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  1. More British doctors need to promote this type of lifestyle change and Keto. As an American living in the UK I find that no one has heard of these lifestyle changes. Thanks!

  2. I have heard that fasting for women can be 14-15 hours. Is this true or should we be fasting for 16 hours as well? Thanks for the videos, I am just starting Keto (5 days in now) and I love that you have easy to understand information.

  3. Yes I do IF and eat between 11am-4pm. mostly one meal a day with maybe one snack. I never say the world “fasting” to anyone because the allotted time to eat is plenty of time so it is only a fast in my body not really socially because you really can move that time to any time. If I want a mid fast snack I eat one with out guilt . In fact I am teaching myself to eat with out guilt in general because that is toxic . Nice video thanks so much! The best trick I have found is just saying to folks including doctors and other healthcare providers that “I generally eat everything I am going to eat for the day between “11AM and 4PM” . Most folks know you should not eat a lot of food before bed so they think it is rational when I say it like that . The term “fasting” is very triggery for some.

  4. I give myself a window of 11am to 6pm to eat. Some days that is two meals, sometimes that is one bigger meal. Not often, but I sometimes skip a day. I've done it for so long that I don't even think about it. My body tells me what to do each day.

  5. Nice video. I'm trying to overcome gastroparesis and the moment trying keto and alternate day intermittent fasting. My ketones are around 2 mmol and sugar around 3. Feel bad after eating hoping it will workout well for me after a month or so

  6. Excellent content and clearly presented! I have done intermittent fasting for a while now and prefer it over the standard 3 meals a day.

    Have you looked into the "carnivore diet"? People have reported amazing results with weight loss and health issues.

  7. I function much better without breakfast. I feel more alert and energetic if I wait until lunch before eating. Missing a meal also gives me more carbs/calories to divide between lunch and dinner.

  8. I have lost almost 100 lbs over 7 months with strict Keto and fasting. I TRY to do a 72 hour fast during the first week of month. After that I TRY to not eat at all on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (36 hours or just 24 on Wednesday) This has worked well for weight loss. As I am approaching my goal, I am becoming concerned with applying the brakes. Finding a maintenance routine. I intend to remain strict Keto and plan to continue fasting. Do you have any recommendations or can refer me to this information? I enjoy and have learned a great deal from your programs. THANK YOU!

  9. Doing IF 20:4 and OMAD since a month ago and feeling really good; trying to revert fatty liver and a prediabetes stage on. Still struggling on nutrients and such needed. Thanks for the video.

  10. Would you advise taking any supplements on a varied keto diet? I usually take a B complex, C, D, a probiotic, glucosamine and Cod liver oil capsule. But since starting keto just over a week ago I've had really bad diarrhoea and had stomach ache for a couple of days. I'm not sure if it could be the supplements or my body getting used to a higher intake of greens and veggies. I've stopped both today to see if the diarrhoea stops. I take them with food, as I do my prescription meds, which may also be the culprit as I'm not eating the same bulk as I was on carbs.

    Haha, my tablet just notified me of "Potential disruption due to wind". Yeah, tell me about it! 🤣

  11. I did 16/8 + Keto for 6 weeks followed by 1 week OMAD + Keto, and I lost 40 lbs. Then, I plateaued suddenly. I've now dedicated 2 to 5 days for sole fasting, and already after 36 h, the plateau caved in and I lost a few more pounds. I'm going to continue my fast. I feel good while fasting, and I've learned that sometimes "hunger" is a hunger for fluid – so don't forget to sip fluids throughout the day. It satisfies the stomach. This morning I'm imbibing a tall glass of water with a little lemon and lime – almost like the soft drink Sprite, but healthier with real flavors.

  12. 16:8 for the most part. Stopped eating breakfast 5 yrs ago. After 4 yrs of low carb eating it was not hard but at 12 o-clock you're HUNGRY in the beginning. After a couple of weeks no problem and more relaxed. Nowadays 3-4 fasts a year of 5-7 days or carnivore diet for a month to "clean things up" and reset when necessary e.g. now just after Christmas!

