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hey friends were gonna freedom in a budget I’m Kelly and it is time to talk about some key dough products on Amazon as you guys know I am a shopper that likes to find it the best deals and I’ve really done a lot of research and shopping around and figuring out is it cheaper at Odie’s a cheaper Publix achiever Walmart is the cheaper on Amazon Whole Foods all those different places so these are the items that I buy exclusively at Amazon and these ones that I found over the cheapest and just the best deal there are some products that I still buy elsewhere but these are my Amazon favorites and of course guys I will have a link to all of these products down below in the description is affiliate link so I do get a little bit of a kickback but it is no additional charge to you so all the links will be down below in the description I also have a full keto section on my Amazon store it so go check that out as well so the first one is ultimate powder this is a lemonade electrolyte supplement they have all different flavors lemonade is my favorite I drink this probably two or three times a day it is a game changer for keto flu if you are feeling drained if you’re feeling like hito flu I had the heated flu on day four of starting keto and it hit me hard and it was funny because a co-worker asked me if I had got it yeah and I said no I haven’t I think I’m in the clear literally like two hours later it hit me hard and so I ate and had some Ultima and literally within like three hours I was completely better I felt great and if there’s days where after a workout or you know I’m just feeling a little drained and not great I’ll have some of this and it’ll really help to just help me feeling better it’s just a great electrolyte supplement it’s awesome next up is natural clump this is it from natural vitality this is the raspberry at lemonade flavor it is awesome it is a anti stress drink vegan certified non-gmo restores healthy magnesium levels so I drink this before bed I am I think its serving is two teaspoons I only have about one teaspoon and I mix it into probably six ounces of water you can do hot or cold water doesn’t matter and I drink it right before bed like it needs to be within ten minutes of hitting the pillow because it knocks me out it is amazing I actually have trouble sleeping and so this is great that it helps with my insomnia it helps just really put me out to sleep and also magnesium is really good for the bathroom because I’ve done a lot of research and with keto it’ll either make you go to the bathroom a lot or make you not go to the bathroom a lot so this really makes you regular it makes you just go smoothly I’ve done a lot of the detox teas and a lot of them will TMI but they give you diarrhea this does not this just kind of helps soften things and help things to move along this is awesome this is a game changer this I absolutely love this stuff I’m already planning on like when I go to Alaska and a couple weeks of just putting this in a ziploc bag or something because this is big for my suitcase but this will be coming with me to Alaska for sure next up is real ketones this is really great for help to suppress appetite this is great when you’re on intermittent fasting and just helps to get those ketones going if you had some carbs the night before this is really great for that this is also a lemon flavor and actually a lot of things what I’ll do is I’ll mix this with my ultimate and I’ll just put a scoop of this a scoop of ultimate in about 24 or 30 ounces of water and it is delicious and it really gives me a great energy boost a lot of times I’ll drink this on my way to work and then when I get to work then I have my bulletproof coffee but this is awesome guys and speaking of bulletproof coffee this is my frother I love this thing I brought it to work and now all my cars are addicted to it even when they don’t drink bulletproof coffee but they like it with their cream but it just has this little button here and you just go and you can see it going there this is amazing and it really helps to froth up your coffee with cream away the butter whatever it is I was really reluctant about trying bulletproof coffee coffee and I was like butter that’s disgusting but okay when you think about it guys cream if you ever make homemade whipped cream with like whipping cream if you do it too much what does it turn into butter okay so it just tastes like a cream in your coffee legit only taste like cream in your coffee it is so good so creamy you get the froth from this guy’s to froth oh it is amazing absolutely amazing and I love this thing I am going to be bringing this to Alaska as well yeah Jamie’s gonna be embarrassed but I don’t care also with my coffee is MCT oil so this is really cool it is plant base it is brain and body fuel that the head does not have a taste and MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides and what this does is just helps to keep you into ketosis it helps get those healthy fats in if you’re having trouble getting your fat in I know I do which is crazy I never thought I would have trouble getting too much fat but this really helps it is a 4 1 tablespoon it’s 130 calories 14 grams of fat let’s see here and no carbs this stuff is awesome awesome awesome awesome what does it say 100% pure MCT 14 grams of mcg per serving only from premium compliment coconut snow palm or other filler oils flavorless and odorless quickly judges and converts into energy helps you feel full mixes into smoothies shakes coffee and other beverages add to foods such as salads yogurt and more I love this stuff so I add a teaspoon of this into my coffee every single morning the last thing that goes into my coffee is this collagen so collagen is really really helpful I really noticed a difference with my skin with my hair and everything and only the 3 weeks that I’ve been doing keto I’ve noticed a difference with this collagen it is a chocolate flavor it is preferred prefer to