Vegandale: Send Foodz w/ Timothy DeLaGhetto & David So

Vegandale: Send Foodz w/ Timothy DeLaGhetto & David So

– Let’s see if you can
catch it in your mouth. Oh, do it again, but we’re gonna cut it as if I get it for the first time (beep) You know what, Tim? – I think we make a good duo. – I think you’re right. (laughs) – Bounced right off my
tongue though. (beep) I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. – And I’m David So. – We travel around to
different food festivals where we eat all the eats. – We drinks all the drinks. – And we get all types of crazy while giving you guys the most
raw and realest food reviews in the game. – This is Send Foodz. – What’s good you sexy mother (beep), welcome back to Send Foodz on Thrillist, I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. – And I am David So – No m’lord. That’s for eating meat, you heathen! – I love it, I don’t care! – Not today, because we are at Vegandale, a (beep) big ass vegan festival, right here in New York
on Randall Park Island, no, that’s the actor. (laughs) What is this (beep)? Randall’s Island Park. (laughs) Shout out to Randall Park, on Fresh Off the Boat though. Talented guy. – New York throws the biggest
and the best, most organized food festivals of all time. – This (beep) is popping, bro! This (beep) is crazy. – It’s (beep) popping guys! – It’s (beep) popping! – I’m excited for some fire ass vegan food – Yo, they have a (beep)
vegan fried chicken here. – If this fried chicken vegan
chicken fried vegan (beep) is as good as it looks, I
think I’m ready to convert to Mormonism, because I’d
never give up real chickens. All right, you ready to eat? All right, let’s do it! – All right so for our first step, we’re going to this vegan,
Filipino, soul food spot. It sounds crazy, I don’t even
know what to make of that. Can you tell us, what’s going on here, bro? – I lived in the
Philippines and while there, I met a lovely lady right
here and we got married. – That’s beautiful. – Yeah, she started
making my grandma’s food to make me feel less homesick. – Aww! – And her friends tried it and said, we love this exotic food
from this exotic place called Landover, Maryland. And over the past five
years, we’ve been the only soul food restaurant
in Manila, Philippines. – Really? You live in the Philippines? – I live in Alabang. – Well (speaking foreign language). – Yeah, (speaking foreign language). – In the US, we just do
our craziest vegan options, deep fried watermelon from
Mississippi, then Filipino kwek-kwek style. – Okay! Well, can we get some please? – Opo! – Thank you bro, opo! About 50% of the time I had no idea what he was saying to me. – The first thing we do– – What’s with the syringe? – We add my grandma’s
homemade vanilla icing. – Oh dang! – This is like a dessert. – Opo. – Opo, what does that mean? – That means, yes sir. – Yes opo, all right. – Thank you, my dude. – All right, it’s mainit, that means hot. – Mainit, thank you bro. – I like that guy. – That guy made me feel
like I was at home. – He also made me feel like I was dumb. Because he was saying a
lot of things I feel like I should know. – Well (beep) let’s try his balls out! – Yeah. (laughs) With the white cream. – With the white cream sauce. – Wow, that’s crazy. Yo, you wouldn’t think that you would like some warm watermelon. – It’s just like this
pillowy soft, like beignets, with some warm watermelon on the inside, which like you said, it’s kind of weird, but watermelon’s sweet,
and I think that like the juiciness of it works well. It’s almost like, what is it? I can’t explain it! – It’s weird, bro! – It’s weird! – It’s weird, but it works. – It works. My guy, your balls are delicious! – I know. (speaking foreign language). – You know! (speaking foreign language)
whatever the (beep) that means! – You saying words like
we know what it means! You sound crazy, man. – Okay so, we’re here at
uh, Hungry Like The Wolf, getting down on some vegan pizza. – Every vegan person knows
that if you miss regular buffalo wings, you gotta
do it with the cauliflower. – Why is that? – I don’t know, I don’t know
who started that (beep) but– – Who was like, “You know
what’s a good replacement for chicken wings?” – Yeah, albino broccoli. (laughs) – All right, cheers! – This soul just (beep) like a. (laughs) – Oh, this is good! – This is good, but I think
