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What is up YouTube? It’s been a minute but boys back I actually have two videos in a pipeline but Dang Can’t get came to touch him Any time you’re doing his editing and stuff, but hey, no excuses. Like I said in that last video from probably two weeks ago, but Just got back from vacation Co-workers pulling in they’re probably like what the heck is Willa doing? I’m in the parking lot at work. I don’t care I’ll see her anyway during the day but Just got back from vacation went to Gatlinburg Pigeon Forge Tennessee, nothing me with that. That’s what a Smoky Mountains are. That’s where Dolly Parton’s from all that fun stuff but went there Took some video clips. Oh, I’ll probably throw those in while I’m talking because I mean I do like mountains I’m from the mountains, but don’t want to live there. It was a nice vacation. I suppose got away from work, which is always nice Hung out with the fam got to go See what all we do. I went to the bushes Bain Factory. Apparently, that’s Started in Eastern Kentucky. I mean, he’s Kentucky’s, Tennessee. So That’s cool a place to start Interesting fact baked beans were introduced by bushes until like the 1960s so it’s kind of weird how they just throw that out there all the time, but ya Smell funny around there, too. So that’s kind of funny but when two Bush’s baked beans Did some shopping I got a sweet Columbia Soccer Confederation shirt, you know the logo they have and all that. That’s pretty sweet Watch the little soccer Didn’t watch too much, unfortunately Due to World Cup being at the times their time. It’s in I can’t really Watch the games when I was writing about and doing our thing, but got to catch one game Germany you let me down. I had just my top pick but This just woke up some little surprises and it’s a pretty awesome to watch Went to this place called the island where there a ferris wheel which my daughter loved my oldest daughter She turned 3 on this trip. So she is three. She’s the size of a five-year-old. She’s huge Smart knowledge stuff. Yeah, crazy three-year-old. I find the old man Can imagine I’m feeling a few more years, but went to the island had much a ferris wheel carousel odd stuff when shopping You’re doing some go-cart racing. It’s always fun my feet my weight Disadvantage was playing there because I’m getting passed up and but you know one day and I go back if I go back we gonna be being Mike Jackson tan I’m in my car. It’s getting hot in here a tough the turn off the car because it’s too loud. So but Being on vacation, you might ask me. Well, did you stick to keto? On a school grading scale of one to ten I mean one to ten ABCDF, I’m going with this solid be 85. I actually did any anything terrible until we got there Sunday the left Saturday and heat I didn’t eat any sugar in that crap until Friday actually and So I had some little piece of cake My daughter had left over from her birthday on Monday had some cat cupcake at some cookies. Yeah This reason I would eat carbs particularly sugar because I tend to go overboard. So of course, yeah, I probably Ate more than I should’ve. Oh, I did eat more than that shit of and Saturday a little Sunday. It’s um, and now Since that’s over we’re going in hard guys my way in I Throw it in there somewhere in this video, but I couldn’t win myself this morning because I was in Russia get to work A ton of crap to do got tiny emails head over 200 emails when I got back Just got it down to under sixty took all morning, and I still a finished But I came in ass added Sunday morning us to ninety to ninety point eight essentially 291 Loss to 88 a couple weeks ago. I’ve been I’ve been pretty much plateau because I haven’t me track I wanna be eating because I know it’s biting on vacation. So I was like screw it I’m just gonna just eat and then worry about when I get back. So now we are back I am I’m gonna start tracking macros and Also gonna try to stick to two meals a day my two legit meals like actual food, you know I do use heavy cream in my coffee Which will break a fast But you know I’m not worried about that long as I see results and then I can taper down from there if I decide to not eat Any calories until lunch, like now it’s been uh take me my lunch but like I go I could go get some coffee My wife’s gonna kill me morning. So I Haven’t eaten yet, but I’m gonna track my macros. I have not figured out what those macros will be But I know but you know, I know I’m entrusting around two thousand calories. I think that’s were at the for a good start That’s where I need to be yet, because that’s where I was at when I was actually losing some weight So I’m going to do that So, I mean I gotta figure out what those macros are going to be on Go online use a keto macro calculator Probably gonna use the woman by Kido savage he has on his website and so I probably use that one just cuz of like the guide is awesome and It’s probably gonna be pre accurate considering how Narok he is about macros so and do that, but the idea is to not Consume things that are really sweet Might make fake like Kido cakes or Kido cookies or things like that because I’m trying to get away from you know Just having that sweetness because I don’t believe that you always have to ask something sweet every day I do like to put in sweetener in my coffee or tea. That’s pretty much it otherwise, I don’t want to try stay away from my other stuff because that movie think about it before sugar became a Staple and anyone’s diet, you know only time you actually ate something sweet would have been fruit in season. And so Fruit was not in season or he couldn’t preserve it. You weren’t really eating sweet things. So I mean they could do it in the 1700s 1600 Friday it can I do in 2018? So that’s the goal It’s gonna be tough probably my wife does have a sweet – she does like to make her fat bombs and stuff like that, but As long as I can just fight that off fucking I think I’ll be alright the other plans to also have Probably this probably the same foods just so there’s consistent food choices in there I think if things that are easy to measure things like sausage links Hamburger ground beef in particular or even hamburger patties, you know, you can cook that up and weigh it out chicken things like that No proteins are easy to measure Steak is, you know very key to approve but when it comes to you know You don’t really not much fat you’re eating we eat a steak because you know cooking it off in the skillet and some of that stuff so You know have some stake in it. Yeah, you know, I Eat some steak. I’ll throw it in there just to some provide some variety, but I priced that way from for the most part But you know, we’ll estimate You know going little from fast not the big deal to me long as I keep my carbs down and my protein Moderate I should be good to go So, yeah, that’s that’s gonna be the plan starting basically at 291, I’m sure some of that’s gonna be water weight because of some of the sugar I ate Trying to stick try and be hardcore for a while we’ll see where we are in two months You see how see how things are going Yeah, I had to two videos in a book one about working out because I do work out and I love working out but the Two kids it does get a does get heart. But thankfully my work provides some way for us to work out I’m also have it when I record the video. I was 288 panel. It’s got a little Buzzy chick you want to see what a 288 pound make a black man look like stay tuned because you’ll see one But otherwise thanks for tuning in. I Hope you enjoyed this video. If you liked it, please subscribe hit that like button. You want to comment there down below? how to be more consistent with these videos I Do have random topics like talk about hopes like photos in there and those bad boys quick before the kids Wake up or are getting troubled by the wife or wife fall asleep on the keyboard. So yeah, thanks for tuning in See you later

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