usually need to feel your body every 2-3 hours but on keto because your body is so efficient at burning fat if you don’t give it food it’s just going to start using your stored fat and that’s why it’s easier to stay on this diet so how much protein and keto diet as I said the traditional one is 75% fat 15% protein a 5% carbs but the modified version that everybody most of the athletes and doctors are using is 70% fat 20 to 25% protein the remaining is carved you can lower your carb as much as you can if you can do it so many people that are new be on this diet they don’t they don’t eat enough protein and fall they start losing their hair after a month or so and they wonder why well if your body doesn’t get what she is asking for of course she’s gonna starve and you’re gonna lose your hair and like your skin and nail are gonna look terrible we have to differentiate between two micronutrients we have energy macro nutrition and a structural micro nutrition energy micro nutritions are fat and carbs and the structural macro nutrition is protein protein is what we are made of you know other muscles if you don’t eat enough protein if your body doesn’t get the vitamin minerals and amino acids that she’s asking for of course you’re gonna lose the muscle mass if you lose the muscle mass what’s gonna happen you are slowing down your metabolism you don’t want to do that you want to keep your metabolism up if you slow your metabolism down well you have to eat every time you know fewer calorie and it’s just you’re gonna go crazy your body is gonna starve you don’t want to do that so make sure you are eating enough protein so most of keto advocates I mean like I guess all of them they suggest 0.8 gram per pound of your mass body weight she can calculate so you have to eat at least that amount even if you don’t do any activity if you are very active person your job is active you are like coach you are training very hard you have to increase that amount of protein so make sure you are doing that so another important note and Giro is keeping track of your electrolytes you have to make sure that you’re getting enough sodium magnesium and potassium to make sure of that you can add avocado to your meals they are very rich in electrolytes or you can get like supplements from you know GNC or other stores to add to your diet and make sure that yourself hydrated all the time so how to start keto diet I’m gonna give you a list of foods that you need to get rid of and it’s the food that you want to use the foods that we need to get rid of our foods that are high in sugar and carbs such as Rice Pass corn grains beans potatoes like high sugar fruits and sugar itself and so many others that you know if you’ve read the labels and you look up the nutrition you will see you have to avoid them because we want to keep other you know carb less than 20 grams and you want to replace all of them with leafy green vegetables meat chicken turkey eggs avocados Kristopher vegetables such as broccoli or cauliflower you know the dairies that are high in fat and low in sugar and you can use avocado oil coconut oil and MCD oil you know so we’re gonna start from there for the first week or like first few days you can start just lowering your carb if you are eating right now let’s say around 150 gram just lower it to 102 gram or like 50 gram and like gradually but slowly change it and lower it you know and increase the fat see how do you feel see like if this will make your transition takedo very easier and you’re gonna feel more comfortable no so at the same time you’re going to learn a lot about nutrition and and food you want to get rid of all the processed foods then you have keto diet helps you to be very mindful about your food and eat real food nutrition dense food instead of you know some garbage industrial industrial produced food so you want to avoid those so we’re going to do this let’s say this keto diet challenge four months of October starting from first day of October as I said just a start a Stoli and replace your foods with better options after a month you can see how do you feel about this diet if you want you can keep it as a lifestyle or like customize it based on your needs there are different versions of kiito’s which I’m going to talk about them in the next episode you know you can change keto based on your lifestyle and just keep keto as your main diet to go also in the next episode I want to cover some of the important topics that are very hot in keto such as the amount of protein that you need to eat if high-protein is really bad what about cholesterol like what about saturated fat that you see you know in the foods what are the research about these and if this will make keto diet healthy or unhealthy we’re going to talk about all of these in the next episode another important note that I want to remind you is that keto diet is not this magic bullet that’s suddenly gonna solve your all your problems you have to keep in mind that you have to eat real food move often add activity to your lifestyle get a good sleep and lower your stress level all of these five factors work together if you have a good diet and you are eating health the food you are moving often you’re controlling your thirst level and you are getting a good to sleep then you’re gonna be happy and have a great lifestyle you know and you’re gonna get to your goals and you’re going to have that awesome body that you want to achieve so remember all of them are tools based on your needs you have to customize them so please stay tuned leave me a comment if you have question I’m gonna announce it on my Instagram and use you the start of this a keto diet challenge for October if you have any questions shoot me I will answer and I will try to guide you to the right direction I will see you in the next episode bye

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