I had a better version of this recently, Tim. – Like, when we went and helped make vegan pizzas at Screamer’s Pizza? – I believe so. (laughs) – Thank you. – Nice try. – Hello. – What’s up, guys? – Tim – David – Welcome to Screamer’s. – Thanks for having us, it
smells delicious in here. – Fantastic. – Awesome guys, well we’re
an all-vegan pizza spot trying to make vegan pizza a
little bit more approachable for non-vegans. – Well damn, this is cool because, you know, I’ve been
trying to not eat cheese, it makes me break out, – And he’s been failing at it, so (laughs) – Yeah yeah, it’s trash under
all this makeup, trust me. So this is like a very lit situation. – In the right spot,
man, in the right spot. Have you guys had vegan pizza before? – I’ve had vegan Chicago deep dish before. – And how was that? – That was okay. – This one’s gonna be much better. – What are we doing? – So, we’re making the grandma pie today. – Grandma– – Ooh, that sounds interesting. – That sounds, sexy. – So first we start with the
garlic oil, give it a nice garlic oil rub down. – That’s vegan. – Yup. – Yup. – Ooh, I like that, that’s real sensual. I feel if I was really rubbing grandma, that’s how it would look. – That looks like, my grandma’s kneecaps. (laughs) – All right guys, now we’re
doing the vegan cheese. – Vegan cheese. – What is the vegan cheese made out of? – This one is a coconut
base with potato starch. – Whoa! – Is that what they do? – All right, this one’s
all about the sauce. (laughs) We’ve got the stripes of sauce here. – Okay, vegan tomatoes! – Oh, vegan tomatoes! – And you just pop the thing
in the oven, about 35 minutes. – It has to go in for 35 minutes? – Yeah, the dough is super thick. – Ooh! – Yeah, grandma thick. – All right guys, now we’re
gonna go with the buffalo pie, it’s one of our most popular pies. – Ooh. – How’d you learn to do that? No. – Why? – I refuse. – What have you guys been doing that she’s so concerned about your– – I know, I showered before I came here. (beep)
– You got this? – Yeah.
– Get in there, man. – Do you do the thing
where you do the middle and then you spread it around? – Is that what you want us to do? – Yeah. – Okay, cool cool cool. – Let’s see if you guys have skills, dude. – Well, you worked at CPK! – I wasn’t making pizzas. – Oh, you weren’t? – But you got the essence
of pizza making, right? – Oh, I don’t know. – I expected more from you. – Yeah, no, I was a server, and. – Oh, look how beautiful that is though. – I’m all out of sauce, hold on. ♪ I’m all out of sauce ♪ ♪ I’m so sauced without you ♪ – All right, then you want
to salt bay this cheese right on top. – Ooh! – Damn. – Made out of coconut and magic. – That’s crazy. – Yeah. – Almond ricotta? – Yeah, man. – What? – Whoa, this is interesting. The texture’s very fascinating,
I’m glad I washed my hands before I put my hands in this. – Oh my goodness! – Oh yeah! – Dude you gotta (beep)
go aim high and (beep) – Yeah, that’s right. – Okay. – Oh god I spilled some, sorry. – And we’re gonna get it
with this buffalo cauliflower right here. – Oh my gosh, you’re making a mess! – It’s all good, I saw you
did it, so I just did it too. – Are you vegan? – I am vegan, yeah. So there we go, we’re gonna put this thing right in the oven. I’ll just wait for it to get sexy. Here are the pies you guys made. – Oh my goodness. – Oh my goodness! – Enjoy it. – Oh, vegan parmesan! – I think that’s garlic. Looks like garlic anyway. – I’m gonna put it on anyways. Oh God, that’s a lot, okay. Oh I think it’s turmeric! – Is it? (laughs) – What is it? – I don’t know.
– Tell me. – It’s supposed to be
like, Parmesan right? – Nooch. – Nooch! – Nutritional yeast. – Nutritional yeast, it’s nooch, man! – Oh, you gonna try that one first? I’m gonna try this one first. – I wanna try it because you know I want grandma while
she’s fresh, you feel me? – Okay, well.
– Cheers. (laughs) – Oh this is good, man. – Nooch. – That’s good! – I forgot what it was,
but whatever’s in the cheese, it has like a sweetness to it. – The crust is really great. It’s nice and chewy, but it’s
crunchy at the same time. – If I can eat some (beep)
that tastes like cheese, and doesn’t make me break out, it’s lit. – Look at this thing dude, she is thick! – Grandma thick, yeah
you gotta eat the booty. – Grandma’s booty is mmm. – I think a lot of the times
when people create vegan food they’re trying to chase a flavor that they can’t really recreate very well. – This right here though, it’s good. – Ooh, that got a nice little kick to it. – Comes at you!
