THE KETOGENIC DIET:  Lose Weight and Feel Great!

THE KETOGENIC DIET: Lose Weight and Feel Great!

hey guys welcome to total health live with dr. NIC Sedano I’m dr. sadhana and I am thrilled you’re here today because you’ve got a great show I’ll tell you what I just started a new program called the ketogenic diet and many of you guys maybe you’ve heard about it if you haven’t heard about it we’re gonna give you a really good look into it today so you can get a good understanding about it and see if it’s right for you but I’ll tell you what I’m excited about it I love it I’m pumped I tell you I feel great I’ve been on it for about four days now and it’s typically you’re you’re a very low carb diet so I should be feeling a lot of brain fog but I do not I’ve got great energy and I tell you it’s a little different than you’re used to in that most of the time you’re thinking I can’t be having fat because that’s going to make me gain weight right how many guys think that if you think that type into that comment bar fat makes me fat right well the reality is it doesn’t so this is a totally revolutionary way to look at your diet and actually make changes that are going to be better for you whether it be weight so if you guys want to incinerate fat and burn fat and get trim and ripped this diet will work for that if you want to just look good for the summer get toned it’ll get you ready for that too but if you have metabolic disorders we have maybe diabetes or heart disease or Alzheimer’s or even things like epilepsy in fact this was discovered back on epileptic patients when they found that the patients didn’t have as many seizures when they either went on internet intermittent fasting which we talked about in a past episode or the ketogenic diet because of the high fat content so guys you’re gonna love this like I said get your friends get them to listen to this gate I’m gonna watch it along with you in fact if you like what we talked about today please like it give us the heart share it out get your friends to listen because I’ll tell you what what we’re going to talk about today when it comes to weight loss and transformation of your overall health is going to be nothing short of amazing with this so I want to dive into this like I said this is all about the ketogenic diet and I’m going to be doing upcoming episodes so keep an eye out because I’m gonna doing some cooking episodes with this we got a lot of great and a lot of faked you know thanks at shoutouts because of our last episode we did with a spiralizer and we were talking about how to make zoodles and and low-fat ways of making pasta so that went over really well so I’m gonna be doing a lot more cooking shows but I’m going to be doing a lot of cooking shows with the ketogenic diet so watch out for that we’re going to be talking about dinners and desserts and all different kinds of things so keep an eye out anyway diving into the ketogenic diet there’s so many benefits to it basically you’re switching from a sugar burner to a fat burner many of us are sugar burners because that’s all we’ve burned all of our lives if you guys are a sugar burn or raise your hand and say yeah that’s me because I’ve eaten carbs all my life in fact if you’ve been eating bread rice pasta cereal cakes cookies you are a sugar burner that’s all your body knows how to burn rarely will it get to the fat and typically you eat so much sugar that your body doesn’t know what to do with it so it stores it in the form of fat because whenever you take in sugar into your body your body secretes a lot of insulin and that instantly will convert it to glycogen glycogen is stored sugar well there’s only so much glycogen you can store in your muscles or in your liver so the rest of it gets converted to fat and it ends up everywhere else that’s why you never get to burn it off because you constantly give your body supplies of more glucose more sugars so your body never burns off fat so today we’re going to show you how to flip that switch and turn your body into a fat burner hey you guys if you want to be a fat burner give us a little comment right in the comment bar and say yeah that’s me I want to be a fat burner alright so I’m just going to keep an eye out see if there’s anybody asking questions or anything so if you have any questions this ask guys type it into the comment bar I’ll keep an eye out for you alright let’s turn this on here there we go turn my sound off and I’ll keep an eye out for you anyway guys like I said let’s dive into this number one probably one of the biggest things where the biggest things that happens when you get on a ketogenic diet and get off of the sugar is you reduce inflammation in lemay ssin is a major cause of disease today what science is now finding it’s linked to Alzheimer’s cancer diabetes heart disease virtually any disease we see today could be linked right back to inflammation so one of the biggest things it does is it helps our body get rid of the inflammation because one of the biggest causes of inflammation is excess refined carbohydrates excess sugars so when you can reduce that the inflammation comes down in your body it also helps with cardiovascular health once again where research shows is that cardiovascular disease or heart disease comes many times because of all the starches we take it actually causes grooves to be grooved into your arterial walls which