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hi guys welcome back to another weekly vlog thank you so much for tuning back into dalla more vlogs sorry that the commenters wobble there i’ve actually got you is placed on my office desk and do you know what guys I don’t think you’ve seen but um I’ve actually got enough personnel in my own home and I used to anyone that’s new to my channel I ruin my own business and I used to have offices dotted all around the country I actually still do but I just found when I was looking through my diary I was spending like two to three hours a week and traveling and different places and it just did not make sense for what I was doing and quite a lot of my job does consist of a lot of traveling so I have to be in different places but I found by working from home and changing things like Skype call and people and just doing things that when I meet new clients has just been so much better I’ll actually show you my little office space so this is a guy’s mind the mess it’s just a little bit messy but I put me music speakers in here as well and just someone with them and yeah that’s it I’m liking it I mean deal so yes it’s just so good to be doing a weekly podcast this week and it’s a bit of a mismatch of a minister a bit of mist and I can’t get the word of a mish mash of footage basically what happened was is last week it was Connors Nana’s 80th birthday so I’m gonna drop some footage and of that in a sec and it was such a lovely time we had a great time and I’m not the sort of person that likes getting dressed up and you will see me dressed like this more stairs generally I’m in a pair of shorts and a jacket because I work from home I get the perk of where and what I want and when I once you know I could even sit in majoras she really and apart from when I’m when I’m meeting clients so and I like to feel comfortable in Connors Anna’s birthday we all had to get dressed up and and the attire was like suits in smart and you know that you had to wear smart clothes and and my biggest pet hair is tight clothes on the legs and I just generally don’t wear jeans but I had to wear jeans but we actually found something that would work for me we actually actually wore chinos and I know it’s creating 27 years old I’ve never had a pair of chinos on before and but actually hadn’t I’ve never put a pair of chinos on if I’m getting dressed up I’ll either go one way or the other it’s a that dress like this or it’s a full suit and so it’s not like an in-between for me so tender like really casual or in a suit and to be fair guys I’ve put so much weight on I can’t fit in the suit that I used to have anymore so I thought well I’m going after buying new clothes so when asked and went to the Trafford Centre room whatever and I found a pair of chinos and really liked them and put them on and people comfy they weren’t amazing but they were comfy so yes so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna drop the footage in of Nana at Connors the nurse ATF and then I’ll join us back once you’ve seen that cuz that is like the first part of the week hey guys welcome back to another weekly vlog I know what is a probably thinking what on earth is this I’ve never seen Dan in a nice top at well nice jumper and nice pair of jeans yes it’s Connors and Nana’s birthday and I’m being forced to get dressed up I hate you to get dressed up he’s have no idea how much I hate it so I’m dressed up and I’m freaking proud and but yes I’m getting all saw it old all dressed to the nines and even though I’m like it’s not really dressed to the nines this is like you know not really that dress look really compared to most people but I’m dressed up anyway and we’re gonna head up to Blackpool the party’s insane and a restaurant called piggies I do a bit of film and I may have to do what on me fall and I’m not too sure always get a bit nervous about taking the cameras off I am taking the big camera up though because I’m gonna take some pictures depends how confident I am I may take some footage as well it depends I might just wait and see am i I was like – like scope the area out before I do it and so yes take this soap and do some full oven [Music] [Applause] please stop [Music] I know it’s you that’s why I’m going that is a lot of salad that’s the main course [Music] thank you everybody the bitches evil [Applause] today as good as it should be it’s very similar to remove a doubt so hopefully that’s right cards it’s great to see so many family friends here today Oh guys I’m just getting teary just watching back that footage of cons Nancy of party Oh honestly this is what I love about vlogging is being able to look back on things it’s really good because obviously I’m sharing up you guys and I’m creating you know videos online but also it’s great for me and come to watch this back you know it’s concerns ii-if and you know you’ve got to cherish every single moment that you can with people and I’m like that with my family of my mother and my family and you know I always try and spend as much time I can with them because unfortunately one day you know the might not be around you know I’m and yeah it’s just watching back that footage oh my god it was just such an amazing day and I’m so glad I was a bit apprehensive about taking the cameras but I am so glad I filmed that as as much as I didn’t get a lot of footage the footage I got is brilliant and Connor’s uncle Ian his speech at the end bore everyone to tears it was just absolutely amazing I’m really glad I fell under it’s actually really funny guys at the moment because and Wimbledon’s on so that just shows you guys how quick and lay it up for them some of these videos it’s Wimbledon it’s Monday under the first of July and Saudi it’s quite bad at me but Wimbledon’s on and honestly right Khan has been saying like all week because I was watching Eastbourne last week which was like II spawned right the bottom of the country and I really wanted to go and I’ve been really want to go to Wimbledon as well I’m just so busy I can’t meet it the time off but