  13. After a few different experiments, I have come to find that 20:4 works best for me. I only eat between 2 PM and 6 PM. I will sometimes skip a whole day, so I get about 42 hours of fasting. And there are some days when I will eat at noon just because I am hungry that day. I try not to be too strict and instead listen to my body.

  14. Started Fasting on Jan 1st in combo with keto lifestyle that I’ve been living since June 11th. Up to 15 hours fasting, working toward 16 in the next few days.

  15. I have heard that calorie restriction for 2 consecutive days per week (600 calories within an 8 hour period on each day) gives similar results to a 16 hour fast. Do you have any thoughts on that?

  16. I'm new at this, but I'm doing 16:8 and find it very easy. I have cut my carbs by eliminating all sugar, but I'm still having trouble with bread and pasta 🙂 But I'm getting there….

  17. I'm a little confused. Are you saying that for people with pre-diabetes that the fasting window should include the morning i.e. skip breakfast? Please clarify…….

  18. I've been keto for just over 3 weeks. I started off with intermittent fasting 18:6 and about a week ago switched to OMAD 22:2. It's been going well. My fasting glucose is generally below 80 and ketones above 3. I take a variety of supplements with my meal, and magnesium before bed. I walk for 30 minutes a day. I've lost about 10 lb of body fat in the last two weeks (I did not record body weight for the first week because much of that loss is water).

  19. This is a great summary! Lots of great info for beginners!! I started clean Keto/IF due to some medical trouble and I'm flabbergasted by how amazing I feel. 72lbs lost in nine months and I've been holding steady ever since. The medical stuff has slowly gotten better and I'm so grateful (even things I'd been living with for more than a decade, like my carpal tunnel). But you're right, the pitfalls are there too! I overdid it at first on the fasting and had to mellow myself out. A competitive person or someone with past eating disorders must use caution.

  20. 16 /8 keto here too. To change my set point I fast for 24 hours. Five years keto age74 female off BP meds down 65lbs and holding

  21. I have tried to follow the IF ideas from this channel, and while I am still trying find the best timing, I am already feeling the benefits !
    I am on very low carb Veg diet, I just cannot bring myself to eat farmed animals, not after knowing what they are fed & injected & infected with.
    Plants suddenly seem so relatively safe now. GMO ? Pesticides ? Try me ! Bring it on ! 😉
    Once I figure how to stay in Keto on totally Veg diet, I am going all out for it .
    BTW, thanks a ton for the crisp & clear videos, they are a strong inspiration, coming from a Doctor who has tried it all already.

  22. I‘ve been doing 18:6 every day for over 3 months combined with keto. Lost over 40 pounds and hopefully have reversed my diabetes. Took an A1C test today and hoping to be off Metformin when the results are back. Fasting and keto are magic and I fully get the addiction about fasting. I can‘t wait to do 24 hour fasts but want to be off meds first.

  23. Hey Dr. Dan – – I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for about a month and a half. I finished/plateaued on keto because I enjoyed having a whiskey or two before I went to bed. I started a fasting/low-carb combo and lost another 8 pounds or so. Since then I’ve plateaued at about 25 pounds total lost. In a week or so I’m going to go back to hard-core keto with 16/8 fasting to lose a final 10 pounds. When I hit that magic number of 222 I will use I F to maintain, probably 12/12 three days a week and 1410 or 16 8 a few days a week hopefully for the rest of my life

  24. My fast is broken at various times of the day. That first meal is important. I too follow a 16/8 pattern. Occasionally my body chooses to fast for 24 hours. I go with how my body feels.

