The Keto Diet Works | Everything You Need To Know |

what is up my fellow fitness freaks what’s qg welcome to my channel quito man Sam if you’re new here here go ahead and crush that subscribe button for me [Music] this video is pretty much gonna be like my channel trailer slash explanation of what I’m going to be doing on here wait what what am i doing again so I’ve worked out for about a year or so here at my house and you know I kind of fell in and out of it just pretty much if I didn’t see like any results you know I got discouraged whatever and would just give up I quit oh and that’s kind of why I like I started this channel because I hit that point in my life where I was just ready to quit literally said that a second ago that’s when I decided to give the keto diet a try because like I didn’t start the keto diet because I was fad come on I did it to see if it would work and it did I lost like ten pounds in two weeks and I was like bad bad bad now that I know keto works I want to use it to shred and tone after I build muscle so I’m not currently doing keto right now wait what because I’m doing hardcore training at the gym three to four times a week and there are bodybuilders that build muscle on the keto diet so I’m not saying that it’s impossible but it is extremely hard to build muscle while you’re on the keto diet because your body’s already working hard through the keto diet to burn off the fat that you don’t want plus I don’t have a lot of muscle to begin with so I want to build muscle by utilizing carbs for I don’t know about a month month and a half and then use the keto diet to help shred and tone what I have I’m so confused and that right there is why I do what I do on this channel you just said dude you because there’s so much information out there what to do what not to do how to use carbs low carb keto fats trans fats proteins and formulas that you just you start to feel like a mad scientist or something like okay what works for me what is simple that’s my goal gain muscle use carbs to gain it for I don’t know a month month and a half then use keto to get shredded we talking about shredded cheese so that’s what you’re going to see on here best practices diets meal plans meal prep and pretty much showing you guys my progress as we go so if you are interested in Fitness health being the best version of yourself stick around for more videos like this thanks for watching peace

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