Weekly KETO Grocery Haul   ||  Meal Plan  ||  Life and Apples Meal Planner Review

Weekly KETO Grocery Haul || Meal Plan || Life and Apples Meal Planner Review

hey everybody welcome back to our Channel and welcome back to another video so today is grocery shopping day and I’m going to be sharing with you guys our grocery haul and our meal plan but I’m also going to tell you a little bit about a new meal planner that I have so life and apples reached out to me and said hey would you like to give our meal planner a try and being at the end of my carry Elle and I have not replaced that one yet I’ve just been kind of putting it in my mind what we’re gonna cook I went sure the kids and I would love to look at your meal planner so I do want to share with you and open an honest review of this meal planner it is very good I do like this so this is what it looks like this called life and apples is the brand and I’m gonna take you through this when I go through the meal plan so let’s jump into the grocery haul and then I’ll bring you back in for the planner review okay you guys just shop two stores I really only I did intend to shop two stores because I was checking prices and trying to get the best bang for my buck so my budget was a hundred dollars I went over but just only by a little bit so I shopped it Aldi so everything here is Aldi and then I shopped at Walmart so let me share with you what I was able to get at Aldi so I got this 16 piece food storage set this was $4.99 and the reason I got it is because these um measure so it tells you one cup to cup three cups and we need to get back to measuring all of our foods $4.99 the sausages were 579 the peppers were 229 and then I got these peppers for 229 as well I got green beans for a dollar 29 this um gourmet deli meat this has the prosciutto the capicola and the Calabrese so the Selam ‘yes we have in the freezer those string cheese’s so we can do the wraps ourselves that was 499 green cabbage I think was like a dollar 49 the little cuties were 224 and these Gala apples were down to 69 for 3 pounds I was shocked spinach was 79 cents then we picked up some tuna for my lunch the 79 cent minced garlic was a dollar 7/8 ago I picked up some baby bella mushrooms at 99 cents and then the blueberries were a dollar they were 229 strawberries were a dollar 99 heavy whipping cream was 155 almond milk this is the unsweetened vanilla was 179 the elevation bars I don’t get these often but this has three net carbs and this is two net carbs they worth $4.99 each then Jackson likes those peanut butter pretzels so they were 429 they went up I got some decaf coffee pods because I’m traveling from school to school 389 and then the spaghetti squash was 69 cents per pound so everything I got at Aldi my budget was $60 I ended up spending 64 dollars and some change so I was only over by about four dollars and some change at Aldi then I went over to Walmart to get the rest of what was on our list slice cheese was 244 carb counter wraps were less than $3 we got the monk fruit sweetener and the golden monk fruit for $5.99 they do have these at my Walmart now they also have the swerve which they didn’t have before cauliflower was 98 cents then I got the sugar-free orange marmalade for mom this was 279 and the kids like strawberry 279 we got butter spray for a dollar 38 then I got two different of the diet cran drinks 148 is cheaper to get the bigger one but we wanted different flavors this time we got these drink packets where $1 butter was 298 Bologna was 98 cents wasa crackers 274 and then the eggs were 427 so my budget at Walmart was $40 and I spent 45 96 so I was over at Walmart about $6 and over at Aldi by 4 dollars and some change so over by about $11 I had planned to spend right at a hundred so this is my grocery haul now I’ll take you into the meal plan okay you guys so here is the life and apples meal planner it is a weekly guided planner for a simple and healthy meal planning talks about smart prepping healthy choices and happiness so this is the undated version of this meal plan on which I really do like because sometimes I miss a week for planning or sometimes my dates you know I just get off with planning and if it’s dated then you miss those days so I did want to share this with you guys I know I’ve had several people mentioned I’m not any good at meal planning like how can I be better at meal planning and let me just tell you for the ones of us that are not good at meal planning this has practical meal planning steps or tips directly in the planner for you so you can also get a bonus ebook and some printables at WWF and planner comm / pages / feature of this planner you can go to their website and then find some bonus printables so I thought that was really good so this is what the planner looks like is undated it has nice pages so thick pages that you can actually write and not worry about whether it’s going to bleed through on the next page it has here’s what’s in the planner so when you open it up it tells you there are there’s an introduction there’s a step-by-step meal planning guide how to use this planner a 52-week meal planner staple shopping lists family favorite cards take out and eat out cards recipe cards snack ideas seasonal produce calendar vitamin index mineral index exciting things ahead expense trackers and then there’s a notes page so there’s a lot that is in this particular planner and I did want to just show you so let’s open this up a little bit and see so it talks about alright so it talks about the company itself it says it’s a comprehensive guide to meal planning and I do like that makes prepping simple and it’s efficient and enjoyable process so I think that’s helpful then down here it talks