Weight Loss Update (w. weigh in) My Keto Life!

hey everyone and welcome back to my channel for those of you who are new welcome I’m Jennifer and I am currently on a weight-loss journey using Kido to lose that weights and I am extremely happy with the cater diet is working wonderfully for me and I encourage anyone who has any kind of weight to lose to definitely look into it it has been a lifesaver for me and a game changer in my life I have never been able to find anything that I was able to sustain and not feel totally famished and hungry no matter what food plan I have ever been on I’ve always felt hungry but with keto I’m not hungry I’m not obsessing with food and it feels really good to be free of that obsession with food so it’s been quite a while since I updated you guys on what’s been going on my progress my setbacks all those things I was gonna try to wait until Monday to do this video but then I woke up this morning and I felt the willingness to do it this morning so here I am I there was a couple reasons I wanted to wait until Monday first I wanted to wait until I got my blood work and hopefully I would have had it back by Monday it’s been almost a week now and I haven’t heard anything so I’m hoping that’s kind of good news that if they would have found something really bad that they would have let me know but I haven’t heard anything so I’m going to take that as a good sign until I hear something otherwise and then the other reason was Monday is the first day of fall so I was just going to go ahead and do a new video on the first day of fall seasons changing and that those were the reasons but I decided I like I said I woke up and I felt willing to do it today so I was like okay let’s just do this today so the last time I updated you guys was the end of August and at that time I was five 29.6 pounds and I was doing really well I was though struggling with anxiety and depression there were a few deaths around me there are a few things that really affected me deeper than I expected them to and then I started struggling with anxiety and I kind of shut down for almost two weeks those two weeks we’re not perfect weeks by any means I have been off of keto I have finished a couple times in September being completely honest with you guys September hasn’t been the greatest wait last month all this was definitely a good month for weight loss but September has been a struggle for me and I’m not saying this struggle I’m not using it as an excuse to eat because that’s all binging is it’s just there’s a million excuses to do it but I’m just telling you the reasons why I let myself do it and anxiety was one of the biggest reasons I felt like I was dying so I felt in my head I was like okay if I’m gonna die I might as well eat what I want and just forget about it and that was the excuse I told myself like I said I know that’s an excuse and I know that it’s just a reason to overeat but like I said that is what I used in my head and why I did it so I’ve been struggling with the anxiety for quite a while off and on and it’s gotten really bad again and I’ve noticed when I start losing weight and a normal steady pace and I don’t like keep went up and down up and down when I’m actually going down that’s when my anxiety starts back really bad and because six years ago seven years ago eight years ago and spent eight years ago actually when I was losing all that weight I lost 200 pounds in the past and about eight years ago and at that time I dealt with anxiety quite bad and I didn’t realize that until I sat down and I started thinking about the similarities of this weight loss with that weight loss I was using at that time I used Weight Watchers but the anxiety was the same so I see a pattern there so I knew I needed to go to the doctor to figure things out to get some help with my anxiety because struggling on a daily basis with anxiety if anyone I’m sure there are a lot of you who understand it is very tiring and time-consuming and I waste days and days and days of my life laying in bed just obsessing on what could happen what’s going to happen what’s wrong and it like I said I’m wasting my life and it’s very tiring you don’t realize until you’re not in that state how exhausting it is to be anxious and I don’t know I can’t even put it into words so I needed to get a new doctor because my old doctor stopped practicing there was no reason why I left I didn’t just leave my other doctor for whatever reasons she just is no longer practicing so I was going to be able to get another doctor within that practice so that was good but I kept putting it off so I decided over the weekend one weekend it was the beginning of September that I would call him Monday and get an appointment so Monday morning came and I was like okay I’m no longer willing to do this I’ll do it tomorrow my life has been full of tomorrow’s I always wait tomorrow I’ll do this tomorrow I’ll do that tomorrow and tomorrow never comes that’s why they tell you in the 12-step program that’s exactly what they tell you tomorrow never comes she do it now because there’s no better time than just now to do things so like I said my mine was tomorrow and then that day that Monday I went to get my mail and I opened my mailbox and there was a card from the practice that said we’re trying to get a hold of you to make an appointment so you can meet your new doctor please call us so we can schedule appointments I was like okay god I get the message we’ll do this now so I took the card back to my apartment I called I got my appointment