Watch me Shrink Emotional Full Day Of Keto  Eating

Watch me Shrink Emotional Full Day Of Keto Eating

[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey guys what’s up Brooklyn here welcome back to my channel miss Brooklyn’s journey and welcome to today’s video don’t mind my packages back here opening tons of packages PR stuff and just orders and stuff like that so I felt compelled to turn the camera on and talk to you guys I’m about what’s going on today and just show you my date today today I am really really trying my hardest to not stress eat or binge eat or just not go all track and do anything that I’m not supposed to do and I thought it was best to turn on the camera and have you guys helped me keep myself accountable today and just just what I’ve gone through period I’ll probably just get into the details of that a little later but before we get into all that I want to talk to you guys about my sponsors for today’s video today’s video is sponsored by bird shepherd is a monthly subscription service that allows you new ways to discover new fragrances without buying the entire bottle each month they deliver about a 30 day supply of an authentic designer or niche fragrance of your choice you get about one hundred and thirty two hundred and forty sprays in each bottle and you also get a sleek reusable sleeve like so I have three beautiful colors this month this is a great way to try the perfume out before you buy it because we all know especially designer fragrances cost a lot of money my subscribers get to try scent bird outs for only $10 on their first purchase if you use the code miss Brooklyn click the link down below in the description box to save money off of your first purchase from scent bird you get it for only $10 it’s super easy to use all you do is twist the top and to see what kind of fragrance you have all you do is pull the vial out this month one of my favorites fragrance that I got is the Versace euro spoof thumb um oh my gosh it smells so good I highly suggest you try oh this is mom they also have cologne for men as well as some skincare items chick sent burped out in the description box I’ll leave everything I also got nest fragrances this is midnight Fleur and the last one is James I can’t pronounce the name so I’m gonna put your right but I’ll leave the link down below definitely check them out the Versace girls pull fun euros pull fun my French sucked my French Creole my French Creole suck so forgive me if I’m butchering it this I am buying the full size bottle of this like I kid you not I sprayed this on yesterday when I first got it because I wanted to smell it and it stayed on me all day long all day long the other two scent smells good I’m not too crazy about the James one it’s not my type of smell but this right here the Versace euros pull phone please please please please smell this fragrance oh my gosh it stayed on me all day long it’s not so freakin good I am buying as the full-size bottle I’m buying a big one you guys know I talk about this a lot about how much I love smelling good you know – I smell amazing right now like that’s not so good because that is the first thing people notice about me either my skin slash beauty or how good I frickin smell but thank you so much scent bird for sponsoring this video I truly do appreciate it you’re actually help and support my mother’s medical bills so thank you guys and thank you guys so much for supporting me and my channel and allowing me to get opportunities like this to earn extra income like this and just being so positive about it I appreciate you guys so much my subscribers are so amazing if I get emotional throughout this videos because I’m just going through an emotional time you guys are like literally my writer guys I wanted to come on this video see I feel like I’m getting emotional huh okay I want to come on this video and just um just spend a day with guys and talk to you guys and let you guys know what’s going on there’s a lot going on right now so two days ago my mother had thank God everything was successful everything went swell we are not back home but I am her caretaker right now and so when I say literally sponsorships is funding me helping me take care of my mother’s medical bills literally not learning and my mom like supporting my mom literally not lying um last year a lot of you guys may know this if you you know some of you guys do know this cuz y’all ask me a lot how she’s doing she was hit by a car last year and last year last year May 2018 man my mother was hit by a car forced into retirement forced into just a life of steady declining health but not not even it’s not even her being at my car she suffers with very very very very very bad asthma it’s horrible it’s a point we are she’s afraid to sleep at night that she’s not gonna get up she has oxygen fire bed pumps um you know just a bunch of medication my mom takes like she takes so much medications and steroids and stuff like that and it’s just like it’s just extreme so how health is you know it’s declining and I feel like I have become the parent and she’s become the child and I don’t have kids