  25. I started the Keto diet on Dec 1 doing 16:8, I am type 2 diabetic so far my bloody sugar is coming down slowly and I have lost about a kilo in weight,
    I have a coffee with cream and coconut oil when I get up helps with the low blood sugar I some times have, I have the first meal at 12.00 and second between 6.00 and 7.00
    the rest of the time I drink coffee tea and water don't feel hungry at all, I take my meds in the morning after my coffee and at night after dinner feeling very good,
    Not ready to try one meal a day yet but I don't think it will be a problem.

  26. Oops! Dr Maggs, the correct pronunciation of "autophagy" is aw-TOFF-uh-jee. See the British pronunciation site howjsay.com . It's a very useful site!

  27. Dr. Do you recommend fasting for bariatirc patients? There does not seem to be a lot of information on IF and bariatric patients.

  28. I mix it up. I've never been a breakfast person so IF gave me permission to skip breakfast (WooHoo!) after a lifetime of being harrassed and bullied into eating 'the most important meal lof the day'. Occasionally I'll have cream in breakfast coffee but it's usually black. So, 16:8 or 18:6 is my usual day. There's an occasional (monthly) OMAD when I go to a steakhouse in the city and eat prime rib with bernaise and avocado 😋. I just don't get hungry for ages after that. Ive done a few 3 day fasts and this year might be tge year of alt day fasting to shift the last of the weight. Can't wait to see your plans for that.

  29. Been eating once a day and keto just over 4 months. Lost 22 kg (49 pounds). Done 3 – 72 hours fasts and a few 48 hours. I am 59. Walk up hills for 5 km every day. It is just so easy and wish I had discovered this years ago. Eating every day is too easy. I have a question on the opposite- I have a friend and she had to have all her teeth removed and dentures. She can eat fine, but has lost her appetite big time and has drastically lost weight – seriously under weight now after 6 months. Are there good ways to try and re gain weight or just do the opposite of keto ? Thanks

  30. 16:8 fast for exactly 110 days combine with low carbs. Results? Off Insulin (50 units to zero), metformin only (so far), down from 220 lbs – 180 lbs. Works!

  31. Breakfast most important meal was a campaign started by the Grape Nuts cereal manufacture, not any great medical or nutritional minds.

  32. I have started keto diet on 7th Nov 2019. When I was in ketosis, I started to eat less naturally and I skipped breakfast since mid Nov, doing 18-6 IF since then until now. After starting my keto lifestyle combo with IF, I have been losing almost 12Kg, from 89 to 77 and I've got relief from my psoriasis arthritis.

  33. LOL, I love your last line. Did you really mean to call us that? "C"ee "U" "N"ext "T"uesday! I say it to my boss every Monday afternoon.

  34. Thanks for the overview. I've recently been considering the 18/6 daily fast but what's held me back so far is my coffee habit. For me eating breakfast is largely about creating a base for my large cup of strong black coffee. I can't imagine starting the day without coffee and I think coffee on an empty stomach wouldn't be healthy and putting milk in it wouldn't be fasting. So I guess my only option is to have a later breakfast and eat more non typical breakfast foods. Then I can have my coffee with my first meal as I feel that I need. I could just eat the same breakfast foods sometimes and that would work for more substantial breakfasts but it seems to me a waste to eat two meals a day with one meal being more boring typical breakfast foods (in my case often grains, nuts, fruits, and yogurt). I'm wondering if the coffee habit has been an issue for other intermittent fasters and whether the doctor has any thoughts about that.

  35. Loving your channel, thanks for the brilliant info you provide! I have been on the ketogenic diet for about 10 days now including doing 16:8 fasting. I have LBBB unknown cause which is not related to IHD (lots of cardiac tests done and all bloods inc cholesterol/fats normal). My resting heart rate has increased to 83 from 69. Should I be concerned about this or is all this related to increasing metabolism, my body adapting etc… 👍

  36. Only just found you but it's nice to have a succinct speaker. I started keto last August and was down 50lbs but now stalled and struggling to lose what I gained over xmas so going to attempt OMAD but the grehlin is back and water is not cutting it.