about the three-step process to plan to shop and prep which is key for any person that is trying to do meal prepping or meal planning you have to have a process so when I was going through this book I mean I actually sat down opened it up looked at everything because I wanted to see how this worked and how it was different from my carry Elle which I have used and I’ve done regular notebooks I’ve done a calendar I’ve done you know Dollar Tree notebook whatever but I was very impressed that it talked about 10 steps or a step-by-step guide to meal planning and like I said there’s a lot of people who say hey I’m not really good at meal planning so how can I use this alright so it gives you this 10 step process and the first thing it tells you to do and this is all in the book right it’s a spiral bound book so all of these steps are in the book itself so it says do your research then it tells you to organize your recipes and it says you can do them in a folder you can keep recipes you want to try and then like Shelley does her tried and true recipes I keep a recipe notebook there are actual recipe cards in here that I’m gonna use because I don’t necessarily always write my recipes down I don’t use a recipe I make it up in my head so it’s gonna work from to write down this is shakila’s recipe or new Kido favorite or however I’m going to do that and then underneath the tip it gives you these little apples or these little notes here so under the recipe cards it says use recipe cards in the planner to have all your go-to tried and tested recipes handy when making your weekly meal plan so that’s the little note that’s down here at the bottom of step number two which is organized then it goes into working with your shopping list so it gives you on the weekly meal plan well I’ll show you like here’s a weekly meal plan right it’s a two-page spread which is really good and so it has all the days of the week Monday through Sunday at the top it says this is the week up and then it has your breakfast lunch and your dinner has your goal you know what’s your goal for the week so my goal for this week was to meal prep and I did write that down on my list my goal was meal prepping my budget I put $36 for trip 1 because I was gonna go grocery shopping twice but I just ended up having $100 budget for the week right so I just will write that in $100 for the week is my budget then it has breakfast lunch and dinner but over here I have my shopping list and then down here I have notes and this they suggest that you write down anything that you know that’s going to be happening in your week so for me I know I have Taekwondo tomorrow night the kids have Taekwondo Saturday on Sunday we’re traveling for church on Monday I want to make Monday a prep day because that’s a homeschool day so the full weekly spread is really good and then there’s a gratitude down here at the bottom so what am i grateful for well this week I’m grateful that I had grocery money you know I’m grateful that I was able to get some good deals I’m grateful that Aldi had sales so you know those were the grocery stores that I went to so so that is as 52 weeks so there’s enough for a whole full year then back to your shopping list then it says eat and cook with the seasons now one of the things that I really did like was after I go to my 52 weeks so let me move past that then it has my staple shopping list family favorite cards takeout eat out cards recipe card snack ideas seasonal produce calendars so I was like okay let me go to the seasonal produce calendar because it’s fall and the things I might have eaten during the summer may not necessarily be in season so they give you a seasonal produce list these are all the things that are in season right now so I was able to say ok for my family bell peppers broccoli Brussels sprouts carrots cauliflower collard greens as a keynote person green beans kale lettuce so all the things mango well I can’t mangoes but mushrooms onions radishes all the things I can eat winter squash those are things that I can look right in my book to tell me this is what you can have for in this season and there’s a summer one and they also have a winter list and a spring list so I love that part about it then I’m just going but I’m just gonna tell you hit the highlights are the things I felt like we’re good for me on my staple shopping list that’s broken down into fruits and veggies pantry items that I keep on hand grains and legumes now I don’t eat grains or legumes so I can put I can put a sticker over that and change that to something that I do eat or use then meat fish and protein again dairy frozen these things I keep on hand all the time drinks and then other things so those are things that I can add in and just have that staple shopping looks like some people go to Sam’s and Costco because it’s they always trying to get their staple items but if you don’t know what they are most people end up spending more money so if you have them written down and even if I were to give this to one of my children like Trenton and I when my mom was sick I had to send Trenton to bring along to the grocery store he was like but mom I don’t know what to buy if I had had this at the time I could have said tell Alana to pull the grocery I’m pulled the meal planner look in the back and she’ll find everything that we need as a staple in the back of the planner he would have felt like okay so good she did the shopping for me but she didn’t get everything that I needed so it was like oh my goodness now I have to go shopping again we didn’t have this to have everything written down so that the kids would know exactly what it was that I needed for them to get from the grocery store but if we have it written