for a reason because well right now in my life I chose not to have children because I’m not going lying like I’m not even gonna hold you guys I’m at a very selfish stage I’m gonna stay to my life where all I want to do is manifest the life that I live all I do is manifest these dreams these goals everything that I want you know career driven career oriented just reaching higher levels and heights for myself things that I want for myself I am so ambitious I’m a Leo come on gang gang what’s good you know we some of the bossiest creatures on this planet like you already know king of the jungle bossy is like we are hardworking people we are literally go get it’s like I just you know and so is my mom and her being in this predicament is hurtful to her cuz she’s just like she’s not used to this my mom is the she is the biggest boss that I know like if I literally told you my mom’s back story and how she single-handedly got this family twist at like like oh my god like shouts my mother wait for referral and you know that’s my rock that’s my ride-or-die that’s my date one that is literally my bestie like yeah I have an amazing mom like my mother’s she’s just she’s everything and so it’s like it’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for her but I’m not relying say it’s it’s not a burden because it is because it’s just like damn I’m just trying to be selfish I’m trying to thought out here do me like it’s so many things I’m going with out right now in this stage of my life right now so that when I do get to that point I know that I’m ready I walked in my light and in my truth and everything I want to accomplish I’ve done and so that now that I know I’m ready honey I’m not wife and a mother for a reason like come on I just I’m very selfish right now I’m it’s about me me me right now and everything that I’m gonna accomplish and I don’t want nobody taking from that you know and I feel like this is just you know another test so having to be my mom’s caretaker and just losing opportunities and missing out on things because it’s like okay know your mom your mom your mom your mom and so it’s like what if I don’t do it who’s gonna do it um right now she’s in so much pain and turmoil so I have to work from home and just make sure she’s good make sure I’m changing her gauze pads keeping her wounds clean and you know keeping her good um making sure she can eat currently she’s still struggling to eat and so it’s yeah that’s a lot and my mom is older and she’s not a young spring chicken my mother had me when she was 40 she literally turned 41 six days later like six days after I was born my mom turned to 41 so she had me late and I’m 30 so you know 30 she had me a boy one do the man it’s my facebook greasy and shiny cuz I just looked at myself and I have like eight serums on I guess I just did a full skincare routine I like a lotion you know all that I just did a full skincare I probably should have done some makeup my hair’s like done I have one head I’m sorry anyway I wants to turn on this camera because you guys are like my closest friends and like I kind of I kind of feel like doing this and just flogging out today and what I eat can help keep me accountable because you know what a lot of us have different vices everyone have vices and you know honestly if it’s not getting my back blown out its I need to eat something something got to sustain me and I’m like you know it’s just like these are the times it’s like I don’t know I don’t want some good oh wait that’s not happening right now baby not here my baby for the night here you know he’s on the road at work he’s not here and so I mean I probably could call it one of my sides but then how girls fun was basically over oh no I’m just joking you guys don’t y’all caught y’all y’all really gonna take me serious am i joking just like you know this is what I do when I’m going to hide I feel like this is what I do I don’t like being sentimental and emotional and any time I feel like I’m exposed I make a joke to just acts like like I’m invisible see me laugh at the joke laugh at the funny that’s just me you guys already know if you familiar with my character then you know come on so if it’s not this is some crazy back-breaking D you already know like huh it’s its food and so you know I wake up I’m like yeah I want some baked macaroni and cheese almost some rice you know like I cards I want a basil like I just want carbs to make me feel good to help me better like to make me feel better and it’s crazy I want no sugar or cupcake and cookie like I don’t want any of that I literally want pasta I literally want bread I want to rise you know things like that comfort food and so it’s just like with me like okay no dead-ass I’m going back at sceeto it’s not September I’m going back into a strict ketogenic lifestyle I need to be accountable but I know me everything in me is pulling me like everything is just a saint girl make some baked macaroni and cheese gonna make some lasagna make some baked ziti like it make get order babe get a New York bagel like my obsession with New York bagels is crazy and so it’s like okay I’m gonna