Talking Keto Diets With Mark Bell

[Music] all right so let’s get into some nutrition stuff and I would either go to guy for even though you know lots of other stuff as well so you know I’ve been on a keto style that we marked a little bit on the podcast about it and I think that you’re misinterpret is a lot of times I think maybe because somebody puts up you know a post about sugar and then you defend it and then they think you’re a fan of sugar then they think you’re only a proponent of flexible dieting and you’re only expand it is the only plan on that how can we clear some of this up how can we clear the air hunt something saying well I think part of the problem is just people’s own biases they’re going to hear what they want to hear right so and I had this exact situation on Twitter I put up a study that shows that ketogenic diet did not have any more beneficial fat loss effects versus a traditional diet reproaching it equates approaching the calories with the same right so that’s that’s what I said somebody responded that means that want that’s not true I lost 50,000 to keep it nice I didn’t say it didn’t work I said it just wasn’t said and that first thing fought with me for like I don’t know probably back and forth like a dozen messages I think it’s dark and I’m not saying it doesn’t work so it was just crazy this for me to say it’s not better than a regular diet and somebody to here laces the ketogenic diets but same thing wasn’t been fasting this has the same I’ve had the same do you know any any kind of thing well I’ll tell people’s like listen if you if you like to get is used I’m and the other day the best diet is the ones you can adhere to right did you consistent you can follow you alright so I find a lot of people it’s very hard for the district taking did you make diet because you’re just not going to eat carton right and their carbs or everything so for me I find that most times what works best for a lot of people if he can enforce and control teach them how to track this and that yeah have to learn how to eat left if if you gained a lot of weight and you’re 250 pounds and you want to lose weight you’re gonna have to eventually teach yourself to do something different than what you were doing before and you’ll have to figure out a way to expend more energy than your tubing but and at the end of the day diet works only because you’re creating some calorie deficit all right if you lose this bad boy because you’re creating a calorie together cut a lot of whole food right but if you eat enough fat and protein you can’t gain weight yes there’s no doubt doc so one of the approximate guys is here today we gained 35 pounds on a ketogenic diet sure I may be intentionally like was doing he wanted to gain weight basically got rid of carbohydrates that he had you know some some allergies and subsystem certain foods he didn’t even know it right so we responded really well desire yeah sure I mean you know and that’s one thing I’ll say you know what I think flexible dieting I don’t talk to the students and what I mean is using a diet that you feel minimally restricted on right and something and just being mindful of what you’re eating right I think a lot of people are looking for the magic bullet what are the foods by saying is must I wanna I’m not gonna gain like vomiting weight loss and you know fighting some of the best information on flexible dieting is because when you when you scroll around on the internet you know it there’s a lot of different information on it and then people see the pop charts make see the ice cream and stuff and they get a weird interpretation and right you know I think part of that is to never look to show the boring TV we want to show and as you know I’m joking this jaidrath satellite like no I’ll put up a picture of eating ice cream sandwich every day we get weapons and it’s going to create a reaction you know because at the end of the day we were trying to entertaining in some way it’s not full it’s awful now I do try to keep it in line I put up some raw food everywhere and well but I think you know some of the best people to follow your owl are gone he’s very good with regard through this mission for dieting um you know my website avatar nutrition as well as vital ENCOM we have a lot of information about providing care whether the articles you read for retain some information I was like yeah yeah I got some stuff on there you know and again I’ve had people if you tell me I like energetic guys I still good on it I can adhere to it awesome we mail I had this with a faster cardio because you know there’s research shows that fasted cardio does not cause more fat loss than in Flint okay so just to clear lesson two by waking up at five o’clock in the morning and doing a fasted cardio session Harmon area it doesn’t really make a difference it doesn’t make a difference now if you’re somebody who you have to work early in the morning and you get up that’s the only time you can do your cardio and you don’t talk you don’t you don’t like eating before that fine sounds like a way to do it that’s fine right it’s all about you know what can fit your lifestyle what you can accommodate but if you’re trying to tell me to own magic there I’m going to put my foot down and say no well it’s funny somebody will say I heard I heard you hate fasted cardio people don’t hate that’s the cardio is in my house and you know kick my dog and punch my wife you know I sent out hate it I just you know I think if you’re telling me it’s better than it’s not correct there’s no research detector so I’m not anti really anything I’m anti that’s it and so you know I think when you when you’ve gone I think the scientists tend to think a little bit differently and I think the main thing about a scientist is they’re always skeptical so we can have an idea about stuff we look at something