What I Ate on Keto Wednesday – November 25 | Ketogenic Diet | LCHF

good morning and happy Wednesday is Turkey Eve and Thanksgiving is almost here I’m very excited this morning because I am an on scale victory to share with you guys i don’twant today I’m not even waiting until Saturday or Sunday or whatever day I upload my videos I am wearing the sweaters I haven’t been able to wear in like probably five years I think probably I’ve had this winter for a long time and haven’t been able to wear it I don’t know if you can see you can see the reflection here I’ll just do this so I this is a Volcom sweater you know I don’t don’t think they make Plus Sizes Italy didn’t win I purchased this it’s an extra large I haven’t been able to wear it I don’t know if I’ve ever worn this shirt I think if I did wear it is maybe one time once so I’m pretty darn excited these are the jeans that I wasn’t able to wear that I talked about in my last video so I’m pretty stoked about the SAP HANA hearing today and it is technically the Friday of this week so we are able to wear our casual Friday dress at work so yay off to a great start um being super lazy today as far as food goes we’re gonna go get Hardee’s on the way to work we got to drop off weight Bob’s truck to get inspected and we’re just gonna go to Hardee’s and I want to get a little carb breakfast bowl there um super high in calories pretty high and protein too but I’m not counting it today I’m just you know whatever may have to get up order out for lunch as well but like I said this week I’m just being a real freaking casual sorry I’m was cursed because you is Thanksgiving and you know what I’m gonna be good on Thanksgiving so I’m just I’m not expecting to see the scale move this week not that I’m going off or cheating but I’m just I don’t have any expectations for this week I just leave it at that anyway so we’re gonna go and I will show you my breakfast bowl when I get it alright here is my low carb breakfast bowl from Hardee’s this is basically just egg sausage bacon and cheese and it’s quite tasty although it’s very high in calories but it’s very low in carbs I think there’s only two net carbs two carbs total maybe but it’s really good if you are on the go and you just need breakfast real quick so little parties for that all right we’re at Jersey link and I got a sub in a tub this is they’re just regular Jersey Mike’s famous Philly in a tub I got new onions and peppers I don’t like onions or ever but I did get the Jumbo or the giant size with extra cheese so it looks delicious and I have to begin one alright it’s dinner time and I’ve been baking in preparations of tomorrow and so I just made a really quick and easy dinner I just have two hot dogs three pieces of bacon and some melted cheese on top of the hot dogs along with the side of keto ketchup from the ketogenic cookbook so this is not something you normally I would make but because I’m busy cooking and and whatnot I just want something really quick and I feel like I’ve eaten a lot of meat today but that’s what cute is all about right anyway so there’s Mikey of ketchup and then my hot dogs these are the Applegate all beef hot dogs and then this is Applegate sundae uncured suddenly a bacon or something like that so that’s my dinner alright in for dessert I’m having this so delicious coconut milk chocolate ice cream I recently found the chocolate flavor at Whole Foods and it’s okay mint chip is still my favorite flavor but this one’s pretty good it would be better to me if it didn’t taste so heavily of coconut but it does and that’s I mean that’s obvious it should because it’s made with coconut milk right but the chocolate just definitely does not does not mask the coconut flavor at all like the mint does and that’s okay I mean it’s alright it’s still it’s I’ll still probably buy it but I will definitely reach for the mint chip over this chocolate flavor and that’s my day on keto I hope you guys have a happy Thanksgiving and I will see you in my next video bye

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