[Music] we are driving around the mall at Daytona Beach this is Saturday few days out from the actual storm impact and as you can see we are a staging area for all of these incredible workers that come here before the storm so they’re able to get to work right away there’s some ask one which is like tree service people and then there’s another staging area over here where I believe it’s like linemen and electrical workers you haven’t seen us in a couple of days because we’ve been doing full-scale responsibly psychotic hurricane prep if you are not familiar with category 4 & 5 hurricanes that’s nothing to play with our city is still in the margin of error the cone of doom if you will so we still don’t know exactly how we’re going to be impacted by the storm we are prepared for the absolute worst case scenario because unfortunately science isn’t to the point where we do know exactly what the storm is gonna do everything on the news is just their best guess from all of the data that they have and they come very close sometimes they come spot-on but sometimes we yeah and they these hurricanes just have a mind of their own and they do their own thing and they do something completely unexpected and chart a path that was never suggested in the week before watching for it so Nature has a way of doing whatever the hell especially these monster storms man we’re nervous but we’re prepared and hopeful right now it looks like it’s pushing off the coast a little bit so we will have impact but nothing that we can’t handle and that word not used to Dan’s mom came over to hang out with a kid so we’re actually scoring a little bit of a long time right now which is very very much needed after the stress of the last couple of days and yeah so we’re probably gonna go out to dinner and just run around a little bit but wanted to check in with you guys and let you know that we are here we are well we have just been really quick my window crazy crazy busy [Music] [Music] it’s approximately 24 hours later and just like it always does our weather info just keeps changing changing changing we are still just in a waiting period dan has been basically assisting the entire neighborhood with hanging shutters and helping people that need help putting their shutters up because ours were done and up yesterday so that’s why he’s not here but I know that he sends his love to you guys as well and I don’t know how much the national news is covering the hurricane I don’t really know how that goes but the best that I can tell you guys kids are very rambunctious it’s just a lot of sitting and waiting the hurricane is supposed to make a north turn and when it decides to make that North turn is going to be the difference between us having really terrible weather and like hurricane one category one two ish or full impact so we just still don’t know just how nervous to be but I just wanted to check in with you guys it’s been a couple of days since I uploaded I don’t want you to think that I’ve forgotten about you but needless to say Quito and on my mind I love you guys so much I’m hopefully hopefully this is gonna be not as bad footage from the Bahamas is really scary so please continue to pray for the Bahamas they are not going to fare well category five sitting on them for 24 hours or something like that I just I truly can’t imagine what the devastation that will be for them we will keep you guys up to date as much as humanly possible on Instagram and I’m sure that I’ll be able to upload and kind of let you know what we’re truly going to expect for impact so if you do not find this interesting sorry but we’re a hurricane channel for the next couple of days I love you guys so much any of you that are in the cone of uncertainty we are praying with you our hearts are with you and if you eat the snacks eat the snacks okay no judgments I love you

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