The City of energies  : focus on microalguae

The City of energies : focus on microalguae

Only 1 hour from Paris…A stone’s throw from the beach Marseille… Cadarache The City of energies Study of plant physiology Plant productivity dynamics Focus on microalgae From the strain… to the industrial prototype The biology of microalgae Photobioreactors Automated cultivations Lipidomic instruments The microalgae bioenergy team is studying that will link CO2 fixation via photosynthesis to the production of energy-rich compounds such as hydrocarbons, lipids or starch. Equipements to imagine tomorrow’s bioenergies In order to do this, our laboratory has various equipments such as photobioreactors, devices such as AGCMS or mass spectroscopy; they allow us to study from strain engineering to the analysis of the production of high value-added compounds or lipid-type compounds, oil, etc. To optimize carbon metabolism A more robust and efficient photosynthesis Pre-industrial prototypes Our offices are located in brand-new buildings, which are equiped with both laboratory and pilot-sized equipments. This allows us to increase technological maturity on our projects; in particular it allows us to take over from our colleagues who work in algae biology, by welcoming their strains developing cultivation processes and then transfering them to the industry. For the biofuels sector green chemistry cosmectics bio-economy food To work on the process on a small scale, then on prototypes from 100 to 1000 liters. Six years ago, we started by setting up the platform in which we work. This is a platform on a pilot scale which prefigures the City of energies’s project, which is currently increasing in power with the construction of the Biam’s research and development building Spring 2020 in synergy with our prefiguration systems. A privileged relationship with the industry Total has been producing biofuels for 20 years and is present at all stages of the supply chain. Among our collaborations, we have started a privileged partnership with the CEA several years ago. With the CEA, our priority is to identify the most promising, robust and productive strains of microalgae. They will then be tested under outdoor cultivation conditions in pilots. The final objective is to achieve oil production from microalgae at productivity levels 10 times higher than those obtained by terrestrial oil plants. The City of energies Biosciences and biotechnologies institute of Aix-Marseille Fundamental research – Technological breakdowns 11 active patents – 176 publications in 2016-2019. An exceptional environment for a science at the service of tomorrow’s bioenergies.

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