down then all I have to say is hey grab the notebook and go one of the other things that I really did like if I were gonna order to carry L again I was going to get the mid-size because although I love the larger one because I you know I need to be able to see really good I could I felt like I couldn’t take that one with me to the grocery store this I had with me today I threw it in my purse and I was able to just open it up to my grocery list and I was shopping from today and I was able to mark off everything that I got as I went through my grocery stores and I went to two stores today so I was able to just mark off my list and keep it moving now with you know ripping off for the note sheets of paper I can’t go back next week and see okay I got cauliflower last week I don’t need to get that this week or maybe I forgot something from this week that I didn’t have a chance to get I can put it on next week’s grocery list so I do like keeping this in the book because then I’m able to kind of you know take what I didn’t get this week and put it on next week’s list so that was really good then they have a section in here called family favorites and I thought this was really good and it says list everybody’s favorite meals school box snacks special food preferences sensitivities or dislikes so this is a separate sheet and it has little boxes everybody has their own box so mom sister brother trending and Shamika and we can also put Gracie down here which I didn’t do but I will put Gracie in there because she is a part of our family and then I can go in here and write down all the things that I know the kids like sister does not like steak she doesn’t like raspberries she doesn’t like peanut butter Jackson will pretty much eat anything and trendin loves condiments Shamika is vegan so I can put down you know she eats legumes and she eats beans and all of those things so I can make a list of things that she will eat you know replacement meat products so even though she doesn’t eat keto like us I can still put all of her you know favorite things here and then when I’m trying to figure out what to cook for what kid birthdays holidays or what have you then I just go back here to this particular sheet and I can pull up what they like and what they don’t like then it had one for takeout and eat out we don’t take out and eat out we don’t do that being on keto we hardly ever go out so I’m going to leave that page blank for now then it gave me the recipe cards which again I can just write in my recipes especially the ones I make out of my hand because people tell me hey you should keep on how’d you make that or what’s the recipe and mo honestly most times I just cooked things I don’t use a recipe I just cook in my mind and it comes out the way I’m thinking the next thing they had which I thought was really good is a snack idea sheet which it gave you just some generic snacks that you could try they have hummus and crudités is what they call so you know your first event veggies and you know hummus and veggies is what I would call them then they have one for baked apples you can do on her roasted chickpeas and then on this side you could do your own snack ideas so sit yourself down with the family and say hey what of our favorite snacks and then you could write them in and then when you’re trying to plan for the week there was not a space for snacks but you can put it where the lunch is so you can say okay Jackson really likes almonds and chocolate you know chocolate chips so let’s do a kind of a keto trail mix for Jackson then a lot of likes yogurt with fruit so we could do that for her so you could write down and then when you’re trying to fill in things in your meal plan you already have some ideas so then I share with you the seasonal produce but then they have Pro vitamins essential vitamins so they’ll they gave us a list of all the vitamins what they do or what their function is and where I can get them so if I’m looking to get some biotin in my diet it gives me energy as protein is carbohydrates and a fat metabolism where am I gonna get biotin in food I can get it avocados cauliflower eggs fruit liver pork salmon and whole grains so it gave me a list of places that I could go to get all of the vitamins and this was a pretty extensive list this was for five full pages of different vitamins so vitamin b5 vitamin b2 vitamin b1 and all the things that you could use calcium iodine iron you get iron from bees and beans and peas dark vegetables meat poultry prunes it gives you just a whole list of places if I’m looking for potassium they’re not just in bananas they’re in beet greens carrot juice prune juice orange juice milk oranges potatoes and sweet potatoes it just gives you I mean this is a comprehensive list if I’ve ever seen one and again you know I’m not making any money by showing you this I’m just telling you as a person who has to plan and meal prep this is very helpful because then I could go back and look week to week or hey I don’t know if spaghetti squash is in season you know I got it at all do today for 69 cent a pound that’s is that because they’re trying to get rid of it or is that because it is in season so I was able to use my list when I was making my grocery list to say oh no you know I can get green peppers because they are in season and so it was helpful because I was able to just write it on my sheet the last thing in here that I really liked and I’m gonna share this with you was the expense tracker and when I think expense tracker because I do Dave Ramsey I honestly think oh I have to write down all of my expenses for the month that’s not how I’m using this so where it has this expense tracker and it has 12 of these one for each month of the