  37. Just found this channel, very impressed! Ive been on 18/6 since June 2019…. Never felt better! Keto on and off since August 2010 but discovering IF brought a new and exciting dimension. A tablespoon of MCT oil in my coffee gets me through days when I’m lacking energy but that’s not often.

  38. I have been doing alternate day fasting 20/4 cycle. This has really worked for me! I have also done a 27 hour fast. The inflammation in my body has gone done so much it is amazing! I also find that I am not as hungry on my eating days. I do follow a clean low carb keto diet.

  39. I fast for 24hrs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Been doing this for two years now. I eat low carb when I do eat, not always keto but I shoot for low carb. I lift weights when fasted for about 90 minutes. Results; 50 lbs lost. I am currently 5'11" at 190lbs. A couple pro tips. Get in electrolytes during fast periods; especially before workouts. Another tip, exercise stops the hunger pains; if you have a period during the day where the hunger is unbearable, try exercises during that time. I feel it forces your body to produce ketones.

  40. Do you possibly have a video about whether artificial sweeteners raise insulin level in blood? I use stevia or splenda or aspartame and would like to know if drinking a coffee with one of these sweeteners in the morning would stop the autophagy caused by fastening I started a day before. Are there any sweeteners that don't raise insulin level in blood?

  41. Fasting does not spare muscle. Prolonged fasting is by definition a catabolic state which means your muscles break down. You can build muscle while doing intermittent fasting. You just have to eat enough in a given day and strength train. Autophagy can be achieved through intense exercise.

  42. QUESTION- Where can I find info about heavy metals released by fasting?, – in particular insomnia, hair loss, fatigue, depression memory problems. I stopped IF so I can research this more. I had multiple chemical and pesticide exposures during childhood. I have fatty lump on thigh (which I suspect is a fat soluble toxin store). Living with chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities and had clear lyme rash 40 years ago, means I have been eating clean low sugar for 20 years, and Keto for 9 months. (ketobiotic, focus on plant diversity during days of deliberate higher carb eating, weekly, plus monthly 'feast' days) Thanks for any info, research, &suggestions.

  43. My go to fasting is16-8 also and this is done almost daily. Some days it’s longer depending on the work day and I’ve even only eaten once on those days. I find feasting isn’t an issue as I eat much smaller portions since starting keto. The meal density decreases the amount I need. I take daily supplements to ensure I’m not in a micro nutrient deficit. Another great video Dan.

  44. Just discovered your YouTube channel, and I enjoyed your comments on IF. I started this last spring myself, with the help of a coach, who helped me go keto, and slowly helped me improve diet and lifestyle. I was about 187lbs, 5’10”, and am 67 yrs young. I now bounce around between one and two meals a day. I’m happy to report that I’m stable at about 162lb now, and can even treat myself with a bit of delicious pasta from time to time, and usually enjoy a cocktail too. I fee better than I have in twenty years!
    Keep up the good work … 💪🏻🙏🏻

  45. WARNING! Dehydrated after 4 weeks of IF 16:8 and low carbo-hydrate diet. Mouth, lips and eyes dried out. Hard feces. Loads if water drinking every day, but it dosent help. (And no, I dont take any medication).

  46. Nice to see a GP from the UK doing this. Some people say this is not substainable – well I'm 66 and have been eating low carb almost keto my whole life and have always eaten one meal a day. I'm the same weight as when I was in my 20's – 6ft 1 and 156lb. Only just found your channel.

  47. I've done IF Warrior Style 20/4 for over 30 years! Well before it had a name. I'm a surgeon, that's why I started eating this way with the inconsistent hours and busy days. It has worked very well for me. I take no meds and have stayed very healthy and fit – so far. Best!

  48. I do a 22 hour fast daily. I went from late breakfast to OMAD over a 6 month period, so there has been no discomfort in it at all. My dinner consists of up 15 items so that I consume all the good nutrients. I am quite full when done with it, but the 60 lbs I lost in the process has not come back, and I cannot foresee ever discarding this lifestyle.

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