and my appointment was this past Thursday so as the time ticked on it was getting closer to going to my appointment I was like okay I’ve made the appointment for early in the morning so that would be a better chance that I wouldn’t have all day to sit around thinking about chickening out but I wanted so bad to cancel that appointment luckily my cousin took me and she took the day off of work to take me and I know I would have felt so horrible canceling that appointment knowing she had taken the day off just to take me so that was probably the biggest reason why I went ahead and went through with it other than I just needed to go but I just that was what kept me going so when I got there it wasn’t as bad as I thought my new doctor is amazing and I love her so much she’s so nice and patience and she’s a very young doctor so she’s not like stuck in the years past she’s up on all the new technologies and the new ways of medicine and stuff like that so I was very thankful for that so I had a lot of questions that I wanted to ask her there’s a few things that I put off asking because I wasn’t ready to hear the answers to them I was afraid there would be bad answers and I figured since this was a new start with a new doctor I was going to be honest and ask all the questions so I can get all the answers so first I asked her I think you guys a lot of you have pointed out in the past that my I think it’s this side yeah this side looks swollen especially my eyelid this arm is bigger than the other I don’t know probably can’t tell him it’s sitting here but the whole my whole arm is bigger than the other arm and my leg is bigger than my other leg on my other side and that’s been bothering me for a few years but I didn’t want to ask and I didn’t want to say anything nobody had ever mentioned it to me when I was going to the doctor before because other than the side of my face looking puffy it’s really not that noticeable and I was just assuming that it was maybe sinuses I had talked myself into thinking it was sinuses but it turns out it is lymphedema and it’s pretty common in people that are overweight it’s not a severe case there is there’s nothing I have to do for it when I lose weight it’ll probably improve but for now it’s the my lymph nodes are being compressed and my doctor explained it is usually your lymph nodes help excrete the toxins in your body when you use the bathroom and then when they’re compressed your body isn’t ridding yourself of those toxins and they build up and it causes swelling that’s how I understood it that’s how I think she explained it so that is what this is from and so it feels good to know what I’m dealing with and why I’m dealing with it that is a big worry off my mind so then of course we thought to wet weight loss and how I was doing what I was doing and she said one of the doctors in the practice said youth Aikido had lost 75 pounds with it and then switched back to a normal way of eating and he has been able to sustain the weight loss and she was all for it she said personally she couldn’t do it because she loves fruit which I do miss my fruits but it is very healthy and I have had this in my fear because of people telling me oh it’s bad on your kidneys and all this she said it has really nothing to do with your kidneys it’s more or less your liver so I had blood taken like I said and she tests me for everything I had a CBC a see a one sees liver test I don’t know what just a bunch of things since I’m new to her she wanted to start a baseline of everything testing me for so she said that if I’m doing well on keto and it looks like I am that to keep doing it it’s working and then if it stops working or if I decided I don’t want to do it anymore that we would discuss other options so we also talked about my anxiety and she said you definitely need something your anxiety she said you’ve cried four times within the span of a few minutes just being in my office and I said yes I definitely need something for anxiety I’m very hesitant to take medicine for anxiety I don’t want to become addicted to a medicine that’s one of my big fears why I don’t like taking medicine is because I don’t want to become addicted to it because I switch addictions very easily I can become addicted to anything very easily so she said that they’re not allowed to prescribe narcotics for that kind of thing because of the laws in West Virginia now so she said it wouldn’t be she said she is she like xanax for anxiety that would be her top thing if she could prescribe it would be easy annex but I was like no I don’t want that so she prescribed me wellbutrin I told her I’d been on Zoloft in the past and she’s she’s not a fan of zoloft or any of those kind of types of medications but she said wellbutrin she has had a lot of success with a lot of her patients with that and I was very concerned because I didn’t want something that was going to make me gain weight and she assured me that I probably would not gain weight using wellbutrin but if I did then we would look for something else but she said a lot of times it’s very possible to actually lose weight while taking a little bit wellbutrin so that was a pot that was a big plus for me and I was glad about that so I started taking it on Friday I got that when my appointment was Thursday so I decided to wait till the next day for three days I took one pill a day and then I increase it to two pills and it’s the wellbutrin SR the extended relief extended relief or as it s hard I think it is I don’t know and see there s our er