Surprisingly, Artificial Sweeteners Can Cause Weight Gain – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Surprisingly, Artificial Sweeteners Can Cause Weight Gain – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone today I want to talk
about the effects of sweeteners on weight loss it’s a very interesting
topic these are my ideas I want to start this off by saying this these are
my ideas for those of you who don’t know who I am my name is Violet Reveira I’m a
psychologist and the reason I make these videos is I want to help people to
understand that mental health and physical health come together to produce
overall well-being and so therefore we have to pay attention to both I really
do find that when people have more information they tend to make better
decisions okay I’m gonna I wanna start off by telling a little
story I don’t know if you ever had the experience when you were younger where
your parents are on their way out and they’re gonna be back in a few hours and
they tell you that they want you to do XYZ chores before they get back home and
so they leave and you go sit down and watch TV or play your video game or do
something else and thinking in your head that you have
so much time and that you’ll do it before they get back and then by the
time you realize it you hear the door jiggling and you haven’t done your
chores and now you pop up out of the couch and you’re running around like a
crazy person trying to get the chores done before they get in with the
groceries let’s say and see that you haven’t done what you were asked to do
the reason I’m telling you this story is because I actually believe that our body
functions in a very similar way when it comes to sugar okay okay bear with me
I’m gonna explain how I think that when it comes to sugar entering our system
our bodies behave like an angry parent has just gotten home when we ingest
sugar our body is put in a position where that five grams of sugar that’s
already circulating in our system because our body keeps it at that level
is now being bumped up by whatever we ate so if we’ve eaten something that has
10 grams the our body is realizing that 10 grams of sugar are coming in but only
five can be in our bloodstream so something needs to move around so what
happens and this is something that you can look up in any you know biology
textbook or website or whatever is that when we ingest any carbohydrates our
body right away pull some of those carbohydrates out in our stomach so in
our stomach some of the carbohydrates gets pulled out and gets utilized as
quickly as possible as energy now I know a lot
of weight lifters and exercise people believe that this is because sugar is so
darn energy efficient and good for us to you I don’t think that’s why this is
happening you see too much sugar and our bloodstream is toxic I believe that the
reason that our bodies grabs the sugar and pushes some of it out to be used as
energy is because it’s used as energy it’s no longer in our system and so
therefore we’ve just gotten rid of some so what does that mean sugar at the door
is like an angry parent and so if you look at what happens when
you we taste something sweet our body is already mobilizing for us to have that
sweet in our system it knows it’s coming right our taste receptors tells our
system that sugar it’s on its way why is that important because our system needs
to know when sugar it’s on its way because we can’t have more than 5 grams
in our body at any sorry in our bloodstream at any particular point in
time we can have it in our body stored away as fat stored away as glycogen we
can have it in our body but sitting in our bloodstream
we cannot what I believe is happening is that when we taste sugar and our body
puts some sugar away to make space for the sugar that’s coming in so either we
use it as energy or we store it as fat or glycogen which is fine our body puts
some of it away then the sugar that comes in replaces what was put away and
everything is back to homeostasis but what happens when the sweet that was
tasted was artificial sweetener so now we have a problem
see our body is being told carbs are on the way but in actuality it was an
artificial sweetener but our body doesn’t know that so it puts some carbs
away with the expectation but carbs are coming and what happens no carbs come so
the problem is that we’ve put some carbs away but no carbs come what does our
body do now right because now we might be in a slight little deficit I have
experienced this phenomena that I’m talking about I’m not just making
something up and it happened to me multiple times and
after thinking about it this is where this idea came to me and again like I’m
saying this is totally my idea but I’m trying to help you to understand that I
see happening and actually after I saw it happen to myself I started to
investigate with other people and to do that little experiment of between lunch
and supper where you normally would not have had anything because I’m talking
about people were doing keto drink some diet soda and tell me what happens
because this is what was happening to me between lunch and supper a few times I
decided as a little treat for myself because I like diet soda I would drink a
diet soda and then about 20 minutes to an hour later I was extremely hungry the
kind of hungry that wasn’t going away and I couldn’t figure out what was going
on until eventually I started thinking about what happens when my taste
receptors think that there’s sugar coming and honestly when you look at the
biology it makes sense as soon as sugar hits your stomach some of it gets pushed
out to be used as energy and your body starts putting your insulin goes up and
your body starts putting it away as fat or glycogen so if I tell my body that
there’s sugar coming but none comes of course it’s still gonna put something
away so I was actually hungry struggling to make it to lunch I mean sorry it
struggling to make it to supper and the people that I asked to do the same thing
had the same experience that all of a sudden they were hungry are the
artificial sweeteners causing my insulin spike our mind and our senses are
connected and our bodies are connected so everything is connected so if your
body is being told that sugar is coming it behaves as if sugar is coming and
sugar can’t stay in our system so it gets put away but now I’m low on sugar
because I have to have five grams of sugar in my system or I become
hypoglycemic right so now it wants to put the sugar back so it’s pushing me to
eat and honestly it takes more energy for my body to go and pull some carbs
from protein then it would be for me to just go eat something so that’s what
happens it pushes me to eat something how does this affect weight loss if I
allow myself to eat keto snack which have no notes and no carbs in them
but they’re sweetened with artificial sweeteners if I allowed myself to drink
sodas that have artificial sweeteners or any other kind of drinks with artificial
sweeteners whenever I ingest anything with artificial sweeteners I’m telling
my body something sweet is coming even though nothing sweet is coming is and my
body does this process so what I’m asking you to realize is that if you do
find yourself still getting hungry even though you’re not eating
excessive carbs there’s a possibility that is the artificial sweeteners that
you’re eating that are pushing you to want to eat because in actuality we’re
kind of forcing our system to put awake sugar that it didn’t need to put away
again this is my theory on this I’m not a medical doctor I’m just looking at
what happened to me I’m looking at what happened to the few people that I asked
to try this out they all reported back to me the same thing that weirdly they
became hungry even though normally they could make it to supper and all of a
sudden they couldn’t make it to supper and I want to push point out that this
is actually physical hunger this is not that psychological hunger that I was
talking about in the other video I’ll link that up above this is a physical
hunger this is a hunger of someone who actually created a deficit somehow and
now is needing to replenish what was taken out which means that like I said
earlier it doesn’t go away you can drink water you can do all the normal things
that we would do for a psychological hunger give yourself time etc it doesn’t
go away you actually feel hungry until you eat something so what the answer is
for this is actually and I know you’re gonna think I’m gonna say well don’t eat
artificial sweeteners but that’s not the answer I mean it could be the answer if
you want it to be the answer but that’s not the answer I was talking about if I
wanna have a soda if I want to have a Keadle friendly treat that’s sweet what
I really need to be able to do is make sure that I have those with my meal what
was what I did notice is that if I have the Keitel friendly treat or if I have a
soda a diet soda at the at my meal so with my food then because there are
usually carbs in what I eat because I normally do eats vegetables then
my body doesn’t have that reaction because it still has to put those carbs
away that I didn’t just anyways and so it seems to all like level itself out so
my suggestion to you is rather than have a snack between and you shouldn’t be
having snacks anyways the whole point of trying to be healthier is that you’re
not eating breakfast snack lunch snack dinner snack because that just creates
insulin spikes to begin with at the end of the day if you are eating a nice meal
and then you turn around and you have a diet soda or keto friendly drink that
has an artificial sweetener in it or keto friendly snack that has artificial
sweetener in it and it tastes sweet having a tender meal will not affect
your your ability to go between meals I really hope that helps you to understand
that artificial sweeteners can have some level effect on some people and by
managing them when you have them you can definitely mitigate any issues that
you’ll have in terms of feeling hungry because that could cause you to eat
excessively or to eat at times where you would not have normally eaten I want to
thank you for watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet and I
will talk to you again in the next video

