Thin Slim Cookies and Muffins Review

hello everybody today I’m reviewing thin slim foods cloud cakes caramel cookie and chocolate chip cookie so right off the back it says you have to put these in the freezer until you’re ready to eat them so you have to freeze them and then sell them out before you can eat them which to me is a lot of trouble to go through just to eat a cookie or a muffin so that should mean these taste absolutely fabulous and are made with ingredients that make these tastes absolutely fabulous compared to all the other keto streets because I wouldn’t even go through that trouble for a regular cookie so I’m gonna start with a chocolate chip cookie it is two net carbs by the way in 45 calories here’s what it looks like it feels soft like a cake okay that was absolutely atrocious it tasted like a banana smoothie someone tried to turn into a cake made out of pudding I had absolutely no no resemblance or taste of chocolate chip at all whatsoever it was horrible I didn’t choose to it long enough to keep tasting that really weird taste which tastes like the worst artificial sweetener taste ever and of course I can’t tell if the xylitol or your wrist at all is giving it that up cold sensation that cooling sensation you get when you use it at home let me look at the ingredients real quick okay water your throat all out fiber in Ulan egg whites modified corn starch almond meal olive oil xanthan gum guar gum leavening mono calcium phosphate baking soda natural flavors chocolate chips unsweetened chocolate your throat all again for the second time in Ulan for the second time cocoa butter natural flavors contains almonds and eggs baked in a dedicated gluten-free facility that uses peanuts tree nuts and dairy okay so yeah you can’t tell the cold cooling sensation because you have to put these in the freezer so you don’t know if it’s the freezer that’s making them taste that way or that but that is not the problem at all I mean this tastes like pudding full of artificial sweetener with the banana flavor in it I hate it so I do not recommend it at all it’s atrocious it’s worse than the quest cookies it’s almost as bad as the quest bars so I’ll go ahead and try the caramel cookie next and it pretty much has the same ingredients as the chocolate chip cookie and it’s soft like a cake that is someone pleasant okay you know how when you make your own homemade keto bread it tastes like eggs pretty much it just tastes like you made it a really airy omelet with a few other ingredients in it okay that’s kind of how these taste but worse when you add in the xanthan gum the xylitol or in your throat all I don’t think that well then it’s just your wrist at all but all that other weird stuff they put in it it’s not good at all it tastes like I can’t even describe but this tastes like a chewy eggy gross blob I don’t recommend it I won’t need another bite of it it’s horrible it’s like it’s not a trick it’s a punishment all right last one Claude cakes cinnamon crumb flavor okay the ingredients are pretty much exactly the same and it feels exactly the same it just looks a little different that kind of tastes like cinnamon toast bread pudding but the keto version which is really disgusting um I personally don’t believe that if you’re on keto that that means you have to settle for things that taste like crap there’s no reason for that these food companies can make really good tasting snacks for everybody it tastes just like the real thing without all the bad ingredients they use to make the real thing so I find all of these unacceptable I don’t recommend them to anyone save your money unless you just want to find out for yourself how bad it is I hope I’m not forgetting anything have a good day

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