then causes the plaquing or the cholesterol to stick in it so guys it’s not because of cholesterol that you have heart disease it’s linked to the refined carbohydrates so by switching to this kind of diet you’re going to reduce a cardiovascular disease it also improves your lipid profiles so guys a lot of times we’re concerned about our cholesterol cholesterol is too high but here’s the thing it’s not the cholesterol it’s the particles but what happens is when you take in too much sugars you make really big fluffy I mean I’m sorry small particles that embed in your arterial walls so as I was talking about earlier where those grooves get cut out and that abrasiveness gets into your arterial walls from there refined sugars you’re eating these small particles can then embed into that and it creates that plaquing so when you get on a ketogenic diet and increase your fats reduce your sugars that helps you get those big fluffy particles I was talking about earlier so you want big fluffy cholesterol particles rather than the small particles which can embed another thing it helps with the endocrine system guys all of our hormones start from fat they’re all made from fat so if you don’t take in the right amounts of fat in the right quality of fat you’re not going to make your hormones properly so in this case it will help you with that it’ll help you stabilize your blood sugar levels because we’re not going to be spiking it getting that yo-yo effect how many you guys do that you go home or go out to breakfast you have some syrupy pancakes or some kind of other you know crepes or the real sugary you go to work you’re crashing the next thing you know you’re at the the the coffee shop getting some coffee or you’re getting a Danish or a donut or you’re getting something at the machine where you’re getting a Snickers bar whatever just to ramp yourself back up again to yoyo again I mean you guys are up and down all day long because you’re on a sugar high then your sugar crashes and then you ramp it back up again and then it crashes again because of all this insulin production on and off so guys it’ll help stabilize your blood sugar levels improves insulin sensitivity guys that’s a huge one because of all the sugar we eat in our diets we become insulin resistant that means our body’s no longer see or read insulin anymore so as a result our body’s whipping our pancreas to make more and more insulin insulin insulin insulin and the fact is we’re not making enough of it to get the blood sugar down and get the sugar into our muscles an entire liver so as a result all we’re doing and we take medications for it we’re whipping our pancreas by just trying to get it to make more and more insulin because our body’s not reading it anymore we’ve become insulin resistant or reduced insulin sensitivity it helps with diabetes therefore and of course cancer this is a huge one we did a seminar on this on one of our past Facebook lives we talked about cancer the number one fuel for cancer is sugar so by reducing the sugar and getting on a ketogenic diet which by the way we’re going to get into in just a moment cancer cells cannot use ketone bodies and we’re going to talk about what ketone bodies are in just a little while but that’s when we break the fats down in our liver when we’re in a state of ketosis we actually produce ketone bodies which our bodies run perfectly off of for fuel but cancer cells can’t so the great thing about a ketogenic diet – is you starve cancer because you no longer give it the sugar that it wants to survive instead you’re you’re giving it something that can survive on but our bodies can so the cancer gets starved it’s great for seizures once again this was discovered when it came to patients with epileptic seizures they found the patients that did intermittent fasting and also did the ketogenic diet had lower incidence of their seizures once again because it helps the brain the brain function 60% of your brain is fat we need fat in our diets but we started taking it out back in the 80s when people were told hey eat your healthy whole grains and get away from the fats fat caused heart disease well I’ll tell you what if fats cause heart disease and made us fat you know why do we give our cows grains to fatten them up instead we should be giving fat to fatten them up so guys it’s not about the fat it’s about the grains and the starches that we’ve been eating since the 80s when doctors and the American Dietetic Association American diabetic Association and the American Medical Association and the government said eat more healthy whole grains I’m telling you guys get away from it start including more fat in your diet other benefits supports healthy weight loss like I said guys when you turn your body into a fat-burning machine and that’s what you want to do you want to make it a fat burner more efficient at fat the only way to do it is to take a carbs out so that your body has to turn to fat as its primary fuel source and guess what fat is its preferred for you’ll source now sure it’s easy to burn the sugars so it’s like burning kindling wood so it’s going to want to burn the sugars very easily but a better cleaner fuel source guys is fat your body burns longer on fat in fact a lot of triathletes and a lot of Olympic level athletes are getting off of the sugars because of the highs and using more healthy quality fats so it’s like