– I wasn’t ready for that! – You like grandma’s tit, or this one? – It’s not grandma’s
tit, it’s grandma’s butt. What’s it called again? – I’m going for this though. – Yeah, no no no, this
is my guy right here. – By far, best vegan pizza I’ve ever had. – This is the best vegan
pizza I’ve ever had. – Most definitely, suck it Hodor! – Can we please get some deep dish pizza? – One deep dish pizza, coming right up. – Thank you so much. – He’s gigantic! – Hold the door. – I would’ve told you it to
your face that your pizza sucks, and you would’ve killed me. – Yeah no, if I ever see you in person, I’m totally just kidding,
your pizza was awesome. – Amazing, dude.
– So good. – The best I’ve ever had. – Yeah. I’m gonna have it at my wedding. – I think we got it. – Hello! – Hi there! – What are these flavors? – So, this is an Earl Gray vegan donut, and this one is a Thai Tea. – What makes a donut not
vegan in the first place? – Eggs, butter. – Oh there’s eggs in there? – Duh! – Sometimes powdered sugar. – Duh! – Duh! – Well, they put beef in powdered sugar! – Wait, really? – Yeah, like the bone char? – What? – So crazy, right? – Duh, Tim! Stupid, he doesn’t know anything. – Are these real flowers on here? – They are! – Edible flowers? – Flowers are alive too, so it’s not that vegan is it? (laughs) Just kidding. – Thank you so much. – Thank you, enjoy. – Thank you very much. – Okay, bye! – Bye! – We don’t pay. – Okay, so we got some
donuts from Kitsby Donuts. – First of all, presentation
on (beep) point. – Beautiful! – That DJ is really (beep) loud. – It’s okay, just ignore him, dude! – I can’t. – Earl Greasy. – And I here I have the Thai Tea. – How could you not know? – (laughs) I know. – You’re Thai. – This is delicious. – It’s really good. – It’s good. – I mean, it’s moist. I like a moist donut. You know what I’m saying? – It’s definitely more
cake-y than donut-y. – I was just gonna say that! It’s not as like, like when you bite into
like a fresh Krispy Kreme, and that (beep) kinda like
you’re biting like a sugary cloud it’s nice and airy and fluffy? – Yeah. – You don’t get that here. – No. – But you do get a nice
like, moist, thick, wet, sexy consistency,
you know what I’m saying? – Yeah, man.
– I like that. – The Earl Grey icing
on top is (beep) great. I don’t like it when people make things too sweet, specifically the desserts. I’m not a big sweet tooth guy. – You didn’t eat your flower! (background chatter) – Yeah, see that? That’s how he eats the booty. With flowers on it. So this is what we’re like
super hyped about right now, this vegan fried chicken, because it smells and looks like some real ass mother (beep) chicken! This is from Eat Love. – Vegan ranch, I’m assuming? – Wow, look how crispy and crunchy it is, the inside does not look like chicken, but look how juicy it is on the inside! – I’m not even going to look,
I’m just going to bite it. – Cheers. – That’s a fire-ass chicken
nugget is what it tastes like. – I mean obviously, it
doesn’t look like chicken. The inside of it doesn’t
look like chicken. But if you close your eyes,
and let your taste buds enjoy the texture and the flavor, this (beep) tastes like chicken! – The (beep) batter is crunchy as (beep). – Seasoning is just right, because really what do people like about fried chicken in the first place? It’s all about the
seasoning and the crunch, that vegan ranch or whatever
is (beep) delicious! – This vegan ranch is great! – Okay look, no (beep), this is fire. – It’s really (beep) good, man. – And you know what? As you can see, we’re having a nice, pleasant, picnic right now. Kind of like the pleasant
picnic we went on, when we tried that vegan
cheese, and wine, and caviar! – Hello. – Hi! – Hi there. Tim. – Michaela.
