What I Ate Today – Weight In –  How Changing To Keto Is Going – Weight Loss Journey Update

What I Ate Today – Weight In – How Changing To Keto Is Going – Weight Loss Journey Update

hello everybody you welcome back to my channel I’m Kathy if you’re new here don’t forget to subscribe I hope you like this video give it a thumbs up don’t just hit that thumbs up anyways today is Tuesday August 27th today was just woke up tired after I think I slept almost eight and a half hours like it just kept sleeping except for the power went out which woke me up oh I hate it there’s a closet in here that when the power goes out it makes this screech sound and I mean I think it’s the router that does it and that’s still annoying and I just wakes me up it is so loud might as well be like a smoke detector or something sorry looking up from that but all that did was flash and there was no reason for it I swear the power doesn’t go out when it storms but you know it’ll be a perfect day and the power of flash but yes I definitely am feeling very tired today and I’m writing a should just go to bed which I’m assuming is like a bit of keto flu you know how I was like oh everything will be firing cuz I haven’t been eating that many cars well apparently I was eating enough to make me more energetic this will pass once I get fully into ketosis I did do the test strip today and it said that I was small but I don’t know I don’t know if the test strip should still be good but I don’t know and um I’m gonna keep saying a little no because my brain is woohoo I never really do much of anything today again tired it just didn’t feel physically like doing anything so what since today was Tuesday we weren’t in movies we got Godzilla Life of pets too and banana splits I really I think that Godzilla was more for watching in a theater or where you can just like not have to worry about the fluctuations in volume and you’ve got it like our TV is good size but I just feel like it was not really story based it was more of a visual movie so there’s just it was a lot to see and it was really cool but definitely made more for big-screen theater watching than just a home watching and that’s just my opinion but whatever what a secret life of pets – loved it loved it Oh jintan is the max right Jensen yeah you’re max he’s a max through–through although I don’t think Vinson will ever get to the point that max is in the end but I hope one day he will be okay with us leaving without just freaking out banana splits is a horror movie and I freaking loved it it was so good so unique it’s kind of like it’s animatronic big animal guys like Chuckie Cheese kind of guys or Friday night at Freddy’s but it’s a show and then they cancel it and what ensues and I just really liked it it was unique it was good I loved the very very end because you know the switch kids it’s just really good I enjoyed it earlier we also played well I didn’t play I watched because you know that’s what I do for my birthday and asked Andy ticket Wolfenstein Youngblood because I like watching video game I’ve missed something that I can just you know watch walk he plays and he said that’s what we what he playing the last night and we got a darn good deal I think we paid 26 and change for it so why seven bucks but if you’re if you like video games and everything definitely check out best buy for their like game I don’t know it’s some kind of like program kind of what Game Stop does but you get 20% off of new games and it doesn’t matter how long that game has been out so they’ve gone a step farther than even my amazon has offered I I don’t know I really like that I had to write down what to talk about because my brain the fog and my brain is so bad what I ate today my first meal was what I consider my potato those potato skins so it’s cheddar cheese bacon in the sour cream on top and that’s I had that and then later I ended up because Andy was smoking ribs so I wasn’t going to be eating until those came off and they were going to come off around 8:00 and I ate at one not thinking about how long it was gonna be until the next time so I had one of those snack pack things that we got lurtz the cheese and salami the way I gotten from Costco oh my gosh it is so freakin good I am so glad that we got them oh my gosh so good I’m like yes we I have something because the whole pack has less than one carb I just I just looked over my hair is just getting fluffy right now but it is a really really good provolone and salami and YUM we will definitely be buying those and I probably only took a few like a couple pieces of meat and like three or four pieces of cheese and that growly stomach and everything went away like boom it would normally take for that growl to go away a lot of like carbs at least I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or something like that to finally get that to go away that the fat and protein just really really helped the only problem with the pack is that is 15 fat 15 protein for those of you who like really try to get that really high fat I kind of I’ve done so much research on keto over the last couple years that I I tend to lean towards what a lot of like there’s a few doctors on on YouTube that talk about it and just at other people and so I like the fact that I was totally rambling because I couldn’t get my thoughts together alright there are doctors here on YouTube that I have watched that have talks about if you have a little bit less fat it might encourage your body to burn more of its fat instead of using the fat that you consume as fuel obviously protein is not part of that you’ve got to have your protein you want to stay strong you wanna not have your hair fall out you want to not lose all your muscles you do lose a small amount of muscle mass when you first start getting into ketosis but you can get that right back with just some exercise so I also really liked what a doctor had said no you’re not starving