burning logs rather than the kindling wood it lasts longer you don’t get those crashes another thing to helps with cognitive function once again the brain the brain is made of a fat so when you can start increasing your healthy fats in your brain you get better cognitive function better mental clarity now I’m not going to tell you in the first few days it’s tough you’ve got a little bit of brain fog because your body’s so used to looking for sugars it’s saying hey where are the sugars but you know what guys you’ll get over it it’ll be fine once your body switches and it takes about two weeks to start realizing that it’s a fat burner not a sugar burner that’s when the change happens and the mental clarity is sharp is anything reduce the risks of chronic disease once again because of the inflammation improved muscle development great thing about the ketogenic diet is it’s muscle spare it doesn’t allow muscle breakdown so the muscle development you see so many top athletes now doing the ketogenic diet because it’s so great for muscle development and guess what as I said before fat metabolism you will burn fat 24/7 even while you’re sleeping hey guys who wants to burn fat while you’re sleeping if that’s you type it into the comment bar yes I want to burn fat while I’m sleeping so that’s the thing when you’re on a ketogenic diet you’re going to be burning fat 24/7 all day long and even while you’re asleep at night now moving on if we want to talk about the regular diet we know we have basically two primary fuel sources so there’s two fuel sources that we have to choose from when we think of that guys that’s pretty good graphics huh overall glucose and ketone bodies glucose is what we’re used to glucose is the sugars that we take in glucose is what spikes your blood sugar levels so you get in the form of potatoes rice starches in the form of tapioca corn those are all your sources of glucose those main four now your body also runs off of ketone bodies many years ago people said no no you can’t not give the body glucose you can’t starve the body of glucose because if you do you can’t run the brain off of that the brain has to run off a glucose that’s not true guys what we find now is this your brain runs perfectly fine off of ketone bodies so we don’t need glucose to run the brain we can use ketone bodies to run that so how does this work how does this whole thing about ketosis work well we typically have this we have what we call the standard American diet or the sad diet alright it’s really sad because this is a high carb diet so what we see here guys this is bread ok so we have some bread here bread comes into our system our pancreas then makes insulin this is what we’ve always done and the insulin then converts it into glucose and a good and this gets stored in the muscles and the muscles then convert it to energy okay so bread comes in pancreas makes insulin insulin stores or turns it into glucose and the glucose goes and it pushes it into the the cells so when it’s in the cell now your body makes energy energy out of it well here’s how it works with the ketogenic diet very similar but the differences we’re taking in fats so we take in something like an avocado except the fats once we’ve depleted now it’s the key thing here you have to go into ketosis for this that means your body has depleted all of its stored glycogen all of its stored sugars so once all the sugar reserves are gone your body now has to turn to fats for fuel but it will never turn to fats for fuel if you’re constantly taking in more sugar right you take in more sugar never has to go to fat so you get on a diet you say you know what I’m going to learn lose some fat I’m going to trim away and not eat so many carbs today or tomorrow but the reserves are still there so because of the reserves are there and you never get through them your body will never become a fat burner so on the ketogenic diet we get through all those reserves your body gets totally glycogen depleted and we become completely dependent then on the fats the fats gets get actually converted in the liver and the liver converts them to ketone bodies and the ketone bodies are then converted to energy and that’s how it works so with ketosis we take fat in the liver convert it to ketone bodies and instead we burn ketones ketones are a lot cleaner fuel source a lot better fuel source you don’t get the highs and lows you get great mental clarity you’re burning fat all day long and right that’s what we want to do who wants to be lean and ripped that’s the way you get it you get it when your body becomes a fat-burning machine rather than a sugar burning machine because as long as it’s a sugar burning machine it never gets to the fat it never gets to the fat reserves and that’s why you always have that those muffin tops or the the love handles or this the spare tire in the front right so how does the ketogenic diet work what is the true ketogenic diet and it’s very simple it’s about 75% of your calories are fat I checked mine just before I came on the show everything I’ve eaten today I’m at about 73 percent so that’s great I’m right in the zone protein should be about 20% now the key thing is you don’t want to have too much protein because too much protein and I didn’t even know this and until recently too much protein can be converted to sugar it stimulates gluconeogenesis so it makes more sugar