– Nice to meet you. – David. – Michaela, nice to meet you. – Okay, so we see that you
have a bunch of cheese here. – We do. – And it’s all vegan cheese. – Everything’s vegan, yes. – I see this blue one, is that? And that tastes like blue cheese, yeah? – Yes, it is Camblu, it is Camembert and blue cheese cultures. This one is made with cashews. – Oh, cashew cheese. – That’s nuts. – Yeah. (laughs) – I’m gonna keep making that same joke throughout this whole episode. – Yeah, I’ve never heard that before. (laughs) – So, there you go. – Thank you. – It almost looks like a
slightly moist Parmesan. – You’re slightly moist, as well. – Wow, it’s blue cheese. – It tastes like cheese. (laughs) – So the cashew cheese
is, it’s fermented then. – It’s fermented, most, pretty much all of the cheeses we have
here are fermented, as well. – It has that funkiness,
that blue cheese has. – Yeah. – And then it has like,
that sour fermentation from it as well. Do you have a cheese
that’s similar to like, a brie or a Camembert, maybe? – Yeah, we do! It’s a milder one, creamier one. Somewhat brie style? But it doesn’t have the bloomy rind. – Oh, this is delicious though. – That is good! – The rind is great. – The rind is great,
and again as this ages, – Yeah, it’ll intensify. – It will get really funky. – Yeah. – It will get stinky eventually, it’s going to get gooey inside. – Right, yeah. – Because it definitely doesn’t have that gooey-ness that I really
like, but the rind is awesome. – Yeah, the rind is very nice, yeah. – Got any spicy cheese? – Uh, yeah! How spicy do you want it? Very? – Very. – Okay, I have to say
it’s too spicy for me, I can only have a few bites, so. – Oh, really?
Interesting. – Thank you, Tim.
– But you know. – We’ll work with it, it’s gringo spicy. – Oh yeah. Immediate kick. – Ah! (coughs) (laughs) – I just drooled a little bit. – That’s good! (laughs) – That’s spicy. I like the part where it burns my soul. – You asked for spicy. – No, you right. – Everything was so
pleasant, and that one just, kicked me right in the face. – Let’s pick a few,
we’re gonna take them on a nice little picnic. – I’m down for some algae caviar too, I want to try that out too. – Oh, algae caviar might be interesting. – Yeah. We also have some really great cold cuts. that I can recommend, we have prosciutto. – I think my favorite one’s the spicy one. – Oh, really?
– Really? – Yeah.
– Really? – Okay. – Give him another piece, please. (laughs) – Here is your picnic basket. – Oh, thank you! – The cheeses, thank
you so much for coming! – Bye.
– I’m so glad you liked it. Bye.
– We did, thank you, take care. – Bye. – All right, let’s go get some real food. – So, we’re here in Battery Park, it’s a beautiful day in
New York, so we thought, why not take our new vegan
cheese and vegan caviar, and vegan white wine. – There’s a dog drinking
water out of that fountain, that is the cutest (beep)
I’ve ever seen in my life. – That’s adorable! – Golden freaking Retriever! – Oh, my God. – Vegan white wine, is probably one of the whitest things I’ve ever heard. – All right, well I’m
gonna break out this wine, I’m gonna have a nice. – Oh, look at that! Tim, I got
a gold-rimmed cup for you! – Aww, thank you! – Hey, man. – Toast! – Wow. Tastes very humane. – Oh, and can’t forget our vegan caviar, made from seaweed! – Oh! Damn! – I’m excited for this, bro. – It’s going to be a shiny
saltine from the salted ocean. – Yeah. – Come on Tim, you know how to open these! – You know, you’re the man. – You know that Kung Fu thing? – Yeah, do it! – Hey, don’t mess with me
(speaking foreign language)! You got your finger all in it! Whoa! That looks like caviar! – It really does. – What the hell? – Let me just go ahead and scrape aside your fingernail remnants. – Oh no, I already mixed it all in. (laughs) – Got a little uh, that’s interesting, bro. – Oh! Sea salt hand crafted crackers, with this delicious, soft, vegan brie! – I’m also gonna get a
little bit of this uh, seaweed caviar on here. All right. – I like the vegan brie. I always wish that it
had that more funkier, like cheesier taste-like gooey-ness? But, it’s still good though, man. – It almost tastes like a brie spread. – Yeah. – Like brie cream cheese. – What do you think about the caviar? – The caviar’s interesting, bro. – The ocean-y flavor’s in
there, but it’s different. It’s almost kind of sweet. – Get you a flavor. – Oh! It tastes like a sweet pickle relish. – Can you tell the
difference between like, expensive– (truck honks) – That was timed perfectly,
right when your cracker fell, that horn. – Expensive– (truck honks) – Hey, come here real quick! How you doing, bro? – Oh my god, he’s got Satan
wrapped around his neck, that’s crazy. – How’s that going? – Okay.