year I’m gonna write down the stores that I shop that and what dates I went to the store because what I want to know is am I staying was in my grocery budget or am i shopping extra shop trips and remember I told you before how indigo Neely she just has like a set amount of money for the month and then she just writes down she keeps a track of when she spent what and what store she went to so that’s what I’m gonna be doing on these sheets like today I need to write down Aldi and Walmart because those are the two stores I shopped at and then I got real creative in my creativeness and I decided to color code cuz I didn’t want to have to write Harris T there every time a Walmart every time so I’m gonna use my dots and so I’m gonna put a blue dot for Aldi right so I’ll put a blue dot and then how much I spent I spent sixty four dollars and some change and then I’m gonna put a green dot for Walmart and then I spent you know have a much I spent at Walmart so this is what I’m doing so that I’m able to track if my goal is a dollars a week each week but I’m consistently seeing that I’m going over budget I think even Amanda from the fundamental home keeps her her receipts like that you know I need to make sure do I need to up my budget am I not budgeting enough or you know hey we’re on a titel month this month we you know what stores can I possibly go to to get the best process so I’m gonna keep my tracker for that reason and I think that’s gonna help me out after that they just had some notes pages so you could go in and write any notes in there that you wanted to and then there’s a little envelope thing in the back like a few fine receipts you can recipes or receipts you can put them in the back maybe I need to reconcile my receipts later I’m taking this with me to the grocery store I can simply chuck my receipt in in this little pocket and then I can always go back and reconcile later I do love the black and the neon you know I’m never gonna miss looking for this because of these neon rings and then it also has a place to put your pen which I do like that because when I’m going through the grocery store I’m using my list I’m checking off I’m checking off so I can put my pin there and then I’m ready to roll so for me I like this planner and it comes in handy but I like it for people that said I’m not real good at meal planning how do I do it and I especially love their 10 tips don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself do what you can do put down your staples in here so you’re always going back and forward to look for them and then going back to the staple shopping list I wrote staples for us just because we’re Kido I need to know the things that we can always have in this house and if I like I said needs to send my son or my daughter or somebody else that doesn’t live here all the time for groceries they’ve got my list even if they don’t know what I want to make this week they’ve got my list so that is the planner now let me share with you the meal plan okay so I started my week today which was 26 and I took me down to 29 which is Sunday but then I came back up to do Monday and Tuesday just so I’m using up the whole week instead of flipping over to the next week to pick up on Monday and Tuesday because I do my grocery shopping on Wednesday and so I start usually my meal plan on Wednesday but we were at the funeral so I was in Atlanta yesterday today is the first day that I’ve done anything with grocery shopping so tonight we had two la Pere cakes and steaks we’re having steaks for lunch tomorrow and tilapia patty tomorrow night which is Friday night we’re doing breakfast for dinner I have no clue what I’m gonna do on Saturday for dinner right now Sunday we’re gonna have ribs and cabbage but I usually make my biggest meal for lunch on Sunday and then whatever’s left we just kind of eat for dinner if we want to Monday I’m gonna do pork chops in a cauliflower risotto but I am gonna do some meal prepping we are pretty much out of me choices so on Tuesday I’m just gonna do a broccoli cheese soup so no meat necessary I probably should do a meatless Monday and flip these two I might do that but normally because Tuesday is our longest night for Taekwondo and prayer and we hurt music rehearsal I need a crock pot meal or something that I can leave on that’ll be done by the time we get home so there is that is going to be the meal plan for this week it’s a loose meal plan but it’s the best I can come up with at the moment I still have to get some more meat but I’m gonna do the best I can with what I have I may actually do a total fridge and freezer inventory just to kind of see what I have and then I will update the meal plans but anyway there is you guys that is our grocery haul that is our new meal planner let us know what you think – apples is offering us a discount code and I will put that discount code across the screen but I will also put it down in the description box below they are giving us 15% off for a specific amount of time if you’re interested in buying a life and apples meal planner all of that information again will be down below so go out there see what you can find see if you like it I think you will like it I think I’m going to like it and it’s gonna be great so anywho if you like this video be sure and give us a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe share this video if you feel like it would be helpful to some friends thank you guys so much for stopping by our Channel thank you so much for being with us as we have had so many transitions in the month of September we’re getting back on schedule we promise we do love you guys and we’ll see you next time bye now

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