20 thoughts on “Surprisingly, Artificial Sweeteners Can Cause Weight Gain – Healthy Ketogenic Diet”

  1. There is a study that states tat tongue taste receptors are related to the endocrine system. In other words if you eat something sweet the brain says tour tongue tastes sweet then release insulin. The study was run for people who were chewing in their mouth not swallowong. So this has an impact

  2. Thomas DeLauer talks about this as well as Siim Land. I would say all the major keto heavy weights on YT. Sigh. I am addicted to my artificial sweeteners. Now I did DO a month of heavily lowering my artificial sweeteners by 67% (really good weight loss that month btw!) and have continued on the path of lowered intake but I am a religious user of erythritol and stevia, and like you Violet I love having an evening/afternoon diet soda and I see why I get hungry. Anyway my fellow Canadian, ALWAYS enjoy your videos – literally, food for thought!

  3. I use alternative sweeteners, not artificial. I mainly use erythritol and stevia and have it right after my meal (OMAD).

  4. This makes perfect sense and I hate it. The sweeteners were the last things I let go of, and stevia has crept back into my coffee. Thanks Violet. 👍😊💕

  5. Spot on Violet! Makes so much sense! Was just discussing this topic this morning with my peers. Thanks for this video it really makes sense!

  6. I might try this experiment to see what happens. I eat every day around 6pm, it's my only meal of the day and i do not experience real hunger ever. So I'd be curious to see if having one soda makes me hungry.

  7. thank you for this video. I have been trying to figure out how to drink my electrolyte that is sweetened with stevia. I put one scoop of electrolyte powder in 25oz bottle and drink it throughout the morning and drink water thee rest of day and night 🙁

  8. If our bodies are so smart, after the third time it would know that no sugar is really coming and do nothing 🙂

  9. Best explanation ever of the effect of artificial sweeteners. If you ingest them with other carbs you don't get the starvation effect. Violet you are helping so many people understand how the body works and why keto works.

  10. The body prepares for sugar but does not get sugar and we have a deficit. If weight loss is desired this is good. Revel in not merely 'thinking' you're hungry but in actually 'being hungry'. IF you must eat – then eat saturated fat. (Coconut oil is packed into serving size pockets for this purpose.) This is if diet sodas affect you this way. If not, then carry on. Thank you, Violet. There's a topic on which I would like to hear your opinion. According to Dr. and Mrs. Fetke, the Seventh Day Adventists, and allies, have been unduly influencing the US Dietary Guidelines since the beginning, and this is from whence comes the EAT GRAINS mantra as well as the "calories in/calories out", "balance", and "eat less/move more". The Fat Emperor has a podcast interviewing Dr. and Mrs. Fetke on the subject. This, they say, is why the AMA and ADA and the Guidelines haven't changed despite the chronic metabolic illness pandemic.

  11. Yes! I’ve learned only to consume artificial sweeteners with food. So my body is getting fat, protein, or vegetables to help counteract that.

  12. Hey Violet, I'm not sure if this is the right way to approach this but I'll just put the link to the video and you can remove if you don't like it. It's a video of an interview of Dr. Caroline Leaf, she also studies the mind body connection.

  13. Can’t wait to check out some of your other videos! I really think that you deserve more views! Have you ever looked into using SMZeus “.” com?! I think it would really help you grow your channel.

  14. Thank you for this video Violet. I've experienced the same symptoms when drinking diet soda…. you are not alone! I really appreciate what you said about the timing of drinking a diet soda or fat-bombs. I'm going to try and just have my diet soda with meals and see if that helps my weight loss. I've been doing keto for the past year and hit a plateau lately.

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