Triathlon Nutrition On The Go | Master Your Diet When Training

– Training for three sports
that we do in triathlon does not count as normal,
therefore the normal eating plan of three
meals a day is not going to sufficiently meet
those nutritional needs. Some days you’re going
to need more than others and it depends what
training session you’ve got coming up as to when and
what you need to eat. Now this does require
quite a lot of forethought and planning to make sure
you’ve got those meals or those snacks in
between your meals to make sure you can optimize that
next training session. Well we’ve got some tips and strategies to help you plan your food
intake throughout the day. (funky upbeat music) Forward planning is key
to nutrition on the go. You need to analyze your
training for the day ahead and then look at when
your main meals will fall around you training but
also around your work, and then you can build
in that extra nutrition and those snacks around your timetable. Now today we’re not actually
going to be addressing hydration but it’s
certainly key so you need to make sure you’re well
hydrated throughout the day so you can optimize that
training, and ultimately nutrition is there to
help you reach those goals whatever they are. If for example though
your goal is weight loss, nutrition actually becomes
even more important and planning really is
key here ’cause the last thing you want is to
suddenly have really strong hunger and then you’ve
just gotta give in and go to the chocolate bars
in the vending machine which is not gonna be
helping you reach that goal and if you’ve got a fasted
session in your program you want to make sure that
that comes first thing in the morning and it’s
really important to have adequate fuel to be
able to take on straight after your session so you
want something that’s gonna be easy to digest but also
easy to carry so you don’t have to wait until you get
home so maybe a recovery drink, make a smoothie, or even
take some bread that you can eat whilst on the go. Porridge for this instance
wouldn’t be so useful. Then you need to think about
when hunger usually strikes and where you’re likely
to be at those points. The idea is to resist
those nutritionally empty foods so if you do know
that you’ve got a cafe that sells healthy snacks
nearby and you can bank on it, great, but if not make
sure you plan and put some healthy snacks in your bag. But do consider the
temperature outside ’cause if you’ve got something that
maybe melts a little bit you don’t wanna find a
mushy mess in the bottom of your bag unless you’ve
got a fridge at work. You also need to look at your next session and think about how
long after your previous meal it’s going to fall
and whether you need to add in some extra snacks. If say it’s a nice steady
long aerobic bike session you can probably just
fuel as you go along, but if you know you’ve got
a really key lactic run session you need to make
sure that your fuel levels are optimum beforehand
but you’ve also digested whatever it is that you’re gonna eat, and then you need to look
ahead at the following day as well. If it’s a light day then
probably not so much of a concern ’cause you
can fuel throughout it, but say you know you’ve
got a fasted training session on that next morning then consider really having an evening
snack or topping up those energy levels just
before you go to bed so you can perform
optimally in the morning. Like I said, today I’m gonna be focusing on those snacks between your main meals. Now how many and how
often of them you need is obviously gonna depend on the amount of training you’re doing but also that nutritional value of your breakfast, your lunch, and your supper. For this you want to top up those depleted glycogen levels as soon
as you can so you want some simple carbohydrate to really help those energy levels boost
quickly but then also some more complex carbohydrates to help keep you satiated and full
for a little bit longer until your next meal. So for this again a
smoothie or a milkshake is something perfect if you want to take it on the go or if you’ve
got a little bit more time to sit down then how
about making a sandwich with some almond butter
and maybe banana in or even bircher muesli which
will tick all the boxes. If you are limiting
your carbohydrate intake but you’re trying to
up your protein levels then hard boiling an egg the night before to take with you can work really well although it does come with a little caveat because when you start
to peel it in the office you might get some
disapproving looks as I know Mark and Fraser do not
approve of my egg stash that I quite often have,
but if it’s not egg for you then you can maybe consider nuts and seeds or even cheese as an easy,
on the go protein uptake but just be aware they do
have a higher fat content. It’s that time of day when
the munchies can kick in. If you’re sat at your
desk and you might be a little bit bored it’s
really tempting to delve into that cookie jar but you want to try and resist those empty calories so prepare if you’ve got a fridge for example at work you could take some
yogurt with some fruit, sprinkle some milled
linseed on top to keep you going or maybe have a milky coffee, say an oat milk latte
like this but if you crave something a little bit
sweeter or you need that sugar fix then maybe a piece
of fruit or some dates for example that will give you that boost but you’ve also got some added vitamins. If you know you’ve got
a big session planned in your lunch break you wanna make sure that you’re not hungry
because otherwise it can be far too tempting to
sack off your training and go for lunch instead so if say an hour before your session you’re just starting to get a little bit of feeling of hunger, first of all make sure
that you’re not dehydrated ’cause that could be tricking
your brain into hunger. So just always have a glass
of water at your desk, but if that doesn’t solve
it then have something light that’s gonna top
up your glycogen levels say homemade flapjack or something similar that’s not gonna give you
a stitch for your session but is just gonna make
sure you’ve got the right energy levels. Then again, if lunch isn’t
gonna fuel you all the way through and you know you’ve
got a really meaty session looming after work you need to be prepared ’cause it is that time of
day that cakes or sweets in the office can be
tempting, but that said having a few sweets if
they’re gonna top up your energy levels and make the difference of you being able to
nail that session aren’t necessarily a bad thing but
if you do want something a little bit healthier think
about those mid-morning snacks that I mentioned
earlier but just avoid any fiber if you’ve got a hard session. Those dreaded late night training sessions are mentally tough enough
without having poor nutrition to make them
harder so if you know it’s going to be too late
to have a proper meal afterwards you wanna
plan something in before, so try and have a lighter
early evening snack whether that’s as soon
as you get home from work or if you’re really
organized maybe you can even have something at your desk
before you finish work. And finally, once you’ve
completed that last training session of the
day it’s not uncommon to feel that your appetite’s
a little bit suppressed and you’re buzzing from
it before going to bed but it’s still really
important to make sure you fuel to recover from
that session but also importantly to make sure you’re ready for the next day, so for
this maybe having a milkshake or a smoothie in your bag
to have on the way home from training or once you
get back having a yogurt or some cereal. Something like that that’s
just gonna top up your energy levels and mean
you’re ready to go for the next day. And I covered every single
option here and hopefully you’re not gonna need all of those snacks throughout a day, but with
a little bit of forward planning you can make sure that nutrition is not gonna be the limiting
factor when it comes to your training. If you’ve enjoyed it
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a little bit different, talked about vegan toast
and all things vegan and nutrition with professional triathlete Joe Gambles just here.

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