so we don’t want too much protein because too much protein gets converted and 5% starches now we’re gonna talk in a little while about that the tips at the end of the show as to what kind of start just to eat but you want to keep starches at about 5% so what does this look like on your plate well roughly you’ve got fat now this looks like a little bit less than 75% but we’re gonna say it’s 75% protein is like I said 20 and carbs at about 5 I think I’m at about 6 for today and you know what there’s so many great apps you can put in your phone this isn’t hard you put them in your phone and all you do is check each thing you put in what you ate someone have bar scanners all you do is put it up to the your phone’s camera it reads the bar scanner then you put in the amount that you ate the amount of servings it’s so easy it’s unbelievable and you guys will start burn in fact in the first two days I dropped two pounds that’s how good it works so getting back to this now the fat percentage once again is 75 percent but let’s talk about what you should be eating so what kind of fats do you want to eat and guys I’ve got a whole list that I’ll be glad to provide to you that a good buddy of mine came up with dr. David jockers I want to give him a little shout out for that but I can get that list to you just email me I’m sure he’s okay with it email me I’ll give you the email address at the end but it’s dr. let’s see live at dr. sadhana calm I’ll give it to you now instead live at dr. sadhana calm and I’ll get you that list but other things on the list are eggs lots and lots of eggs and I know you’re thinking no I can’t eat eggs too much cholesterol my doctor says eggs are bad for me no guys eggs are fantastic for you and don’t buy into that whole cholesterol myth that cholesterol is bad for you that cholesterol causes heart disease not true guys just to get that right out of your head all right so lots and lots of eggs in fact before I came on I had four eggs lots of coconut oil lots of saturated fats saturated fats are great for you in fact breast milk has a lot of saturated fats in it so it can’t be all bad God made it right olive oil lots of that avocados just had an avocado before I came on also Jesus especially if they’re grass-fed raw cheese’s even better but you know what eating even regular cheese is gonna be a whole lot better than eating a Snickers bar or a muffin alright things like butter lots and lots of grass-fed butter I recommend Carrie gold it’s a great grass-fed butter you know what get some good salt in it we use a lot of salts like that Himalayan salt love that put a lot of salt when I’m cooking because your body wants to stay hydrated one of the things that carbohydrates do it keeps you hydrated it holds the water and when you go on a ketogenic diet you’re gonna have a tendency to get a little dehydrated so you just want to drink water lots and lots of water which we should be doing anyway right drink lots and lots of water to flush our system out but it helps to also get some Himalayan salt in your system or sea salt so that way you hold the water a little bit better alright protein 20% we’re talking about things like salmon beautiful salmon it has a incredible antioxidant that keeps it Orange called astaxanthin fantastic nice grass-fed meats grass-fed meats are going to be best because you want to make sure that the omega-3 don’t make a 6 ratio is correct Omega 6 should be you know around 1 I’m sorry for 2 1 2 Omega 3 Omega 3 is an anti-inflammatory Omega 6 is too inflammatory so the reason we want to keep it to a better ratio of one to one or one to four is because inflammation is a major cause of disease so if you have commercially raised meats the commercially raised meats are fed grains which we know cause inflammation so if you have too much inflammation guys you’re gonna be getting too much disease in your body alright so grass-fed meats get the omega-6 omega-3 ratio correct chicken alright free-range chicken cage free chicken make sure you’re getting really good quality chicken no steroids no hormones things like that and also too while wild beasts things like venison okay wildgame meats do things like that have all kinds of different meats fantastic so once again proteins are about 20% and then carbs getting your carbs mainly from your vegetables mainly from vegetables guys so keep an eye out for that make sure you’re getting lots of green vegetables once again it’s on the list I’ll be glad to send it to you it’s got all the vegetables you should eat all the proteins you need all the fats you should eat all the ones you should need what are the ones to avoid okay so we want to have that list once again email me at live at dr. sadhana calm I’ll make sure I get it to you so berries fantastic berries are great antioxidants because you want to make sure you’re taking a lot of antioxidants on to us so berries are fantastic because they’re also low glycemic index and what that means is it doesn’t spike your blood sugar so you want to make sure that the berries you’re reading are the most colorful ones because the most colorful ones have the greatest antioxidant oxidants the best bio flavonoids and their little lowest glycemic index so berries are fantastic for you lots and lots of berries whether you have it in a smoothie or not however now let’s talk about where should your range be so when I say that