it sounds correct you know sugar should cause more fat gaming and whatnot but no matter how correct something’s there on the scientists will always look at and go I wonder if that’s right right and so that’s why we have to do actually do the studies because fasted cardio it sounds good right it sounds ok your fastest if you do this cardio you’re going to burn more fat from your body I mean it sounds like it would sell in our plan right but when you actually test it what you find is sometimes things always work out like you like you thought that’s why we call hypotheses sure and we actually let’s test so in the case of a scardy what you find is yes you do were a greater percentage of calories from from body fat but what happens is your thermogenic responses lower the overall thermogenic the overall amount of calories you burn is lower whereas you eat beforehand you put a little bit even less of the total percentage of calories from fat but the overall amount you burn from fat is still the same right so is one of those things were when you test it it just doesn’t hold up to litmus test sign what is a what is a ketone exactly so ketone is a byproduct of fat metabolites of fasting or low carbohydrate for enough period of time I don’t wanna get too much in the biochemistry because I’ll lose 99% of our audience but essentially what happens is from fat from good fats I go through what’s called beta oxidation so your lopping off to carbon units of fat and fatty acids and those two carbon units and they’re the Krebs cycle as acetyl co a and that acetyl co a in the liver can be converted to a series of reactions to keto okay and the reason when you form ketones is the prevention basically film from crashing is logical okay because if you go if you just if you were very low carb and you couldn’t bear that blood glucose especially when you’re exercising right your your you can go into a theoretically you go in a hypoglycemic shock there’s a normal body under normal arm under normal circumstances you know doing extraneous exercise there’s a normal person for these ketones occasionally not really it’s a very very low amount that you’re that you’re producing there probably are some but it’s a very very – standing it’s a it’s like a thing in your body to protect a little bit against something like starvation right well right yeah the laundry line without food like so what you find is that one kilos is in terms of an evolutionary protective mechanism they are they are most experienced because you can use them as energy as opposed to having to draw glucose right from protein approaching as gluconeogenic which means you can form about 60% of amino acids can be converted to glucose now people misinterpret that as two more multiple protective than stasis to compare the non carbohydrate which is not true but they are low comparing absolutely – that makes them many zones are an energy source and/or authoritative they’ve been deemed that for some people that are proponents of ketogenic diets they’ve talked about it being like a fourth macronutrient how does that sound so so you know they’re they can be used you know basically what’s your Tito adapted now you’re braising you ketosis of a blooper and I don’t consider myself ketogenic experts my initial yeah but my friends on the CR because you know right professor at USF we talked a lot about it and and that that’s you know basically you’re providing another source of fuel right and so when we look at things like Alzheimer’s which seems to be related to glucose intolerance in the brain so you’re basically not able to get glucose into brain cells and it causes some of these problems or at least we think so by providing a different substrate ketone it seems to not protect but it seems to alleviate some abilities negative effect right because you just provide an alternative energy source and so what’s interesting is it does people let’s be able to tell about the new ketone supplement for out then yes ladies does bps but from that and actually they’re actually seems to be some fine yeah behind them they will actually raise blood ketone levels when we take orally right so you know if you’re gentle it could be an energy source right exactly now again have calorie every time you exercise for you know if but I think for endurance reports that may be something that would be helpful for something like power lifting body bullying me animal haha would actually but yeah I mean I think you know again like I think the keeps you to do the guy there’s wonderful application for in terms of cancer in epilepsy may be still divers who are under they have a highest like people divers on a high incidence of seizures and it a really deep breath so they’ve done some people just have a trouble with sugar like some that’ll make things so you start out their lives as batkid that they love to eat sweets like myself and if I it just seems to me like I can be dedicated enough to do body building style that it’s done before but it’s just really hard for me I don’t why I don’t like eating low-fat and so something has to be low when you’re trying your Saline right sometimes Elbert um yeah something has to be low or lower right from previously leaning so for me that’s why I kind of chose a ketogenic style diet is just because for me it’s what I can do in a caloric deficit absolutely no I I have a hard time doing anything different we talked a little bit about fat as fasting society period and I think some of that needs to be cleared up again because people they jump to all these crazy to conclusions there’s nothing special about a ketone necessarily correct although is just an alternative energy source again but it looks like it’s not really much different than molecular Li and everything else I’m sure it is but it’s relatively the same to fatten protein also going back for a more