The Keto Egg Diet │  Keto Egg Fast │ What is a Egg Fast? │Keto Egg Diet Explained

The Keto Egg Diet │ Keto Egg Fast │ What is a Egg Fast? │Keto Egg Diet Explained

what’s up guys I’m Jess and you’re watching keto rewind okay so it’s another video another fun thing I thought I would do I get questions a lot on my channel um and it gives me ideas obviously to make videos so one of the common questions I get a lot is have I tried the egg fast or egg diet and/or the beef and butter fast nope haven’t tried either one which gets me thinking well what is this egg diet what is this beef and butter fast what is this egg fast so me being me I love to research I’ve been researching this for a week or two or so so on Sunday I was talking to my husband and I’m like hey you might even egg fast he’s like what’s an egg fast well baby but he also is like yeah cuz I’m crazy like that um anyways an egg fast is you’re eating eggs butter and cheese and that’s it nothing else and you do it for three to five days so I thought I’d make a video and it’s a nice challenge I remember I I guess and my week 30 update I mentioned that I wanted to lose 15 pounds this month that was my goal and obviously an egg fast will help get me to that goal because it’s a hefty goal in a month but being I’m still morbidly obese the weights coming off decent right now so I should have no trouble hitting 15 as long as I try so what better to do this will add an egg fast challenge now what is it basically you’re going to kind of like reset your your self-discipline your your cravings and move the scale basically in a nutshell that’s what it does so how to determine how many eggs or whatever you can have it’s based off of your macros I urge you if you’re interested in this open up carb manager and pop in you know a sample lunch and dinner or breakfast lunch and dinner and see how many because it takes for you to hit your protein number and then obviously you’re not going to have any carbs that way and then you can put in about one to two tablespoons of butter per meal I don’t ever try to hit my fat macro or fat goal I’ve considered my limit and I like to stay under that limit too so I’m gonna do one tablespoon of butter each time I do it but you can have up to two so like if you have a bulletproof coffee throw it in the hunk of butter you can still do that but you still need to make sure you’re eating within those macros so for me I’m going to have a black coffee with my collagen inside note make sure it’s unflavored and just playing grass-fed unflavored collagen like this one I had a shoulder injury two years ago that required shots and physical therapy and it still was funky up until like last month when I started collagen it has really I don’t have any grinding anymore I have no pain and for that reason I’m not giving up my collagen even if I have to do this fast so I still and then obviously coupon code down below if you want to try some unflavored collagen with a nice quality source I like this brand a lot but getting back on topic coffee with my collagen and you can for if you wanted to throw in your butter you could to make it a bulletproof and but I’m personally just like it black I’d rather have my butter on my eggs but you do what works for you so I’m gonna do four eggs for lunch and sauteed in butter like a tablespoon of butter and then I’m gonna have an ounce of cheese on that and I’ll repeat that meal twice so bout me my lunch in my dinner I am still going to continue my fasting schedule although this egg fast is not actually a fast unless you consider avoiding all other foods and that’s maybe why they call it fast so a lot of people called the egg diet I don’t know which one’s right the egg diet kind of makes more sense but whatever I like to have a fasted workout when I go to the gym so I will continue my fasting and I will just it’s my home wheel with this egg fast meal so I will go to the gym around noon and then when I come home from the gym I’ll begin eating so I’m gonna give you an entire video on like what I ate and that will also include my updates with how much I lost the pros and cons if I do it again you know the whole nine yards I’ll add it in probably once I make it it’s not here right now but once this video is made its gonna be right there in that link but that’s basically going to be the results of my egg fest so to give you a quick like idea of what to do so you can do this with me here’s a sample lunch in a sample dinner okay so it is Monday day two of the egg fast and we’re going to cook up some scrambled eggs in here I have a tablespoon of butter I thought that two tablespoons was a little crazy so I just put a tablespoon of butter and we’re gonna scramble up the eggs and then I’m gonna put one slice of Boar’s Head American cheese and each one of these slices is actually an ounce so I’m just gonna pop that on there once it starts firming up so I’ll be back in a minute and here we have lunch scrambled eggs with American cheese in butter so I will be back at dinner and you’re having how many trifles three three troubles all right all right we have 4 eggs 1 tablespoon of butter and 1 ounce of shredded pepper jack cheese okay so now that you’ve seen basically what an egg fast is I also wanted to add that this is a good time to practice self-discipline and to curb sugar sugar cravings so for these five days I know you can have kilo proof sweeteners I know that but for this challenge don’t put any sweeteners in leave it just eggs butter and cheese what’s the worst that can happen it helps sugar cravings you know like that’s what I’m going into this I’m trying to basically also guide you and for me that makes sense for me this is a challenge it’s stopping my self-discipline it’s gonna help my sugar cravings because I’m a carrier of what anybody says those cravings are in my head for life I’ve been like that for 37 years I have sugar cravings it’s just something I deal with so switching Aikido makes them like 90% better but they’re still always lurking in the background I won’t have it so this helps keep me self disciplined helps the control it’s a challenge it’s fun so I feel like if you take those sweeteners out for your three or your five days why not it’s a challenge do it so basically I’m having pink salt that’s the only seasoning I’m gonna put on my food and I’m gonna I’m gonna muscle through it and I will report back in five days so one other thing let’s see I like what some of the reasons that people do being fast is obviously if the scale has slowed down for you maybe you need to refocus so maybe you’ve fallen off keto and you want to hop back on all of these reasons are great reasons to try out the egg fast I mean I might have chicken feathers instead of hair the next time you see because of the amount of eggs I’m gonna be eating but what’s the worst that can happen my sugar cravings improve I lose some pounds I get some more self-confidence in the amount of you know I smashed another goal you know like let’s do it it’s not it’s just it’s only three to five days and and I will say if the only way you could do it is if you do and the the keto proof sweeteners go for it it’s okay know what I mean it’s okay but I’m saying in general just try to do it without him you see if you can but five days it could get kind of crazies up here up in here so when I report back it will be first thing will end my fat so Friday I’m gonna post this video my results and I’m excited because I started this off at 233 pounds and I’ve already lost weight I’m not gonna tell you how much but you’ll have to check that for the next video but I’m curious you know after five days I’ve never had I’ve never experienced in zero carbohydrates before which is more of like the carnival or type diet so I’m curious how that feels and all that so and maybe I’ll do a carnivore diet for a week who knows but so but anyways getting back on topic I’m gonna report back with the pros the cons my weight loss you know some tips and tell you about my egg fast results so I’ll see you at the next video come and do this with me I’m gonna post it on my Facebook page if you want more details so visit this link right here and I’ll see you back in a couple days bye I’m Jess and you’re watching keto rewind you

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