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good morning everyone and welcome to the fourth day of September my return taquito I woke up this morning feeling fantastic I just dropped my boys off at their home care lady it is probably 15 yeah 10 minutes after 8:00 and I totally forgot and I’m so happy I put an alarm in my phone to remind me you guys I have to go give my blood work done so I haven’t eaten anything I haven’t had any coffee yet I’ve just had water and normally this place is pretty packed for blood work in the morning so that’s gonna it’s gonna take me a while but I brought my Kindle and I’m reading and chasing cupcakes still and so I got my water in my Kindle so I will survive however long it takes me to get my blood done at the lab and then let’s see what else for today I think I might treat myself to an iced coffee from Starbucks afterwards and I was going to actually go to Starbucks and get some work done but I just really feel like being home this morning so I’m going to go home get writing done today it’s hair washing day for those doing curly girl method I might get in a workout before that hair washing that would actually be a really good idea but I did get my adjustment yesterday so I’m a little bit nervous there’s one Kairo that I saw that said to not do any kind of exercise for 48 hours after an adjustment to make sure the adjustment sticks and stays so I’m not sure if I’m going to do any kind of workout we’ll just see how I feel I’m feeling a little bit weird though day 2 with the Chi Rho is always worse for me than day one anyway I’m going to head off to the lab Oh blood sugar so I tested this morning and it was 150 for a little bit better than yesterday but still still kind of staying a little bit high I’m biting the bullet guys and doing my blood work even though I don’t want to because I know some of those numbers aren’t gonna be great but I’m just really curious as to what my primary care doctor wants to do we’ll see we’ll see I’m just ranting at this point I will talk to you guys later all right guys don’t mind my hair I’m still surprised that it looks like this descent in a high bun but totally wash day anyway I’m back from my blood draw I decided to skip Starbucks and the reason is because I would have to drive across town during like rush hour and then drive back and it just it wasn’t worth it to me so I am brewing some regular good old pot coffee and instead of jumping into work this morning I thought that I would enjoy a nice calm peaceful relaxing morning I’m going to drink water I’m going to have my coffee I’m gonna watch some YouTube videos and then I think I might make myself a actual breakfast I have a whole thing of bacon in the fridge left over from this weekend that I need to cook up so I think I’m gonna have bacon and cottage cheese for my breakfast but coffee first and then we will go from there here is my coffee I have one scoop of the unflavored collagen from perfect taquito in here along with some sugar-free hazelnut creamer and a little bit of half-and-half to make it a little bit thicker like I like to have my coffee so this is what I’m going to start my morning with you guys today is my husband’s birthday I almost forgot um I he really likes cheesecake and I’m sticking to Quito so I think I’m going to make him my classic Kyoto cheesecake recipe and then I’m gonna run to the store after run to the store anyway I’m gonna get a birthday card I’m gonna get try to find a gift for him although I have zero idea what he wants and then maybe get some blueberries because he really likes blueberry syrup on his cheesecake so I’m gonna whip up a cheesecake real quick it’s 10:50 right now and I am finally making myself some food I kind of had a mad dash so this is the crust to the Cheesecake I just made it is cooling I have the filling all ready to go it’s just cooling off in the fridge and then once the crust is cooled I’m gonna put it together and then refrigerate four slices of bacon cooking in the pan this is the kind of bacon that I used and sixty calories a slice I am excited to eat bacon finally sitting down to my actual breakfast and it is 11 a.m. this is gonna be a bit of a heavy breakfast in terms of calories but I’m having a decently light lunch because it’s leftover day in the house and I’m gonna be moving a lot today I got to get to the store quick so four slices of bacon I showed you guys to package I have about 3/4 cup of 4 percent milk fat cottage cheese still working on my coffee and I’m drinking my water so the cottage cheese and the bacon is at 405 calories I apologize if you cannot hear me – well I have to have that air conditioner on super high because it is 90 degrees and I just bought a ton of chocolate so I am making my husband like a snack bouquet instead of a flower bouquet a snack bouquet for his birthday and I got a ton of like the candy and the beef jerky and nuts and chocolate snacks and stuff that he likes so I’m blasting my AC so none of that