so fat and you know I think that people they think that there’s these magic components to these diets they think a magic component of flexible diet that somehow going to maybe enhance your growth hormone testosterone levels two point we’re just going to burn in fact yeah or they think that’s true of a ketogenic style diet or whatever fad diet comes out next that people get excited about and the truth is there’s really there’s there’s no magic to it certain things serve a certain purpose so in the case of being fasted what works for me is the last about 12 hours because being a bigger guy it’s easier for me to to break my calories up into larger portion meals and that tends to work really well for me so that’s kind of the case with with fasting is that there’s not really anything any magic component foods that correct I mean there’s a lot of guys who will tell you you know consolidation reset your insulin sensitivity source angel the data shows that receiving a high protein reduce calorie diet that you get the same effects that you’re a writer you’re up regulating all those things mr. self you want to there is some use for fasting it’s like cancer like to really jumpstart getting your blood glucose down getting ketones up there seems to be something doctor do if you know really recommend that right but for performance those sorts of things you know people think it’s kind of the case is missing the missing the force of the trees all right well if you faster growth hormone goes down don’t think about this the transient increase in growth hormone versus actually not eating anything which do you think is more actually in of always alright and the research data actually shows that multiple authors probably don’t even know this that growth hormone in the physiological range is not involved right at all there may be some fat burning effect but it’s not in a bulk and even if even like the research on injectables growth hormone for people well no but uh the research on it yes because I got very interested in this because just how much play growth hormone got talked about yeah and and how the research I’ve done led me to believe my own research that I’ve done it leads me to believe that it should not even be classified as performance-enhancing drugs this doesn’t really do it a ton in my experience it increases your connective tissue that’s what it does like it you could make an argument and it’s up for a person on steroids who the multiple kids to get stronger faster than dependence may refer for any leads to but the side effects are so great right in the studies they looked at the I have a hard time hard time saying or even something like carpal tunnel syndrome which may not even think as well like Oh your hands are like sad extremely painful yeah I don’t know so one of the things I always tell people is going to be this fasting giddiness diet flexible dieting fasted cardio whatever you you know everything is tools and suzhou you know just like train now i use my hammer a lot more than i use my power drill or my jacket you know I mean well my screwdriver I use my finger a lot more but I still got my jackhammer when I need well and for some people only I go on that jackhammer and bathroom and if I got the bike on but for some people you know I’ve had you’d want to keep the GenCon I’ve had people do fast economy you know it’s just you know very rarely do I do I pull that particular tool out but sometimes you need and I think that putting I think it’s easier to sell thing when you pigeonhole into one area or another music big because it sees this all for communities that make sense yeah like I’m trying to develop it because it’s honestly like the us-versus-them mentality is people love it yet again salad a war on carbs yeah but you know whereas if I’m over here saying you know it’s also kind of portion control and many modest and finding what works for you and these sort of really reasonable thickness to the bell by impossible thank you so yeah I try don’t want to eat as much as I want and you know they just think that that there’s going to be some magic to anything right no it’s absolutely right so you know again I like for example like the whole thing with Joe Rogan we try to go away it’s not me going thou’s the benefits of sugar right that’s not it it’s repeated products clear up some of the fear-mongering that’s been put out there right and I’m not going to focus a should eat more sugar no now I’m faded you’re an athlete something like that actually can be applications for sugar but very relevant cool I’m going to say is like what happens is we create these unhealthy kind of relationships from food and we don’t think about this but it’s the tree that if somebody thinks sugar is so bad to them and variably when they come across some sugar they tend to just go crazy with it because they have the site that lagann blown my diet because I had that Apple or whatever it was then had some sugar in it and they tend to eat like crazy you know because they can’t moderate it we call it this inhibition there’s actually some researchers well I want to say the difference right listen television absolute car plant if make sure you’re fitting it into whatever your restriction in or if you’re if you’re bulking or in a caloric surplus putting it into your whatever your targets are for that purpose you know but you know trying to a slide field if it is just somehow inherently evil you can’t dr. evil is just wrong yeah sister dated a son support guys this is lame Morton bio Lane on Instagram avatar avatar nutrition film avatar nutrition calm his YouTube channel is probably Biola well yep anyway Lane Norton if you like the video make sure you like it make sure you share it like the information we had today strength is never a weakness and that’s it

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