yourself you literally are carrying around your refrigerator I am carrying my refrigerator I always think of that and I try to think of good things so after the little snack pack for dinner had a big dinner had ribs I will try to include pictures from each thing because I did take pictures I had three ribs so I just not eat like the whole half slab that’s in front of me I the rebo he’s so three ribs I didn’t eat the bones then I had myself a nice salad and oh it’s funny the one time I do not have to eat vegetables because vegetables are not necessarily like a requirement of keto they just aren’t they do encourage you to get your green leafies but you don’t have to it’s not like a big important thing you just don’t have to well I love the flavor of the olive garden salad dressing and the parmesan so much that I actually eat more vegetables on keto than I eat any other way or any other time in my life so it’s kind of funny that way ok here Oh and then I had a little bit of chocolate whipped cream at the very very end I do not know why I had that I think I just just had it because of my brain like just wanting dessert and I was not hungry I wasn’t even hunger going into the salad but I just really wanted that like cheesy vinegar flavor I don’t know it probably sounds really weird I just wanted that so but then I ate whipped cream after I ate it probably about 20 minutes after I finished the whipped cream so I’m done with dinner and everything I started feeling super guilty for what I ate and it is part of my food addiction where if I feel like I’ve eaten something I shouldn’t have eaten I started to feel incredibly guilty after I’ve eaten it well my dinner was delicious freaking ribs I did not use any sauces with the ribs by the way I know sugar free barbecue or anything because I want to get used to eating them the way that they are so that I stop depending on that sweetness but the guilt for eating that the salad and the whipped cream I just felt so heavy so very very guilty I still feel but of the guilt I’m really trying to work through it and tell myself know what you ate was right so now I’m in panic mode I’m thinking you’re gonna kick yourself out of ketosis you’re not going to lose weight you did everything wrong you know all of those kind of things and I’m really being hard on myself right now the thing is what I ate all keto friendly I did not go outside of what I should have I did not eat too much protein I did not eat too much well I’m not quite sure what my fat is I just tried to stay under 120 grams of protein a day the fat I know it’s like for me keynote is just very easy and I just try not to go too crazy on the protein because if I eat too much protein it could turn to carbs because that’s just what our body does and as long as I stay under my 20 car but I see it under my carbs I stayed under everything but I still have this just big heavy feeling of like just failure and it’s annoying because I didn’t I think I said didn’t eat anything wrong I stayed on plan I did everything right but I still have a food addiction and with that comes guilt it just does its part of it it’s feeling like you ate something that you shouldn’t have so let’s go ahead and put my way in here so that we can talk about my current weight today hello I’m ready seventy five point six pounds goodbye so I’m gonna same readers yesterday no problem I had lost like two and a half pounds that a pound – and then you know switching over yesterday was the first day of doing Kido so you know changing my body and what I am eating changing my body changing the way that I’m eating and everything probably just confused my body and it’s okay but I’m going to be eating and I’m sure yesterday I did a lot more sodium I only got in like nine cups of water yesterday so that’s real low today if you’re wondering I got sixteen cups of water and so but and also I have not number two which is very common with Kido I was hoping the eating the salads would help with that but Ted today it’s not yet so that’s a pretty much made day I am NOT I’m not going to I’ve never Li not worried about the way and that’s not it it’s in three days I’m gonna start to see a change but the fact that I’ve already been losing weight whether water weight or actual fat I feel like I’ve lost actual fat but it whatever I may not end up getting that keto bush you know where like in the first three days you just drop five to eight pounds some people even more I typically was around seven to eight pounds in the first three days that may not be for you know what happens to me because I’ve come off of losing weight I’m just changing how I’m eating there’s not really too much else to say I’m just ready to just close my eyes let’s try to start fresh tomorrow I really hope I wake up with energy tomorrow I’m not a hopeful but oh and I did try to get my nails done today but this is as far as I got I got that the blue that was all chipped off and looking terrible that’s as far as I got so yeah there should be at the end of this like a comparison picture kind of thing so you can see now well not necessarily a comparison but a picture of what I used to look like I’m not quite sure how I’m doing that yet but please like share comment subscribe I really appreciate you hanging out with me I’m sorry I’m so little energy once I get all the way into ketosis and I’ve been doing it for a bit this will all go away it’s just really hard also I do want to touch on the fact that the boobs hurt so the tiredness could actually just be PMS I usually get PMS around ten days to two weeks there have been times it’s been two weeks but usually around ten days before my period so that could also be where the low energy is coming from I could not it could not be the I don’t know how to say it but he doe could not be a responsible party it could just be PMS hi is it I’m throw ending Oh see you tomorrow you

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