[Music] hey guys welcome back today I have a full day of eating keto with strict keto with macros I have an easy crock-pot dumping go meal some meals on the goal Spanish rice you name it we got it it’s a great one so stick around and let me show you what I ate today [Music] first things first let’s start on our dinner so it is about 11:15 I had just came I’m just coming back right now from a chiropractor appointment so I haven’t eaten anything nothing but um I want to start dinner and when I have chicken I’m gonna throw it in the crock-pot and when I do chicken and this defrosted I cook it on high for 4 hours because chicken tends to get a little mushy so that is why I do it like that a lot of people ask me why but that’s why so I have some chicken breast right here this is about 3 pounds of chicken breasts I’m going to season it with a packet of ranch dressing and then I’m gonna put 6 little packets of this sazon Goya you know I’m only gonna do 5 I’m sorry I’m gonna do 5 packets of the sesame oil seasoning this is gonna be our substitute for our taco seasoning if you have taco seasoning and you want to use that feel free but if you guys are new here I live for a boy a seasoning I use it in replace of any taco seasoning because taco seasoning has a ton of carbs and this does not and it has way more flavor in my opinion so you can find this at Walmart you know Target always looking to be like Hispanic aisle and that’s where you’ll find it so I’m gonna use some of those I’m gonna use about a tablespoon of ground cumin give it a little a little something-something and then I’m gonna use these to Camping Chili’s this one on the bottom is from Aldi this has the tomatoes with the green chilies and this one on top is just fire roasted green chilies so it’s gonna be like a shredded like Fiesta taco whatever that’s pretty much fun that we’re going with I’m not gonna add any water because the chicken when it cooks down it will add it we’ll go ahead and release some water if you guys want it to add even like a brick of cream cheese in there and make it like a creamy mix oh you can totally do that as well but I’m gonna stick to just this right here for today okay so let’s get this together it tastes for like a cold like a cold something like a milkshake so I’m like let me just have a three-ton shake I love the vanilla flavor chocolates really good too but I definitely prefer the vanilla I’ve been doing it like a scoop in my coffee too sometimes my friend Amanda from the Keitel Jinja she does that and I was like oh that’s a good idea and it’s that’s very very filling like this is filling but when should you add it to that coffee gosh guys I go like ours full on that so that’s a really really great idea so I’m gonna go ahead and just have a shake I have my little shake ups up here and I’m gonna fill it I just have some vanilla almond milk and we’re gonna fill it to the eighth ounce so yeah I just came here from a doctor that’s why I’m I got the face creases they like a line to me and stuff best feeling ever but yeah I’m gonna go ahead and have this delicious shake here if you guys have not tried the 3-ton shake you need to this stuff is so good I think I’m gonna get the vanilla I think it was the chai flavor Amanda got that one and that looks really really good especially for like fall season but these this definitely is very very filling for me you can make it really thick with some ice like I said before it’s how I usually do it when it’s specially when it’s warmer out and I eat it with a spoon and I have it like an ice cream but it’s very very good and the macros are on point let me show you the macros real quick so it’s for one school of 90 calories 1 gram of fat 5 total carbs but there’s our 7 total carbs the 5 grams of fiber so that’s only two cars which is really really great and it has 15 grams of protein but I know you guys see this and you’re like wow that’s really great if you’re trying to hit your protein here’s the care you’ll see at my coffee bar I keep my 3d ton MCT oil right here for me okay this stuff I throw it in my coffee all the time if I’m trying to hit my fat macros especially like when I was doing the egg fast and stuff like that I would always you know put a little bit of that in there but you could always because this the MCS who is really really great you could take a little bit of this and toss it in here and hit your fat macro that way as well I’m gonna get a lot of fats from like my dinner tonight so and I’ve lowered my fat macro so it’s not really that hard for me cuz I’m gonna have some cheese on my my um for my taco shells tonight so yeah but yeah so I want to show you this stuff is real good I’ll leave everything link down below I got a little discount code go ahead and get yourself some it’s it’s really really good like I said as a shake it’s bomb especially with iowa’s let’s use the almond milks it makes it like real creamy but the in the coffee whoa game-changing events they’re my friends legit goodness and this MCT oil is really good – pretty high-quality in my opinion so I think it’s really great okay I’m gonna toss this chicken in here we’re gonna take our boy out seasoning here so when I do it I just like that and then I along the edges you don’t have to be careful what the Goya a little bit goes a long way but I like it I’ve never had it to where it was over seasoned with it but you don’t suite your phone you can add this to your Spanish rice or your cauliflower rice that’s usually what I do it’s really good that’s just probably one in my hat today as well and then um we got our ranch mix in better shape I hate to use all these chilies cuz if you have carbs but um this recipe honestly should make about ten servings of chicken so all right we’re in sup the green just the chilies only like I said it’ll give it a little something so and then I’m gonna take so that’s kind of what we’re dealing with right now okay and they look good though very colorful and then I’m gonna take the cumin you know and you guys could do a probably about a tablespoon I’m just gonna sprinkle because that’s how I do because I remember this child alright I’m going to go ahead and turn on my slow cooker on high for four hours Oh oops Jojo I turn up my temperature all the way this is the kasoori one I love it all right we are good to go and that’s dinner boom and very simple it’s litter this one is literally a dump and go crap pot meal so we’ll see how that turns out in a couple hours so here’s a little update so you see um we have about an hour left okay so it’s been cooking