What I Ate Today  │Easy Keto Cheesesteak Skillet │Easy Keto Recipes

What I Ate Today │Easy Keto Cheesesteak Skillet │Easy Keto Recipes

what’s up guys welcome to Quito rewind I have a fun video today but I need your help helping me like decide which direction to go in so today I or I guess yesterday I mentioned in my weekly weight loss videos that I wanted to drop 15 pounds this month so I thought what better way then show you what I’m eating to lose those 15 pounds so my question to you though is what would you rather see do you want to see like weight in a day like one day long videos so they’re shorter you know maybe three to five minutes long or would you rather see a weight in a day video but it had like maybe five days or so of recipes my dogs are just wandering okay they only they sleep until I hit the play button but anyways um tell me what you want to see I I figured it’d be a great way to show you exactly what I’m eating and I have not actually posted many of these kinds of videos I like randomly upload a recipe but have not done like a whole day’s worth of recipes or what I literally ate a day type video so it could be fun and I know it could help a lot of you especially if I include the macros and all and maybe some recipes on how to make it so and they had some other ideas maybe I’ll even include how much it costs me to make the meal so we can do like a keto grocery budget style so anyways I’m just rambling and I want your help so comment below what would you rather see me do and I’m gonna try and get organized as type B girl it is trying to be organized and make lists so help me out but just for example here’s what ate today hey what’s up guys I just got back from the gym and I wanted to share what I was having for my lunch so this is the first meal I eat in a day go to the gym between 11 and 12 ish I like to do the gym at the end of my fasting window because it’s the most well from what I’ve researched it’s the biggest window to burn your fat so when you’re in a the end of your fast your ability to burn fat is highest at this time so that’s why I go to the gym first and I come back and I make this meal so one of the things to point out I like to use what I call cheap filler and I consider Canadian bacon one of my cheap fillers because what I mean by that is I strive to always hit my protein in my daily macros because for one it helps you know so your hair doesn’t fall out if you’re hitting your protein and – I don’t want to take away from my lean muscle mass I want to build lean muscle mass I want my body to take fat so I always hit my stress I always hit my protein daily goals so with with sometimes when you do regular bacon you’re adding a lot of fat with it as well and I don’t try to hit my fat goals so I have I am morbidly obese and I have plenty effect for my body to use first so I don’t ever try to hit my fat goal so with Canadian bacon it is a lean a very lean fact that has protein so I believe these three pieces of Canadian bacon has like 10 or 11 grams of protein and I think the fat was like 1 gram but I mean I posted macros when I’m when I’m done but I basically what you see here is three slices of Canadian bacon with its the unroot is that I think it’s the Jones brand and they I put it in a pan with a half tablespoon of butter and I just crisp it up a little bit and cook it and then I’m serving on this side some scrambled eggs just basic eggs and because I went to the gym today I try to get my protein I went 3 eggs and then I’ll use the other half of my tablespoon of butter and cook my eggs or scramble my eggs and a half tablespoon of butter so that’s lunch next time you seemi will be at my little afternoon treat so see you in a few okay so this is my afternoon treat as I’d like to call it it’s just basically a cup of coffee black coffee a scoop of unsplit unflavored collagen grass fed by the way and link in the comments for this a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream a teaspoon of monk fruit in erythritol blend or also known as LeConte oh and they also make a delicious syrup so I have a tablespoon of the syrup in there and this is I don’t do this every day but today I did so I will go ahead and make this so to make it easier and you can see it I’m doing in a mason jar so basically add your scoop of collagen and your teaspoon of sugar and if you want you can just use like the serving size for the syrup is two tablespoons so you could do two tablespoons if you want but I kind of like it lightly sweetened and lightly flavored so I just wanted a little bit so but if you want you can skip the sweetener and just do this the two tablespoons of your syrup so put that in there and last but not least when I get the phone down I need two hands and a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream and then you can use a spoon or something but I like this little frother thing and just give it a quick mix and my batteries are getting low on it but normally it has a nice little frothy topping and then give it a good mix it everything dissolves so nicely that’s why I love these particular products and then that is it so I just give a little extra on the top and I’m gonna pour in ice and I will sip on this all afternoon and you can make these up ahead of time and stick them in your fridge if that is easier but basically try not to make too big of a mess like I do and then I will pop a fun little straw in it you grab my straw and that’s it that is my snack so the macros will be on the next screen it’s delicious okay I’m gonna go pick up my kid from school and I’m gonna have a snack I like to eat these because they taste good and they give me just what I’m looking for at the end of the day and I also it helps me hit my protein because they have 11 grams of protein and being that I’m 233 pounds I still have a pretty big hefty