Oh! That’s nice! – Oh, that’s what snake feels like! – Damn! I appreciate you, all good
man, thank you, thank you! – I need to burn my hand off immediately. – Let’s keep it 100%, all right? Of course real cheese tastes better. But, for me, personally, this
(beep) right here is like, life-saver bro. – And what is a charcuterie
board without a little protein? Does this look like prosciutto, my friends? – No. – No, it does not! It looks like fruit gummy candy. – This is a ham fruit roll up. – Roll that bitch up like this. Not bad, man. – Hold on. Get your shoe away from
my fake ham please. – That’s not bad, man. Salty, smoked fake ham. – It’s all right. – It’s actually not bad. – Like I said, ham fruit roll up. – I hope that man washes his snake. (laughs) – All right, so we’re here
at the Bad Gyal Vegan getting some vegan Jamaican food. – Gyal! – Gyal! We’ve got some skrimp
then, and we got some vegan oxtail. Some Voxtail! – Yeah, then we got some
fried plantains on the side. – Oh, some vegan plantains as well! – Cheers. – How did they get the texture like that? – It tastes like imitation crab. – How’d they get that texture like that? – To be bouncy like some shrimp? – Yeah, and it kind of, if you had like a good cooked shrimp where it’s
not overcooked and rubbery, the flesh has this like consistency- – Like it shreds, almost. And they did it like that. – How the (beep) did they do that? Who did they buy this from? I want to buy this shrimp
somewhere, that’s pretty good! – Let’s try this vegan oxtail. Half of the fun of oxtail
is sucking on the bone, not gonna lie. I love me some oxtail man, nice and fatty. You suck the bones, see
this (beep) right here, you don’t get that bone sucking pleasure. – Yes, yes. – But, let’s see how it tastes. – Cheers. – You know, they got the
texture right, though. – The texture, yeah. If this was on a bone,
that’s how it would feel. They did something, where it tastes like
a piece of fat almost. – Doesn’t have the stickiness,
but it has that bouncy chew. – I’m not mad. – Yeah, it’s not bad. – Everything is all right right here. – Yeah. – Everything is all right. – Everything is all right. – Yeah. – Now, we’re at The Mexi-Boys, about to eat these fried steak burritos. Now we’ve had some good luck with the vegan Mexican food in the past, and what did we have in Chicago? – Tamales! – The tamales in Chicago were fire, let’s see how these
fried steak burritos are. – Oh, it’s juicy. – Okay. Is that what you’re doing? Let me go ahead and. Oh, okay. Oh, okay! – (beep) good. – Yeah. – That Spanish rice on the
inside, super flavorful. That crust, that crunch, is nice too. – Wow! Oh, man! – Fresh pico de gallo on top of that too. – No, let me tell you something. The fake cheese in here, on top of whatever the (beep) is the beef, is coming together real nice! Not gonna lie, it reminds me
of like, Taco Bell meat? Or Jack in the Box? No slander towards Taco Bell, anybody talking (beep) about Taco Bell see me in the street, all right? I (beep) love Taco Bell. But I also love authentic Mexican food, and apparently I love vegan Mexican food, because this (beep)
right here, is hitting! – This right here? I (beep) you not wouldn’t
have known it was vegan. – Take it from us, as two Chinitos, that grew up in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, we value our (beep)
Mexican food, all right? – (speaking foreign language) right here! – Hey, man! (speaking foreign language) – Let me tell you, I am
full, and burnt, and toasty, like a tofu quesadilla. – The food was surprisingly so delicious. Do you still have fake beef with vegans? – Don’t have a cow, man. (laughs) – Come on! We got a camera right
there, are you crazy? – What the (beep)! – So, what do you think
after your experience today? Would you go vegan? – I will say this, I
will eat more vegan food, but I’m still gonna eat the
steak in front of a vegan. – Yeah, hell no. Shout out to Mia Reyes in the comments for saying she would play
these clips so many times that her stomach hurt, from laughing. – Shout out to Mandy for
saying we’re the perfect duo! – So make sure y’all leave
a bunch of comments below, we might just read your
comment in the next video!

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