The Ultimate Mashed Potatoes & Keto Mashed Cauliflower – Bobby’s Kitchen Basics

hey what is up live city family it’s Bobby and for today’s kitchen basics we are gonna rock my best ever mashed potato recipe and a keto mashed cauliflower recipe that is so good it will almost fool your family into thinking they’re eating the real this match is super easy it just has a couple keys to follow to make sure you have the creamiest fluffiest mashed potatoes ever so first we’re gonna make mashed potatoes boil the potatoes in water put them through a potato ricer and add lots of cream milk and butter and then we’re gonna make a cauliflower mash with cheese and ghee so before we get started hook me up baby subscribe to my channel we are rocking out some of the best recipes every single week and we would love for you to join the Flav City community all right in this pot of cold water here I have three pounds of Idaho russet potatoes if you live in jolly old England that you call this a jacket potato this recipe will also work with Yukon Gold potato if you live in England it’s called a Maris Piper potato those are the only two potatoes they will work with the other ones don’t have enough starch all right so tip number one to making the ultimate creamy dreamy mashed potatoes is putting them peeled in cold water now I’m gonna turn the heat on to high and add a good amount of salt I’m gonna say a good amount I want this to be like the sea just like our boiling pasta so really go ahead and be aggressive I’m gonna transfer this pot oh goodness to the back here and set it over my power burner here and if you’re not sure there’s enough salt all you have to do is taste the water right I’m gonna do that in two minutes all right remind me if it doesn’t taste salty like the sea add more salt when you cook the potato is the only chance you have to season them is in that pasta water and potato water now when those are done I want to hit it with a stick of butter it is Thanksgiving right and it’s good enough for granny it’s a good enough for me but I also want to hit it with some infused dairy okay so in front of me here I have milk where’s my cream cream here it is and some heavy cream so I’m gonna pour it in half a cup of full fat milk into my measuring cup and then half a cup of heavy cream and then add that to a small pot okay now we’re all about flavor right so once again I think what would grandma do well grandma would be all about Steph Curry three cloves of garlic into the milk here and the cream and then we have all those fall all those holiday herbs that I used for my turkey and I use for my stuffing on hand so I’m gonna grab some sage some rosemary and some fresh thyme and just add that to the pot too then I’m gonna put that pot over medium heat or even medium low because the potatoes are gonna take about 40 minutes in the meantime I have a stick of butter here at room temperature and I’m gonna let this slowly slowly warm up I’m gonna add a pinch of salt to that and I almost forgot I want to throw a few black peppercorns in there too so to spill out a few and add it to the pot and that’s really the base of our mashed potatoes but what’s gonna make them over the top silky and creamy is this device right here a potato ricer okay I’m not a huge fan of unit tasker’s in the kitchen much like Alton Brown because I have limited space baby I live in a two-bedroom condo in Chicago but this will make your potatoes so light and so fluffy if you make gnocchi too this is the way to go so you put the potato in here if you clamp down and this fine fine threads of potatoes come out of the other side I’ll put the Amazon link down below of course so I’ll see you when those are done in about 40 minutes all right guys it’s been 35 minutes the potatoes are already how do I know take a peek when the knife goes in and it comes out with ease I’m talking ease they’re done all right there’s a fine line between soft pillowy potatoes and over boiled falling-apart potatoes so get them out drain as much as the water as possible by the way if you’re in the Thanksgiving mood we’ve got videos all week to hook you up we got these Thanksgiving for two video from the other day with the turkey breast with citrus butter we’ve got the ultimate Brussels sprouts recipe we’ve got a cast iron skillet corn bread we’ve got homemade totally delicious cranberry sauce so check out all those videos and the Amazon guys here you like that I’ll put in the description box all right let me bring our cream mixture here that’s been infusing for a while now before we get to that we have to use the potato ricer to make these silky and smooth before I do that I want to grab a stick of room temperature unsalted butter here on the salton because I want to control the amount of salt in these taters so drop that in okay now grab a potato put it into the ricer and just squeeze see how it comes out it’s completely riced or it’s really fine and light and that makes the difference I’m telling you between heavy dense mashed potatoes and light creamy pillowy mashed potatoes you need this potato ricer in your life all right so this bowl is looking amazing and there is a little method to the madness here of mixing the butter with the potatoes first that butter or that fat coach the potatoes and it prevents the cream from actually sagging or waterlogging the potatoes and I’m gonna not mix too much right if you over mix potatoes they become gummy because you’re overworking the starch if you’ve ever had really mushy gummy potatoes it’s because of that all right let’s take our hot cream and our butter let me grab a strainer to catch all those yummy bits and now I’m gonna add it directly to the mashed potatoes and just slowly mix it up now now if you don’t have a potato ricer and you still want to make this with a potato masher follow the same exact steps and just mash it until it’s soft and creamy and then add the cream and the milk and you’re good to go but don’t over mash it that’s how you make gummy taters I’m just gonna carefully fold that cream in look at the texture come on get in that bowl our look at this this is just silk now before I finished mixing it I want to have the honors of checking for seasoning cuz I guarantee even though we put a lot of salts while it was cooking it’s gonna need more just the way it is my god that is Dino it’s buttery and I’m getting that rosemary that garlic from the cream but it does need another pinch of salt let’s just add that and give it one more fold you guys come on that is not the definition of silky light and creamy mashed potatoes for the holidays I don’t know what is right it wasn’t rocket science it’s just a couple tips so these are obviously the most starchy epic mashed potatoes ever but if you want the keto alternative and you want to make a low-carb keto cauliflower mash for Thanksgiving you know I’m gonna hook you up the recipe is gangbusters grandpa and grandma are gonna love it and here’s how you do it add a good amount of salt to some boiling water then go in with the cauliflower florets from one large head of cauliflower along with four cloves of garlic simmer the cauliflower for seven minutes and then strain it well and you know the cauliflower is done you can mash it easily with a fork but make sure you don’t overcook it otherwise it’s gonna get too watery and the cauliflower to a blender carafe then go in with one tablespoon of unsalted butter then grate in a quarter cup of Parmesan or pecorino romano cheese 1/4 teaspoon of salt a few cracks of black pepper and then blend away on high until soft and creamy eyelet to use the plunging attachment to really help it do its thing and that’s the texture we’re looking for soft and creamy light and airy and I use this for two meal preps one of them is my pork shop meal prep with braised kale and the other one is my healthy shepherd’s pie so make sure you check that out too all right let’s take a nice scoop of mashed potatoes put that into a serving bowl I’m gonna why not let’s just put a knob of butter on top some parsley and we’re done all right you guys there it is the ultimate Thanksgiving mashed potatoes light and creamy a family showstopper for sure now before art and I dig into this our coming here you want to know how to store this on Thanksgiving because maybe you make this hours ahead of time so cover the top of the container with tinfoil put two inches of water in the bottom of a pot and just slap that down and keep it over medium low or just wait 30 minutes before you serve it then put the heat on it keeps the potatoes warm mix it every 10-15 minutes and they’ll be just like fresh less talking more eating art Cheers thanks sir get the butter oh you guys oh yeah it’s like it’s wrong how good this is it is light and creamy like garlic right everything comes through you guys alright the recipe is down below along with our Thanksgiving turkey for two cranberry sauce corn bread Brussels sprouts everything you need for Thanksgiving is down in the description box all you have to do is hook us up subscribe to our Channel two more videos are going below us right now but we will see you very soon until then hashtag keep on cooking mad love bye

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