fight today’s today is one of those days where it’s hard for me and I feel like you know what I’m gonna share today with you because I can’t I can’t be the only one and I don’t necessarily show this side of my journey and I just think it’s high time so that you guys can understand like it’s like oh you don’t so good in the compliments and and I just posted a photo and everybody’s just on my fitness Instagram a full body and everybody’s like oh you look so good you just ups and downs up and down it is never gonna be especially if you are trying to great eating habits it’s not about just losing weight it’s about breaking habits you know I see so many people that’s like um that had surgery and they gained the weight back because they did not master breaking your eating habits and it’s just like for me the most important thing for me in this fight in this journey is to master a healthy lifestyle not a party of course the body is a reward right you know let me get my hands on my body I’m gonna be out here I’m gonna tell you I now okay listen don’t say I didn’t warn you gotta turn the little high over and no got turned low ratchet over here don’t say I think warned you let me get my hands when I party I’m gonna be out here don’t y’all gonna be annoying relate damn girl come on you know hell yeah work for the up but oh you feel me Oh not only stop you guys always find a way to make me smile like I promise you I really do feel like yeah I’m really right in front of me and I like I can see ah yeah you know reactions to this part right now like forever um um I guess it’s just the connection I have with you guys but but no honestly you know it’s mastering the lifestyle cuz and that’s why I will always say like finally I want to say mastering the ketogenic diet but really truly understanding the ketogenic diet and fasting and doing all these things intermittent fasting it has helped me so much because cravings diminish a lot a lot and you start to adapt and you start to not miss but you if you slip and fall back into it it could come back just that quick okay just that quick says so you know I’m gonna film what I eat and they said you didn’t say yesterday I literally practice the old mad lifestyle I had one meal and that one meal I broke my fast like at 4 p.m. by 5 o’clock I was done that one meal and that was it I ate nothing else and that’s why I woke up so hungry this morning that I’m gonna have breakfast I’m already having my team I’m gonna have breakfast right now and yeah I’ll just take you guys along with me for the day so I’m going to break my fast with something so simple but I feel like it’s gonna say she ate me because it’s gonna have some bacon and this is just some regular no.9 nitrates um bacon and it also has no sugar make sure you’re reading your labels I have to boil eggs on the stove going right here and I’m just gonna have some keto of proof bread from the company Sola it tastes really it’s good doesn’t think that bread bread but it tastes like bread I mean you get the gist as good I’m gonna load it up with a little bit of vegan butter and yeah I feel like this will satiate me and give me the illusion of I’m eatin something naughty so that’s what we’re gonna have and I so it is getting late on a day it’s about 1:30 I am not hungry I’m not hungry not really I feel snack ish like I feel so snackage so that’s what i’ma do I’m gonna have a snack I just finished taking care my mom getting some work done I’m gonna get back to work am I gonna make like a lunch like I’m just gonna snack really and just make a big dinner I’m gonna do because I’m really trying to end the day off at 5 p.m. again today so I can start my intimate and fasting again so yeah let me show you I’m gonna have my monkey something so one of the many boxes that was behind me earlier was a package from shrewdest food can we just can we just they sent me a whole box snacks to try out after I hit them up on Instagram and told them about Who I am and my fight and I just wanted to try their snacks and they were happy as they did to me that helped me with my course on my journey to health and I just want to thank you so much you guys are so super sweet and yeah look literally a whole box full of snacks this is low carb and ketogenic approval see like look at the specs on each each one has different specs but what is this it’s a sour cream and onion which I’m gonna snag one today probably so it is two net carbs only mean it’s low-fat gluten-free no corns there are no peanuts or tree nuts no artificial flavors colors or preservatives and there’s no included sugars reading the ingredients you got to make sure you read hunty so yeah zero included sugar so this is really good but ketogenic yeah like it’s different flavors this is nacho and protein that’s a notch on protein this is nacho when my tribe is you got some ratchet Chetta that’s a ratchet cheddar oh look time cruel frickin time you know what I do want to cooks a little bit – oh look this is sweet this is strawberries and cream I’m gonna try this – oh my gosh so much to try so I’m going with the sour cream and onion I have my bottle of water