Tdawg415- quit saying keto diet doesn’t work I was 297 pounds now I am 183 pounds

[Music] this TFI here I’m making this video we’re gonna hear a lot of you know keto diet doesn’t work guy and today hit it that doesn’t work I was on a full year and I was running for year I weighed 297 pounds and I lost all that yeah I lost all that weight so I’m saying it does work so you guys cuz it’s similar to the work Yankees know how many times it is they’re doing you’re not doing it right I people just eat me okay so what I didn’t have I’m something way don’t you know you know his high fats and protein low in carbs they eat a lot of carbs that’s why they did good yeah I did I wasn’t you know I was 20 minutes 20 minutes and pounds now 180 pounds 180 pounds one year of Quito so quit saying keep it under work is it does work so peace peace up guys and just keep getting no games

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