I think it’s SR and it has been working really really well so far I think I’ve had a few instances where I feel a panic attack going to start but then it kind of like the stops it doesn’t become a full-fledged really a bad anxiety attack and that’s good she also raped me wrote me a new prescription for visceral that’s what I taken in the past for anxiety for an actual anxiety attack so I got a prescription for that as well I’ve only had to take that one time and so so far so good so we’ll see I have another appointment in a month and we’ll see what happens in a month see what’s going on if I need it adjusted or what’s how that’s working okay so let’s talk about the weight-loss portion of my video because I know a lot of you are here for that reason so let’s talk about how it’s went so far in September so if tempura has been quite a struggle for me and I can use a thousand and one excuses as to why I have not done well and they’re all excuses when it comes down to it I just have not done well could I have done worse definitely could I have done better definitely but I am grateful for where I am I am happy I am now back on track I’m feeling a lot better I’ve learned from my excuses and as even as last night I wanted to binge last night I was feeling kind of low about myself some things happened and I’ve thought okay I’m just gonna eat and then I thought to myself okay eating is not going to solve anything it’s not going to make you feel any better so don’t sabotage yourself because those feelings are just they’re fleeting they’re not going to stay there temporary that’s my microwave my turkey sausages are done so you don’t sabotage yourself and go backwards when those feelings won’t last and then you’ll I would just beat myself up because I binge and then I don’t even feel worse about myself so I felt really good getting through that without binging so like I said it’s been a struggle a lot of things happened in September that I could use the excuse for there are no excuses just made the wrong choices so I don’t know where to start with all this um I did binge a few times in September just being honest there were a couple McDonald’s this has not been since I showed you guys that grocery haul last Thursday with my key no McDonald’s this was before that early in September that I just need very non keto items from McDonald’s I also had pizza once so it was definitely on and off of Quito I wouldn’t stay off of Quito for days at a time or low carb eating I know it takes a while to get back into ketosis once you kick yourself out but it wasn’t a daily thing that I did repeatedly it was a one-time thing and then I will go back to eating right so thankfully my weight did not go back up a huge amount the highest I saw it in September has been five thirty three point six I did break five thirty mark and went over it that was very disappointing but I know that I have to get a grip on it because I don’t want it to go back to the way it was to five the five up or five 30s by 40s 50s 60s and then I’m back to where I was I do not want to go back there and I will not go back there so I’ve been back on its back eating low carb keto for over a week now last Monday was my last binge day where I had bad food so from tooth last Tuesday on I’ve been keto and I am now back in ketosis thankfully and doing really well and like I said every time I kicked myself out of ketosis and every time I binge I learned a little bit more about what not to do in the future so it’s not all lost and I know that I can learn without kicking myself out of ketosis I can learn without gaining weight but maybe those are the lessons that I need to learn of how to do it right this is a journey said that five 33.6 that I told you about was on September the 8th and then it has gone down from there slowly at times because there were other things that I ain’t that I shouldn’t have but I didn’t go any higher than that and it got finally got back under 5:30 on just last Saturday actually I was 520 9.2 again so I was back to where I was pretty much where I was at the end of August where I let word I left off with you guys so in just over a week I’m going to insert my way in so the last of August when my last way and I believe it was five 29.6 like I told you I was back up to five 33.6 so here’s what I weighed in this morning hello it’s raining hi my god a 21-point car okay hang on so this is a little ps2 my video a little add-on I was just editing my video that I just made and I realized that I didn’t include my starting weight how much I’ve lost etc and I know a lot of people are kind of confused at that I know somebody in the comments the other day said I lost 20 pounds in the last nine months which is inaccurate so I just I try to remember to say it in my video but I forgot this time I do try to keep it updated in my description if you click on the down arrow it’ll be in the description somewhere in there but since I forgot I decided to PS the video and insert this little clip here so you’ll see how much I weigh today or maybe you’ve already seen that depending where I put this I guess I’ll put this at the end of today’s weigh-in so my highest weight that I saw in 2019 there’s a good bit of time where I stopped weighing myself because I was just over it I was discouraged and I just didn’t want anything to do with weight loss but the heaviest I saw myself in 2019 was on April 22nd and that was five eighty two point five and then when I started keto on July 30th I was 552 even so today I weighed in at 520 1.2 as you guys