Weight Loss Journey – Day 3 Keto Diet

guys what’s going on welcome to day three of the Jax beer go TSP 40-day keto challenge so yesterday so yesterday my weight was 328 point 1 and I lost BAM zero pounds so on day three I weighed in at drumroll please and even 327 pounds which means I get to put attack on my board all right guys that’s pretty cool you got to go down so at 327 day three of the Aikido challenge I’ve lost a total of 1.1 pounds however since I started my weight loss journey towards 100 pounds Oh started at 340 so that is thirteen point two pounds so that’s just a little sudden away from the Aikido challenge bed you’d want to throw that in there so how did my stuff look today well starting out I was under my calories by four hundred eighty nine calories wasn’t trying to do that that just kind of the way it worked out at 1981 calories out of my twenty four seventy that’s a lot and my total carbs for the day total carbs was 34 grams I did consume 22 grams of fiber so does show a net of 12 carbs if for some reason I’m saying that wrong or I need to change something please leave comments down below I said I’m new this trying to get started at this so that made up 7% of my intake for the day had a 166 grams of fat which was 74 percent and only 95 grams of protein which was at 19 percent I went through my lawyer trying to figure out where did I go wrong they consumed so many carbs and I got those carbs from the two avocados that I had had an avocado for breakfast and I’ll be caught up for dinner which is another thing that happened today on day three I didn’t plan on it but I only had two meals today I skipped lunch I had my collagen Kido coffee in the morning with breakfast but was gonna have a snack but I went to the gas station and I got some mineral water some topo Chico and a leader of a smart water and gonna buy some pork skins but a bag of horse skins is seven servings in that bag doesn’t be like 500 calories so there’s no carbs bondage didn’t want to take that much but I guess looking back on it since there were no carbs in em like I guess I could have had that today but I mean I’m not hungry or starving or anything so I’m okay with not being short 489 calories another thing that I wanted to correct in my first video of day one I’ll link to the playlist uh we’ll have a link down below for the weight loss journey playlist but on day one I said that my BMI was 36% and I actually calculated incorrectly my BMI is actually 40% not 36 and where I messed up was where it says waist I actually had 51 inches but it’s supposed to be at the navel not at my waist like where my pants and that’s actually 55 inches but I did want to correct that so far for three days I’m feeling a lot better I can already tell the difference I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been taking my inflammation pills my meloxicam for the past couple days or if it’s that I’m just not as enflamed in as much because I’ve noticed that when I wake up in the morning I don’t wobble if you watch any of my other videos on the channel you’ll notice that I kind of wobble I’m gonna sit in my videos like when I’m holding the camera the camera kind of rocks back and forth and that’s just me kind of wobbling along because of the pain in my knees and the pains in my a my right ankle and I’m not feeling that pain as much also something that I noticed my knees pop really bad I’ve had two knee surgeries and so every time I bend my knees pop pop pop and actually this morning I got up and down and just did some squats and no popping so I mean I think overall it’s feeling good I haven’t had any symptoms of the flu keto flu a little bit of a headache yesterday but I think the keto flu for me is more of not all the sugar that I’m eating I’m having had any sodas and I haven’t had any of my monsters either so I don’t know if it’s Kido flu or withdrawals from all the sugar and all the other crap that I take but anyways guys that’s day three of the TSP Kido challenge guess I’ll put a link down to all the stuff down below i have a link to my weight loss journey jack spear goes weight loss journey his website survival podcast he’s got some good stuff on there as well and until next time guys thanks for watching I’ll check in tomorrow

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