we are actually measuring ketones so this isn’t just a diet where you you know just kind of eat a certain way and see how it goes you actually have to measure your ketones with this to see if you’re in ketosis so what I’ve got right here is these are our key dough strips ketone test strips and so what you do obviously it’s you’ve seen things like this before this is nothing new you take this and you when you’re urinating you pee on it and then what you do is about 40 seconds later you measure it and you see on the scale where you’re at what number you’re at okay so where you want to be with this in the most optimal zone is you want to be anywhere from 1 point 5 milli molar ketones to maybe 2 point 5 that’s about it 1.5 to 2.5 right in this range that is the most optimal ketone range okay after that you can get into starvation ketosis and ketoacidosis which you’d never want to be there but if you stay right in this range you’re gonna be perfect guys so the only way you do it is with the keto strips now here’s the thing though after a couple of weeks of being in ketosis so once you’re actually in ketosis the keto strips don’t work so well anymore because we start to change the ketone bodies that were excreting okay so now you want to use at that point a type of device that you breathe into because you can measure the ketones with your breath so there’s three ways to measure ketones one is with the keto strips and a urinalysis number two is with your breath so you breathe into this tube it takes a measurement it lets you know where you’re at the third way is of course a blood test which isn’t really feasible who wants to sit there and prick their finger and get a blood test on all the time so the easiest ways to do it is in the first couple of weeks get the keto strips or cheap I mean I think that was ten dollars and then you can get the the one of you breathe into it’s a little bit pricier but you know you could check thousands of times and by the way when you start getting ripped and shedding fat and looking incredible you’re gonna be glad you did it’s not very much I think it’s about 180 bucks for one anyway so helpful tips these are the tips that we’re gonna need to know to be successful on your ketogenic diet right and like I said guys this isn’t the only thing we’re going to do on this I’m going to do other Facebook lives even if it’s a quick five minute one just to kind of to let you know where I am in my journey and by the way guys let’s do this together let’s all do it together to where we’re getting ripped together and shape together fighting disease staying healthy together so let’s let’s get like a little community going a keto keto warriors we’ll call ourselves right the keto warriors and so let’s do that and so the tips that we need to do to really do all this is stay hydrated okay you want to stay hydrated guys the problem is once again water leaves our system quicker when we’re not having all the starches so by making sure we’re staying hydrated okay we’re gonna ensure our success with this so one thing I did this morning which was fantastic I loved it I hadn’t done it before and I tried it I took a nice tall glass of water first thing in the morning I put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar I was started trying to think of the name Bragg’s so Bragg’s makes a fantastic apple cider vinegar it’s a raw apple cider vinegar with the mother in it so you can see that floating the bacteria they start to use to make it anyway not to gross you out but you put about a teaspoon or tablespoon of that in the water and then I took a half a teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt mixed it together and actually I loved it so if you like to taste a vinegar you’re gonna love it so try that out it helps to stay hydrated because I’m getting good salts in my system good healthy salts not table salt you don’t want sodium chloride that white stuff on your table white table salt is terrible don’t use it it’s created in a chemical laboratory right so stick with the pink Himalayan salt or Celtic salt Celtic sea salt is good or just mediterranean sea salt so use those those are your best bets so consume enough salts and that’ll help you to stay hydrated exercise regularly I’ll tell you what one of the best things we can do to to eliminate muscle wasting is really to work out with weights so I’m talking about weight lifting I’m not talking about just using exercise bands or pulling on pulleys while those work really well we’re swimming I’m talking about exercising with weights building muscle and this is the best time to do it you’re ripping down the fat and building muscle at the same time that’s why this diet is so fantastic because as I said earlier it’s fantastic from muscle sparing okay it’s great for that so exercise regularly I’m also doing intermittent fasting so go back and look at one of my previous episodes to learn all about intermittent fasting but basically in a nutshell you pick a certain time of the day where you’re going to eat and certain times where you’re not going to I find guys the easiest Shuman easiest thing to do is to stop eating around 8 o’clock and then sleep through the night and then start eating again around noon so you’re getting 16 hours of not eating letting your body burn into that fat storage even more and then about noon you’re ready to go you have your first