Spicy Green Cleansing Protein Smoothie

Welcome again to another exciting Markus Smoothie video. This one was inspired by one that they actually sell at the food thing at the gym. And it is so good. I have it there and it’s so good. I started making my own. It’s.. They call it a hottie. And this is what’s in it. And it’s so good. I was so inspired by it. And I had to share it. It’s basically.. They use spinach. In this case, I’ve got a collard green and some kale. Some cilantro. A green apple. A lime and some kind of hot pepper. This is a serrano, but you can use a habanero, whatever it is you want to use. Notice, all of this is green. Green is good. Green means it’s healthy. So this is really, really, really good. And then you need some kind of.. Now, this is. Most of this is kind of bland tasting. So orange juice is good. You’re mixing it with a lot of fiber. So the.. The massive amount of sugar that’s in the orange juice. The highly concentrated sugar will be toned down by the fiber. See, that’s that’s why I always say not to juice your fruits, because it’s just basically.. It’s concentrated sugar. There’s as much sugar in a glass of orange juice as there is in a Coca-Cola. But in nature, if you were to eat an orange, that’s ok, because it comes with fiber. The fiber slows down the absorption rate of the sugar. It’s made that way. It’s already figured out. So in this case, we have a lot of fiber here. So that’s ok, to add a little orange juice in there. And of course, I have my protein. So, this is what I have at the gym. So I’m just totally making the exact same thing on my own with what I have at the gym. And where is, this thing. Ok. So, I just put all this in the blender. So we have our.. This is a dinosaur kale. But you can use whatever greens you want. Some cilantro. This is my.. I should have started the video like this. Hello, everybody! I’m the green man. I am totally healthy. I’m so healthy, I’m green. He can’t.. This is really.. Sorry. Grow up Markus. No! I refuse to grow up! Apple? Apple. Yes, there’s some seeds in there. Like I really care. It doesn’t matter. It’s good for you. A peace of pepper. Hot pepper. You want to feel that zing in there. And squeeze some.. Actually, you know what? I’m gonna .. I showed you in a previous video how you can swallow an entire lemon with the rind and everything. If you take the Miracle Berry beforehand. I’m not doing that in this case, but I’m leaving some of the white part on there because that’s the bioflavonoids. The pith. You want that. Little bit of the rind is still on there. You know, I’m not juicing this. I’m putting the whole thing in there. You want all the goodness, every.. There are things in these plants that scientists haven’t even discovered yet. So, anyway. So that’s that. Add some orange juice. Now, I suggest doing half orange juice, half water. I’m not into high, high amounts of sugar. So you want to water down your, your orange juice a bit. And of course, my protein powder. So it comes with the scoop. So here’s my suggestion. Men. Manly men should have three scoops of this. Women should have two. That’s just my suggestion. Again, each person is different. So adjust to your personal needs. Not your normal everyday protein smoothie. This is kind of a cleansing protein smoothie. It cleans your body while it gives you protein at the same time. Look at how good that.. Look at that. See, the foam in there? Foam means that there is enzymes at work. There is some life-force in this here, that.. That, that’s good. You want that. That’s a good sign. Wow, that tastes really good. Wow! You got the sweetness of the protein formula. There’s.. There’s some sweet stuff in here. There’s durian, pine nuts and vanilla and a little bit of erythritol and coconut water powder. So this tastes really good, and it smells really good. You mix that with the hot pepper and you got some of the green apple. So this tastes really, really good. I mean, it’s.. It looks nasty, but it tastes a lot better than it looks. So, this is.. You’ll love this. You got to try this. You got to try this. And you got to try it with this, because this is kind of what makes it taste really, really good. And it’s good for you. So, this my this is my.. This is my hotty. That’s what they call it at the gym. So I’m gonna have some of this myself. Give the rest of this to my other hottie and I will see you in the next video. Actually, I think she’s going to do the next video. So, go see it in the next video. Actually she’ll see you in the next video for the great smoothie series. See you around. Bye. This tastes good. Have you tried? You gotta try this. Give me two little glasses. Cara: It tastes like a gourmet meal. Yeah, It tastes a lot better than it looks. This is good. Which one’s mine?

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