here and also some pistachios you just don’t mind I’m waiting it out because I’m gonna weigh it I don’t want to over indulge because I love pistachios um so this is what I’m gonna snap on and I’ll just be back when it’s time to make some dinner and probably like two hours so that I can finish my date with my five so for dinner I’m just gonna make this herb de Provence herbal marinade for my chicken thighs that I’ll be cooking and I’m gonna leave the exact measurements to this chicken in the description box of this video in case you want to follow along but it’s basically a 1 tablespoon ratio to about a two pound two pounds of chicken thighs so everything that I show you that I’m going in with I’m gonna leave it down below so that you can copy along if you need to double the recipe go ahead and double it I only had about five chicken thighs and one chicken press so that just made six pieces of chicken it said four people so yeah again the description box will have the exact measurements of the season and amounts and you can go ahead and use it oh I will say please don’t use garlic powder use fresh garlic if you can I didn’t have any one hand so yeah [Music] all right so now that we have all our seasoning in the bowl all we’re gonna do is give it a really really really good mix and it should look something like this now before you put your chicken in taste it because once you put your chicken in you can’t taste it and mine was perfect had a perfect amount I make this chicken so much I’m obsessed with it my family’s obsessed with that like it’s so good Jay loves it when I do it on Cornish hens he loves it but check out my chicken thighs it’s cleaned okay hon see ya clean yo damn chicken get the excess fat off get in there clean the veins out in the nastiness you know you clean your chicken there’s a difference between washing and cleaning clean your goddamn meats okay stupid now let me stop I’m so sorry um just put it in it now you can let this marinate overnight 2 or 3 hours I really highly suggest you let it marinate but I don’t have time for that okay I’m gonna put it right in the oven but let me tell you what you marinate it is good it’s more than a 400 degree oven to roast for approximately 20 minutes at the 20 minute mark I’m gonna take it out and I’m going to baste it and then I’m gonna put my chicken breast in there because obviously the chicken breast is gonna cook much faster so that’s what I’m doing the 20 minute mark it look like this I’m just baste in it and and as you can see it releases a lots of juices and sexiness it’s so good I’m gonna add my chicken breast in there and I’m gonna put it in the oven for another 15 minutes okay so I’m gonna show you guys this one more time it is my caramelized cabbage and tulip and I’m just adding about a tablespoon and a half of olive oil really I think that’s the tablespoon and then I’m adding one and a half tablespoons of butter Carrie Gold’s this is a salted one and then I’m going in with some onions just some chopped onions as much or little as you want and I didn’t do any measurements for this I’m sorry I’ve showed this on my channel before and then I’m going in with my cabbage I just sliced my cabbage washed it clean obviously and let it dry and then I’m dumping it in there and to this I’m just gonna add a little bit of chicken blue yarn because I’ll put that in everything some cracked black pepper and some garlic I normally go in with fresh minced garlic but again I don’t have any so I gotta use the granulated garlic but fresh minced garlic is the way to go you’re gonna leave it in the pan too so that gets um it starts to soften and reduces it should look like that now you’re gonna start you’re gonna start to see my cabbages browning is turning colors if my camera would stop focusing on my damn hand anyway it’s browning and turning colors that’s what you want it’s caramelizing it’s so good oh my goodness caramelized cabbage is so good I love this recipe so much every time I make it and people eat it they tear this up and so you just basically want your cabbage to cook down fully you want it to brown a little bit and when you know all the water has dissipated it’s done you’re looking for all the juices to be gone and this is just my dinner this is what I made I made the caramelized cabbage I added a small avocado a whole one to my meal and then I have one chicken thigh and one chicken breast onions and peppers this is it this was my dinner I don’t know why I’m moving the damn plate so much but y’all get the gist okay [Music] thank you guys for hanging out with me today um once again thank you to cent bird for sponsoring today’s video make sure you though this video if you liked it drop some comments down below show the girls some love and I just wanna thank you guys for being supportive and just always being friends to me and just just a great amazing community um sometimes it’d be nice dude needs it I love you guys so much follow me on my social media networks names and links are down below somewhere on the screen I will see you all in the next video

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