meal I tend to work out I’m off I stop seeing patients around 11:00 so by about 11:15 11:20 method gym ready to go I work out till almost 12:00 so about 45 minutes and then I’m having a protein shake so I’m ready right after that I didn’t eat it all during the first part of the day and next thing you know I’m into my workout I’m burning fat burning calories at the end of the workout I have my protein shake and I started eating till about 8:00 and then I stopped okay so that’s intermittent fasting don’t eat too much protein guys remember I said especially for bodybuilders you guys who are working out exercising the tendency is gonna say you know what I gotta eat my protein I can’t eat my protein there’s no way I can’t build muscle without the protein so this is what I did I calculated either 0.6 or 1 times my lean body mass so I went high I said 1 so that means 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass so my case it would have been about a hundred and because I weigh about 170 475 pounds it would have been for me about a hundred and forty seven hundred forty eight pounds or grams I should say a protein so what I did is I backed it up from there a little bit and I said about 120 so I took about 120 grams a day of protein and then what I do is since it’s 20% of my calories I figured out exactly how many calories I need to take a day which in my case is 2400 so 2400 calories a day gets me the exact right amount of protein and once again I’m looking at it in my app I know exactly how many grams of protein I’m taking it a day I have a little weight scale and you guys are probably thinking this is crazy I gotta weigh the stuff trust me once you do it a few times and you know what things weigh it’s easy so weigh your food know exactly what it weighs hey we want to give a shout-out to Chris I’m glad to see you’re here and on the show tonight and Andre glad to see you’re here so anyway figure out exactly what you need whether we point six or one grams per pound of lean body weight and you can figure out how much protein you need but don’t overdo with the protein once again protein stimulates sugar production okay you don’t want to be doing that gluconeogenesis don’t want to do it choose good quality carbs that’s a huge key guys because so many people would figure hey you know what if I can get five percent of my diet and carbs I might have a Danish or I’m gonna have a you know a slice of bread or something no don’t do that guys what you want to do instead is you want to have your carbs in the form of the vegetables you want to do that maybe have some zucchini where you’ve got some starch in there that’s where you want to get your carbs from get your carbs from the berries don’t get it from from really bad dirty carbs like your Sugar’s your bread your rice see your cereals things like that good quality sleep once again you’re healing when you’re sleeping that’s when your body’s secreting growth hormone so you get the best results when you’re secreting growth hormone right after midnight right around meet one or two in the morning and also two MCT oil is if possible what that is is MCT oils our medium chain triglycerides all right so these are your medium change you’re eight to ten carbon chains and all you have to do is go online just go on Amazon and look up MCT oil the reason MCT oil is so much better is because it burns cleaner it’s a better fuel source it’s in coconut oil but there’s so many different kinds of oils within a coconut oil that this is the exact kind you want to use but not only that guys it’s great for your brain so you want to keep that cognitive function high and your brain functioning on all cylinders and getting the most out of it then make sure you’re using MCT oil or just coconut oil but either way you’ll still be fine but the MCT oil is going to be even better okay so anyway guys I hope you liked the show tonight once again keep on following us because we’re going to be having episodes after this one where I’m going to give you follow-ups on how I’m doing follow-ups on how you’re doing you guys can chime in if you have any questions write them into the comment bar in fact if you guys have ideas for other shows write them into the comment bar I’m always looking for show ideas because I want to know what you guys want to know I want to do what you guys want I want to be able to teach exactly what you guys are struggling with so whatever health struggles you’re happening having just go ahead and put them in that comment bar let me know and I’ll be glad to do a show about that too but once again guys if you like the show please like share it get this information out to other people I know you know people that are sick suffering they’re depressed they’re their mental state is down they’re not happy with their weight they’re not happy with how they look and you know what guys we can make a difference in their lives just share the information out to them or direct message it to them just send it to them just tag them or whatever and get the information right out to your friends but once again guys follow us and we’ll be able to give you some more updates on future shows so guys have a blessed night I thank you for being here I’ll keep giving you updates once again dr. Sedano on facebook live I appreciate you being here have a great night bless

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