Emily element keto yogurt healthier body collagen in chocolate there’s a grass-fed at collagen powder with the MCT oil who does have a little bit MCT oil in it but it’s awesome it has 4 grams of fat less than a gram of carb and 10 grams of protein first scoop and it’s so good so I do it with so I make my foolproof coffee with a little bit of butter like maybe a teaspoon and a half of butter a scoop of this and a teaspoon of the MCT oil and I blend that all up and it is so good this blends really really smoothly way that the the frother it works really really well and this gives almost like that mocha hot chocolate mixed with coffee flavor I used to do dunkaccino from Dunkin Donuts like way back in high school where it’s coffee and hot chocolate mixed together and it’s so sugary and not good for you but this gives it that same type of flavor it’s so good mmm next up is my friend the keto Mojo he is awesome so I was a little hesitant on investing in one of these they are a little bit pricey they are about 50 or $60 but I’ve done I did a lot of research and I really feel like the keto mojo is the way to go on testing your ketones and to see if you’re in ketosis and so this is what it looks like here it comes a little pack and here’s your device you put the little blood strip in here and then you get your ketone reader as well as your glucose you can check both of those and then if you do your glucose divided by 18 divided by your ketone level that gives you a G ki and so that way you know what you know if you’re in canto sis or not and you really need to know you know how your body is fueling and if you are having foods that will kick you out of ketosis is a great way to know that and then this is just a little Lancet in it you pop it back and then you get the little orange when you see the orange then you know it’s good to go but you just snap it I’ve watched a lot of videos on these and a lot of people say that they hurt when they do it I honestly don’t feel any pain when I do it it doesn’t bother me the least bit but I have heard that if you do it on the side of your finger right here on the pad here versus here this has less nerve endings so do it on the side here and it’s going to be less painful than doing it out here and you want to make sure that you’re switching finger so that you’re not doing the same finger over and over and over cuz that’s how you can get a callus and just make sure that if you’re not getting enough blood out just make sure that you’re you know just kind of milking your finger and you want to make sure that you have a good amount of blood and skimming the whole gruesome but you should have enough blood to soup it up because if you don’t it’ll read error and then you lose that strip and the strips are their little bit price of about a dollar a piece but they are they’re really they’re really helpful all right now on to the food section we have for food at choices so first one is pure this is a organic stevia blend it so this is really good that this will not kick you out of ketosis it has a great flavor it is I love this stuff it’s great for baking it’s great for if you do want to put a little bit in your coffee or your drink or whatever it is it’s not going to be an issue with you so one cup of pure equals two cups of sugar so it’s great that it’s not it’s stronger than real sugar in flavor wise so that is awesome seriously was that satisfying for you yeah okay so it is more stronger than sugar at flavor wise which is awesome I love this stuff next up is Anthony’s at premium xantham gum so this is a new item to me I never ever heard of this before keto and what this is really good for is adding it into like homemade pita cookies and what this does is it gives it that chewiness so you know when you’re making those really good chocolate chip cookies and it’s chewy and delicious and then you make those diet cookies and it’s hard and crumbly yeah this gives it the chewiness so this stuff is awesome of a link of course down below in the description for this next up is my friend coconut flour so coconut flour is a ketose staple if you’re doing lots of baking and cooking and things like egg loaves or whatever it may be and hopefully Piper isn’t a wrestle and this is awesome so coconut flour it is just like Steve it is stronger than almond flour you can use less of it and it is more cost effective it is like eight to ten times cheaper then almond flour so that is a huge win right there stop so that is a huge win that coconut flour is cheaper than almond flour it is a really really great organic superfood love this stuff and lastly is almond flour so I have to have some almond flour in the house as well but I honestly use the coconut flour more than this but some recipes do call for straight almond flour I think this stuff is still great it’s very well priced on Amazon it is a lot cheaper than Walmart and then Aldi all those different places so definitely check out the amazon link for the cheapest price alright guys those are my Amazon keto products I hope that this was helpful and to introduce you to some new products and some greatly great prices as always I’ll have everything linked down below in the description box go check it out go check out the links and the different products and let me know if there’s any other keto Amazon products that you love I’m always looking for new products so please please please let me know down below in the comment if there are any items that I need to hear about and I need to know about so please let me know if you went to the end of the video please leave the secret emoji down below in the comments if you haven’t already please subscribe to my channel and hit that Bell icon to get notifications every time that I upload here are my social media handles and blog go check them out go follow me read my vlog it’s awesome and don’t forget to check out my most recent keto weighing up meal prep and grocery haul coming up next [Music] you

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