just saw and so my total weight loss since April is sixty one point three pounds my total weight loss since July 30th is thirty point eight pounds so I just wanted to fill you guys in on how much I’ve lost and the time frames of all that so year to date I’ve lost well since April I’ve lost sixty point sixty one point three pounds altogether from my highest in 2019 so okay now back to the video so as you see there I am 521 point to this morning so close to being out of the five 20s now exciting it is a good feeling when you keep going lower and I am NOT going back to eating bad and I’m not going to kick myself out of ketosis anymore I hope not I can’t promise my journey will never be perfect but I am going to keep pushing forward and keep learning there was a few things that I learned so let me tell you first of all last Thursday or last Wednesday wait yes last Wednesday when I waited I was five 28.6 so being five 21.2 and one week I’ve lost seven point four pounds I know I didn’t show you guys away in last Wednesday but I haven’t written on a pickup envelope I know I need to get back to recording it better than just scribbling on an envelope um but at seven point four pounds in one week so I think a lot of that is definitely the water weight coming off and being back in ketosis now will be a lot easier I don’t know I’m not craving food anymore I struggled with this few days of those cravings were horrible and I’m glad to be back in ketosis and not feel that hunger feeling all the time that is the worst feeling and binging or breaking ketosis is not worse feeling hungry like that all the time this peace of mind of not craving food and not wanting being obsessed with food all the time is much better than binging it’s a better feeling than binging ever brought me so I think I finally learned that lesson it took me a while to learn it but I think I finally learned it so another thing I’m being more trying to be more conscious of when I fix my meals is to not just shove food in my mouth while I’m fixing the meal because sometimes like if I’m taking deli meat out of a package on this shovel a few slices in my mouth or the pepperoni or I’ll just take a handful of shredded cheese and eat it and I do sometimes I do it some justly without even thinking what I’m doing and those calories can add up and I don’t realize it so I’m trying to be more conscious of not grazing while I’m making a meal and that has been helping as well I’ve been very accurate on counting my calories my carbs my protein my fats and that has been very helpful being counting those things I don’t obsess over them but I do make sure that I log everything I use a carb manager app and I love it it’s like the best app ever so I encourage you guys to get it it’s free in the App Store I don’t know if it’s on Android but for if you’re using an iPhone and is free in the App Store so that is my way in for Wednesday 5:20 1.2 I am I don’t know if I’ll do this next probably the next one say I don’t see why not but I don’t know I I weigh myself every morning so I know what’s going on as far as sharing what I weigh I don’t want to do that every single day because I get tired of doing that and sometimes people are like oh you gained two tenths of a pound and there are people that can be a little discouraging and hard on you and I don’t need that in my life so that’s why if I just do maybe every week what I’ve lost or how it’s been going but I’m not going to obsess on showing my weight every single day maybe there will be a couple days a week I’ll show my weight and tell you how much I’ve lost in the last few days but I will keep you updated on the weight loss and I’m going to start making more videos of what I eat in my day I found that very helpful and now that I’m feeling better I want to get back to that so be watching for more videos coming soon and I that’s about it I am back on the keto journey and I never like I never thought of quitting I just kicked myself out of ketosis so I am obsessed with Charles I’m making all kinds of truffles I’m currently obsessed with a cinnamon roll trifle with cream cheese icing and I will share that recipe with you guys soon when I make it the next time so that is all really I have to talk about that’s all it’s been going on in my life I’ve just another reason why I haven’t been making too many videos it’s just I’ve been feeling better and I’ve been enjoying my life my doctor did tell me I need to walk more and I have been walking more I’ve been taking walks in my hallway and of course I’ve always been walking back and forth in my apartments but I do need to get out and walk longer distances more and it’s actually feeling easier to do that I can said I have not lost that much weight where it’s going to be that noticeable yet but I do feel that when I bend over to pick something up or when I go to stand up to walk I don’t feel that heavy feeling I feel kind of lighter a bit lighter so it’s becoming easier to do those things and that is a huge blessing and I’ve just been being more active that’s why I haven’t been making more videos but I do enjoy making videos and I miss you guys I miss interacting with you guys so I’ll definitely be uploading more videos and I thank you guys for all the positive comments you guys been leaving me and everyone who says they miss me and miss my videos I miss you guys as well and I hope you guys are doing well let me know how you’re doing in the comments and I will see you again soon bye everyone

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