gets melted I was very successful in Walmart not only did I get the stuff for my husband’s birthday but I also found a lot of hair stuff if you know I’ve been talking about the curly girl method now for a few days I’ve been doing it for almost a week and I found two different night bonnets to wear and then I also found two different like silk not scarves but like headbands that look really cute and they look like they keep their place I found those too so I bought ended up buying a bunch of like hair stuff I’m gonna try it out tonight I don’t have a silk pillowcase and up into this point things have been going okay you’re supposed to either sleep on a silk pillowcase or wear a silk bonnet to prevent your curls from Dee curling basically or uncurling going straight whatever and I don’t have that I ordered a silk pillowcase actually and something happened on Amazon I never received it I looked for it couldn’t find it so I’m trying the bonnet when I get home I need to bust together this gift for my husband because he is going to be home real soon from work he said he’s not going to go workout today he’s just gonna come straight home that’s in about an hour and a half and I still have to make the blueberry topping for our Quito cheesecake and I still have to create his gift I will show it to you guys and I’m done you guys I busted this out so fast but seriously how cute is this buff bouquet how adorable it has all of his favorite snacks in here beef jerky Trail Mix almond joy sour patch no shell pistachios pop tart bites jerky sticks are in here too and then I got him these little butter pecan chocolates no no he likes butter pecan like an old person anyway so I got him the bouquet and then I got him a picture of the boys for his desk and then of course a card I just love it I am going to whip together blueberry topping for the cheesecake my husband is early into blueberries lately so I’m doing this instead of strawberries so I have a cup of fresh blueberries that I just washed I’m gonna put it in here oh I’m gonna put in a tablespoon of water two tablespoons I’d be with 4 tall and a little bit of vanilla let that cook down taste it hopefully it’s sweet enough and then xanthan gum at the very end to thicken it up you guys it is almost 7:00 p.m. I ended up not even eating a lunch practically just because I was so busy I had to wash my hair by the way how amazing it does it look and look at this curl right here look at this anyway I had to wash my hair got my husband’s gift ready then we went out for a little bit before we’ve had to pick up the babies from the homecare lady oh so I did end up having a small snack though I had three pieces of pastrami and two pickles as a snack but I haven’t eaten anything since and frankly that’s probably a good thing because I’m going to be having leftovers for dinner tonight I’m having leftover chicken kabob and creamed spinach which creamed spinach is pretty high in calories and then I have to save room for a piece of cheesecake so I think it ended up working out okay at this point I’m super hungry so I’m gonna go ahead and heat up my plate of food dinner I will show you guys here is my dinner he probably looks familiar four ounces of grilled chicken breast this is the teriyaki marinated chicken breast and then one serving of the creamed spinach total is 550 calories alright here it is I have a pretty small piece of keto cheesecake with my blueberry topping and this totals in and about 300 calories I thought that it just looked so delicious doesn’t it I’m gonna enjoy this video here for the night but you know I’ll just talk about how good my hair looks today so pleased with it this hair method takes so long to do so getting results like this where actually looks decent is just so encouraging anyway I’m gonna go ahead and let you guys go for the night I hope that you enjoyed this vlog for today my husband ended up loving the Cheesecake I knew that he would it was so tasty I feel really really good about what I ate today I was surprised that I went so long in between like my breakfast and my I guess I had a little snack but my dinner kind of didn’t really have a lunch you guys I don’t even know if I told you this but I didn’t eat all four pieces of bacon I only ate three and then I was just satisfied with the cottage cheese and the bacon and I did not eat the fourth piece so when you look at my nutrition facts at the end of this video that is why um if they’re not adding up for you so just thought that I would clear that up because I totally forgot this day was crazy and on top of that I got zero work done on my writing project so it’s gonna be an interesting interesting next couple of days hopefully I might be able to get some time to work on it over the weekend that’s beside the point I’m gonna go ahead and let you guys go thank you so much for watching this video and you all all will catch me tomorrow for another vlog bye bye [Music]

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