Thai Fish Curry – Yellow Thai Curry | Keto Recipes |  Headbanger’s Kitchen

Thai Fish Curry – Yellow Thai Curry | Keto Recipes | Headbanger’s Kitchen

hold up and welcome to a brand new episode of headbangers kitchen how you guys doing today I’ve got a delicious keto recipe for you today we will be making a yellow Thai curry with fish now I’m going to be using a ready-made space that is there for the yellow curry now I checked this and it’s got about 3 grams of carbs per 15 grams of the paste so we are only going to use 30 grams of this space which means that 6 grams of carbs approximately and we’re going to make three servings so that means you will have got 2 grams of carbs from this puzzling of course if you can make your own pace at home without any of the stuff that might have like sugary content in it and go ahead otherwise use this this is easy and you know what if you eat one meal with a lot of carbs in it then eat another meal with less carbs in it also the fish we are going to be using I have no idea what it is my special woman call this copy I look online but I couldn’t find it seems to be like a tuna in Spanish but nice and it’s going to be nice and flaky when it cooks anyway enough of my blabbering let’s go and make this delicious Thai yellow curry with fish in it we’re going to start making our cut it by getting our wok on the gas and get it nice and hot we are going to start off with a tablespoon of coconut oil so that it delicious coconut flavor to that we’re gonna add the curry paste which we have and the good of fryer off for a bit [Music] the suitors we’re gonna add in some coconut milk and just get the got it going then I’m going to add in some grated zucchini now my thought here is that the zucchini is going to shorter gives us two or three the curry from the body Mexican is grated it finds all good like mint into the curry and it’s going to make it rich and thick and hearty so we’re going to die [Music] next we add in some bok choy and we stir fry that with all this goodness [Music] then I’m going to add in some more coconut milk and let our Colleen cook and similar fold it once is cooker for five minutes Rock so I’m going to add the pieces of our fish let this cook for another five minutes the fish is cooked perfectly [Music] I don’t like to look in the fridge so you just let it cook nice and easy [Music] and finally our curry is ready and we’ll finish him with a garnish of coriander which of course has a lot of flavor and friend and that’s it our yellow Thai curry with fish or our fiscal in order for a Thai fish curry ramen is ray and that looks delicious okay it’s time to taste the Thai fish curry the tide yellow fish curry but sorry yellow curry with fish in it and guess who’s back my dad by popular demand so that this is no yellow Thai curry with fish in it and there is shredded zucchini in it and some bok choy that’s it and it’s a keto recipes so yeah okay guys this is again that time of day that I love to take I wish I will make this up paying profession okay guys anyway I’m not a great fish level I’ll tell you I think fish looks awesome in an aquarium but since he’s been the great food so far I’m gonna taste this thing guys so hang in there the sky is great a fish because the two edges for me what can I say man I could become a fish level this is amazing I mean the skewers blood coconut is going to the spice no fish is nice chunky white meat great texture is not squishy it just is fantastic I mean watch he is doing overcooked fish you guys all I can say is wish you were here good love this anyway thank you guys for watching time for tasting that and I’ll see you on the next episode on Hell’s Kitchen sure [Music] just awesome burger

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