The Military Diet Will Make You Lose 10 Pounds In 3 Days

This Military Diet Can Help You Lose 10 Pounds
In 3 Days
In this video, you’re going to learn about
how the Military Diet can help you lose 10
pounds in just 3 days!
There are many different types of diets that
are constantly being advertised and recommended.
The trouble is finding one that can actually
“talk the talk and walk the walk.”
According to Dr. Mark Hyman, a nine-time #1
New York Times bestselling author, states
that one of the number one reasons diets fail
is because the person doesn’t have a plan
that fits them.
Good health is not something that is just
given to people, they have to plan and earn.
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Without further adieu, let’s talk about how
the Military Diet can help you lose 10 pounds
in just 3 days.
Fat loss has long been something that most
humans have desired to master.
Everyone can benefit from gaining some muscle
and losing some body fat (unless you’re
Phil Heath then in that case, you’re already
maxed out), not only in terms of aesthetics
but also for health reasons.
Lowering body fat and lowering one’s body
weight can do wonders in terms of blood pressure,
cholesterol, or just simply being more athletic.
But at the end of the day, a diet (or fat
loss) can be reduced to burning more calories
and eating less calories.
Weight loss is bound to occur when you eat
less than what your body needs.
Simply put: eat less, move more.
That way your body will tap into stored body
fat as energy (as opposed to the food you
But some of us need a jump start on our diets,
a huge reduction on the scale can give us
that boost and motivation that we need.
Here is the 3-day military diet that can help
you lose 10 pounds!
(This diet is intended for women, but men
are recommended to add an extra 100 calories
a day in the form of protein.)
Note: this diet may (or may not) actually
be used by members of the military.
But it does work!
Not because of some fancy foods that can burn
fat but simply because of the reduction of
(Hint: ice cream is included in this diet…but
in moderation!)
Breakfast may be one of the most essential
meals of the day simply because it will give
you that desired energy first thing in the
morning and it can help kickstart your metabolism.
For your first meal of this 3 day military
diet you can have half a grapefruit, 1 slice
of toast (preferably whole wheat or multigrain)
with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.
If you have a peanut allergy you can substitute
it with almond butter, soy butter, sunflower
seed butter, hummus, pumpkin butter, or bean
And any breakfast isn’t complete without
1 cup of black coffee or caffeinated tea.
Please note, you cannot add any sugar, cream,
milk or sweeteners into your coffee or tea.
These beverages are not essential to the diet
as you can substitute it with any amount of
But green tea and coffee both have thermogenic
properties (burns more calories) and black
coffee has the ability to suppress your appetite.
The next meal of the day (lunch) consists
of half a cup of tuna, another slice of toast
(but no peanut butter this time) and water,
black coffee or tea.
If you need to season your foods then go with
alternatives such as garlic salt, pepper,
honey mustard, and any other low or no calorie
For dinner, you can have 3 ounces of any type
of meat, 1 cup of green beans, half a banana,
one small apple and one cup of vanilla ice
As you can tell, there isn’t a lot of food
in this diet and that’s because lowering
calories is what causes weight loss.
If you wanna drop the pounds, you got to cut
the calories!
The next morning, breakfast should include
one slice of multigrain or whole wheat toast,
one whole egg, and half a banana.
This diet is intended to last three days,
and then take 4 days off.
Rinse and repeat until you achieve the results
you desire.
The 4 days off do not mean you can binge eat
and eat yourself to sickness.
The goal should still be to eat around 1,500
calories or less.
For lunch, you are entitled to one cup of
cottage cheese (or you can replace it with
1 slice of cheddar cheese), 1 hard boiled
egg and 5 saltine crackers.
Due to the low amount of food on this diet,
it is not recommended to work out intensely
during these days.
Instead, go for a brisk 30 minute walk on
a daily basis.
Dinner is served!
You can have two hot dogs (minus the buns),
1 cup of broccoli, half a cup of carrots,
half a banana, and half a cup of vanilla ice
This diet dictates vanilla ice cream only
I have no clue) but you can substitute ice
cream (who would do that?) with one cup of
apple juice or one cup of vanilla, strawberry
or banana flavored almond milk.
The vegetables on this diet should be steamed,
baked, boiled or eaten raw.
Meat should be grilled or baked, and if you
are a vegetarian then you can substitute the
protein sources with tofu, lentils, beans
and/or portobello mushrooms.
The third and final day has arrived!
You’re almost there, don’t give up now!
For breakfast, you are to have 5 saltine crackers,
1 slice of cheddar cheese and 1 small apple.
Saltine crackers can be replaced with rice
cakes (one for one) and cheddar cheese can
be replaced with ham, eggs, cabbage or soy
Don’t forget your black coffee or caffeinated
This lunch is going to be a bit small but
on the menu is one slice of whole wheat or
multigrain toast and one hard boiled egg.
You can switch the egg out for one cup of
milk, or two slices of bacon or just one chicken
As you can probably tell, from day 1 to day
3 there is a slow and gradual reduction of
even more calories (hence the rapid weight
For the last meal of day 3, you can have 1
cup of tuna, half a banana and one cup of
vanilla ice cream.
And remember, there is no snacking allowed
on this diet.
You need to eat these foods and these foods
You can switch the foods around, so you can
have dinner for breakfast and vice versa but
you cannot add any additional foods in!
Alcohol is strictly prohibited on this diet
(even though alcohol is a macronutrient but
without nutritional value), even on your 4
days off, you should not be consuming alcohol
especially beer or fruity drinks (it’s just
empty calories!)
If you MUST drink then only one glass of wine
is permitted.
Please remember, weight and fat loss are two
different entities.
10 pounds lost in 3 days does not mean 10
pounds of fat.
The reduction in calories (and salt as well)
will cause you to shed some water weight,
some intestinal mass (poop) and some fat as
Now that you have your diet plan, it never
hurts to add in some exercises that will help
catapult you to your goal.
Lunges: A basic lunge works multiple muscles
at the same time.
By working out multiple muscles, you are maximizing
your calorie burn.
Squats: If you are looking for an efficient
and popular exercise for weight loss, look
no further than squats.
The reason why this exercise is so effective
and popular is because it allows you to engage
your core and work out your lower body.
Jump Rope: You might be thinking that jump
rope is a children’s activity, but it’s
much more than that.
It’s a total body-toning exercise that practically
screams weight loss.
Push-Up: Another classic exercise.
It fires up your chest, shoulders and arms.
If you have proper form when you’re doing
this exercise, your abs will even get a workout.
One thing to remember when you are on this
diet and performing these exercises is not
to get discouraged.
If you don’t see progress right away, that’s
alright, it takes time for some people to
reach their goal.
The key is to maintain a positive attitude
and remain dedicated to your plan.
So if you think this diet is for you, give
it a go!
Also, if you have any other exercises or diet
plan suggestions, please leave a comment below,
we would love to hear your suggestions.
One more thing, if you are considering doing
the Military Diet, make sure to consult a
physician first before jumping into such a
strict diet.
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