for about three hours at 210 degrees so um yeah so on high okay and I know a lot of people who that gave off a lot of water okay we a lot of people always ask also I have to put water into the into the pots or you know what I’m making this chicken you do not because you see how much water it gives off and I feel like you lose a lot of the flavor so um this is kind of how it looks I’m gonna start on its early right now it’s about 2:30 in the afternoon I know a lot of people get really shook when they see how early we eat we do eat early we you know around 4 o’clock but we’re early people so Leo starts work around 3:00 4:00 in the morning so you know it’s when he gets home around 4 o’clock it’s his 6 7 o’clock at night you know anything and we go to bed early well he does I don’t and I usually start to fast around 5 o’clock so usually my eating windows are 9:00 to 5:00 so that’s kind of how I base my life around but I’m gonna let this cook I’m gonna shred up these pieces and let everything sit into this juice and then we’re gonna go ahead – okay we’re gonna take some cauliflower rice and we’re gonna put some we’re gonna make some Spanish rice but it’s gonna be a creamy Spanish rice and I’m gonna show you how I do it but let me shred up this chicken and then I will come back so you get so inside my pot is just the frozen rice okay I just went ahead and just cooked it down so it wasn’t frozen anymore this is going to be a real simple kind of rice because we really don’t have much if you wanted to get fancy you could have go ahead and add in here some chopped up um tomatoes some cilantro all that stuff but we’re not do it all day because I don’t have a lot of that stuff either I’m gonna take two packets of sauce one because we’re gonna do like a Spanish rice but we’re gonna do it kind of creamy so I’m gonna show you how so so we have that I’m gonna turn on the heat a little bit because I don’t want it to burn so everything is nice and seasoned everything is coated going into the fridge and we’re gonna get our sour cream that is behind eggs so we’re gonna get our Daisy sour cream and we’re gonna put three tablespoons of sour cream in here so I just developed just a dollop of Daisy and I’m just gonna mix it in you could do cream cheese but I like the way the sour cream tastes with this awesome so that’s just kind of how I did it but again to each its own just a little something extra to you know have with your meal and this way when everybody gets home from school and from work dinner will be nice and warm and waiting for them I mean Leo doesn’t care if the dinners cooked or not but I just like to have a nice home-cooked meal waiting for him he works hard so and when I’m not at when I’m at work and he’s home he makes sure my dinner is made so team work you know so we’re gonna have that let’s turn that off because that’s already done here on my little if you guys haven’t seen my little Costco ha I got this from Costco I love this thing so I have some avocados that needs to be eaten so we’ll slice those up put away my 3 ton that shake still has me full guys not gonna lie but I’m really excited for this dinner somebody’s eating okay so we have the two avocados for my girls my two littlest ones they’re not fans of cauliflower rice just because it’s cauliflower rice they won’t even try it because they already know but I picked this up at a local market yesterday for them this is just some home a Puerto Rican rice so I’m gonna heat that up and that’s what they’re gonna have with their chicken and then Leo made this for us this is just some homemade pico de gallo just like yeah pico de gallo like a chunky salsa salsa there’s like – there’s like a salsa which is like the creamier one and pita the guy always like the chunky one so we could have that with our you know and then we’re also gonna have some chihuahua cheese – so I’m like quesadilla cheese that’s gonna go on top so it’s legit gonna be like a Mexican fiesta so we got the rice cooked we got some avocado some fresh salsa we got some quesadilla cheese and then in here we have our shredded Mexican fiesta we have our shredded Mexican fiesta chickens so it’s gonna be really really good and it tastes really good so it has a little bit of a kick but not too much so that’s gonna be our dinner who’s excited all right guys this is what dinner is looking like so this is a serving of that rice we have that chicken and then a little bit of avocado this is actually gonna be Ria’s dinner but she walks in and she’s like mom it smells so good in here what is it and I said oh well but yeah so here’s dinner so this is gonna be my dessert today I feel like I earned it but no anyways um my friends over at primal noms they went ahead and sent this over to me they came out with some fall-like flavors and this was one of them and yeah so I’ve been having like a real big sweet tooth so I’m gonna go ahead and make this in my cup and then I’ll show you guys when I’m done so what I really like about these primal mom cakes is they’re delicious and everything is real easy to make and you really hit your fat macros with these so yeah these are a family favorite around these parts so yeah that’s what I’m gonna have I’ll show you when it’s all done and ready to go but this is gonna be my last little treat my last little meal of the day you so here is that little mud cake cannot be a fluffy it is it’s really really good if you had some cool whip that would be even better I’m there but I’m just going to go ahead and snack on it like this and yeah we’ll go over our macros really quickly so let me pull up my telephone oh so including the whole everything I’ve eaten today’s so the Fiesta chicken the 3:10 shake guys you will love that 3 ton shake ok like I showed you today how I had it with the almond milk but if you really like in the coffee like Amanda doesn’t oh my gosh GameChanger so so good I’ll leave it this component everything down below if you guys want to get yourself one totally recommend it especially if you’re like busy on the go you could take that right with you it’s legit the best so yeah then I made that like cauliflower Spanish rice I have the quesadilla cheese I had half of an avocado and then this primal Nam’s cake so that’s how my macros are looking 14 of 20 net carbs I have 91 of fat and 1 on 1 of protein so I thought that was pretty good you know so alright guys I’m gonna wrap this video up thank you so much for hanging with me and I will see you on the next one take it easy friends [Music]

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