protein number to hit so this helps me and I will have these knowing when my dinner is ahead of time so that I’ll I can plan ahead and have a snack they pull this out of here for you you get food it looks like this is the salted caramel one and you see I’ve eaten quite a bit of it already YUM but anyways it helps me hit my protein so if I know I’m having something that’s not a huge protein dinner I will have one of these and that helps balance my macros so I’ll see you at dinner so I have about three large peppers here diced up and a medium onion why not I shouldn’t say dice these are like sliced you know nice small pieces and then you’re in a separate pan I got my trip might be from Trader Joe’s we’re going to put that in a pan with salt and pepper and spices and then when it’s all done we’re gonna mix it all together and put cheese on it super easy so we find my salt here there’s myself okay so we’re gonna like to stove and get started on both burners and we’re gonna drizzle about two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil I like to use my little measuring jar so that’s how I know how much I put there and I’m gonna put my stuff I’m gonna pause the camera for a quick and put it in here okay we’re gonna season up our meat it’s just I’m just gonna sprinkle salt and pepper to taste so this is pink Himalayan salt don’t mind me I’m trying to film and hold at the same time and I use my meat to flavor everything so it might look like a lot but it’s gonna be both pans and you don’t have to be shy with pink salt and then just in garlic powder and you do your spices to taste I personally don’t log my spices when I’m tracking my macros however maybe someday when I’m down at my goal weight we’re trying to get to my goal weight and every single bit matters but right now at this current weight I don’t have to lug my spices so we’re gonna let that go and then give this a stir and I’ll be back already so we have our ground beef all cooked up here so I’m gonna just add it and all those yummy juices and here and you’ll flavor it nicely and we are going to we’re basically looking for a little bit of a nice sautéed steak and cheese inspired dish and then when we’re all set and done I have three ounces of Gruyere cheese that I hand shredded and I have three ounces of as Adaro I mix them in the bowl here like you can tell I hand shredded this it’s it’s so much more flavorful when you hand when you can like take cheese from a block I didn’t have provolone in this in stock so I went with a zero it’s a nice mild creamy cheese so but anyways it’s six ounces in total weight of cheese and I’m gonna put them in these fun baking dishes so I’m going to put that hamburger pepper and onion mix here and put the cheese on top and broil it and they’ll be yummy but I wanted to say if I’m not a fan of mushrooms but you can totally add mushrooms to this dish so I just I don’t like mushrooms I sometimes will do it so for my husband because he loves mushrooms but today I didn’t buy any so we’re having no mushrooms so it’s up to you but I’ll be back when it’s ready to go in the oven and while I’m making dinner I’m having a sparkling I’m water this one is delicious I highly recommend it ok so now we’re ready for the next step I did put a little bit of butter 2 tablespoons to be exact in the old pan here let me give you a quick peek another variation would be to let the onions and peppers Brown a little bit or caramelize and then mix the two but this is what I felt like doing today so anyways next I’m going to put these in my ramekins here and I’ll be back okay so now we’re just going to take this cheese and divide it up into four bowls and I mix the two cheese blends together so both the as Sderot and the provolone are together this one got a little extra and you mean you can always add more cheese but when you measure it all that like that you can tell much easier for your macros all right so we’re gonna stick these under the broiler if until the cheese is nice and melty and here they are six net carbs in 623 calories I’ll put the macros below so yummy and the last meal of the day is a piece of my birthday cake and this is basically just the swerve cake mix with ala canto buttercream frosting and I’ll put that recipe in the comp and down below so that was today okay so here you can see my macros for the day lunch was one carb you can look over here on the side with the actual macros I am over in my macros today because of the cake my birthday cake so normally I would not have fat and if I take that out you can see what I mean I was gonna have my last member but if I take that out you can see I was just finding all my backgrounds I’ve got one extra card but the goal is to stay under 20 I put mine down to 18 but I mean 13:55 of my 14:04 calories and that did not include I didn’t vlog my exercise so I’m obviously I’m well under my calories my macros they are pretty much on point which allowed me to have that extra cake so I would normally add that in I should put it but you just have to add foods and I’ve already created the recipes so like this word millet cake mix macros I had 1/12 makes 12 servings so you know you just adjust how much you had I can be honest and then I also made I logged this recipe which I’m also linking below but you have to include your fasting it’s such a delicious whipped butter frosting but if you want to know how much that Kate one slice or 1/12 of the serving would be 3 net carbs so I mean that was really it was so tasty so definitely if you need a birthday cake check out that recipe and to see the recipe of how to make your cheesecake go to a cheesesteak that is and all of these recipes are now going to be located on my own website keto rewind comm so all the links below and I will see you back tomorrow bye bye

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