um yeah cotton was like oh I hope Wimbledon is not going to be on tonight and I said oh it will be a big hunt I think it’s on to like 10:00 p.m. tonight so that is literally what I’m gonna be doing all day all week actually and for actually for the next two weeks I will be dreaming think and everything about Wimbledon absolutely love Wimbledon that’s my favorite thing it’s probably actually put Wimbledon above the World Cup I’m not joking that’s how much I love Wimbledon also guys just a quick one people have been asking me and how does a ketose diet gone now anyone that doesn’t know what the kiosk diet is basically it’s a diet that you can find online it’s quite easy to find and basically it’s a losing weight die and obviously what you all diets obviously lose weight because that would be a bad thing if it wasn’t okay especially my case but anyway basically the kiosk diet is low carb diet to put it in the most basic terms it’s a low carb diet but you’ve basically got to keep your carbs really know the people the recommend are lying to not go above 50 kilograms for gonna 50 grams of carbs per day and 50 grams of carbs it’s quite quite small and to put it in perspective and a hundred mil of milk has got 10 grams of carbs in so if you have a ball of milk or a glass of milk bang you’re off key down straightaway and just going from the freezer a pizza so one of these pizzas that it’s a really really thin Hawaiian pizza actually not guys 67p formats of these and can you believe how cheap door a heaven is you can see it’s still not being eaten the reason why is because this pizza alone just in this has got a hundred grams of carbs and this is a thin pizza as well as a thin crust and a burger so this is the reduced burgers these have got 13 grams of carbs per burger so it appears to be guys the keto diet is quite and right it’s really the middle just low carbs basically and you go online there’s loads of things that you can have of anyone’s interested in the keto diet inbox me on Instagram I will put my instagram below and it’ll be in the description box and I’ve been on now for two weeks I’ve lost eight pounds which was really good I’m really pleased and physically I don’t feel like I’ve lost any weight and when I was looking at the cell before and the camera I wasn’t sitting there going oh I look like I’ve lost weight I don’t feel like I’ve lost weight to be fair and know I’ve lost weight but I think of a lot of it just the water way it really but even being honest guys I feel a lot better in the south that’s the main thing I feel so much better and feel good and we feel like minging at the moment and you know I just actually I feel really good right guys I thought would be a good idea maybe to do my tea and show you how easy it is this diet and ensure you actually have cheaper can be because I do get a lot of people sin and the kiosk diet I’ve heard it’s really expensive it can be depend on we eat and it’s all about what you eat please cost 2 pounds of 250 actually 250 from aster and it depends it depends what you get you’ll notice in a sec I use frozen veg I know it’s not like the best for you but it’s two baths so I get the frozen veg so [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so as you can see guys them sticks look really really nice I actually can’t wait to devour them but you know what guys as well I’ve just noticed the time it’s quite a past four and this vlog needs to go up at 6 o’clock so I’m gonna have to end the vlog now and I’m gonna give you a before you score though I’m gonna give you updates of what’s going on from now firstly this is the last week that I’d be doing one of these like sort of vlogs where it’s a bit of like a you know going around daily life and stuff because as some of you may know if you follow me on Instagram I’ve been kinda hidden out for a while I do have a Disney trip coming up and believe it our guys it’s coming up a lot sooner than what you all think and when I announce it which is on the 22nd of September sorry the 22nd of July yes might be like oh that was quite soon so yes in the mixture of planner it’s booked paid for all done all dusted so on the 22nd of July there’s gonna be an announcement so on Instagram I’ll do like some stories so jump on my Instagram and again I’ll keep poking at that go down it’s in the description also subscribe to this channel so if I do do any like stories or anything on YouTube and you will see it however though guys it’s not till the 22nd of July till I start doing it isn’t he stuff but next week I’ve got a really good video idea and it could really flop or go really well but it’s something for youse all I get involved with so I’ll promote my Instagram again but anyways so from next week and for next week’s video it’s gonna be Instagram takes over my life for one full well for how many the same it could be one full day one full week but at the moment I’m thinking about having Friday Saturday and Sunday all controlled by Instagram so basically every single day I’ll upload a story like four stories that be and what should i do today should I go out and go for a walk or should we call the Trafford Centre what should we have for tea should we have a domino also sure we have a Chinese which would be quite bad on keto so I should be careful and put yeah and I’m really really excited doing that so that’ll be next Monday’s video so the Instagram takes over and then I’ve got another video of the week after and then it’s Disney weeks and saw all very exciting and Angie I can’t wait do Disney stuff again thank you so much guys for tuning back into del amor vlogs please remember to subscribe and drop me a comment if you’re liking this content I can’t wait for the Disney stuff so yes thank you again guys and I’ll see you in next week’s video when it is and I think the name of next week’s video will be Instagram takes over my life for a week and that’ll probably good for you on it you guys see you later [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music]

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