Sofit Protein Cookies

let’s take a look at these are protein cookies these are from Soviet these have raisins and black seed that’s mango and ornaments healthy energy to do more this has a protein omega-3 and fiber and vitamins you know destroy as the same things contains whole wheat oats and soy really interesting packaging each of these costs around sixty of herpes my daughter also interesting to see is how labels in a landscape and portrait orientation so no matter how they stamp is in store they will get a really good display this is quite clever this is the mango and I’ll mention this has about 600 calories ingredients are whole wheat flour sugar and vegetable oil milk solids invert sugar candied mango pieces rising agents almonds emulsifier and a common salt DHA and iron and vitamins these are manufactured in Tallin Ghana India these are some of the health benefits all meats multi-domain proteins omega-3 fiber mango and almonds so I would know my our trans fats so let’s taste it you had six individual packs yes because these are held in Spain you can easily carry these smaller packs in your bag each one has about three copies that’s how it looks I was expecting this to be crunchy but they are soft you get a really nice mango and almond flavor you want mango pieces so really tasty quite playable for a healthy cookie this is the plank sit and listen one similar nutritional info and ingredients this has our flaxseed and our raisins and then that’s the best plaques in cookie I have tried for our healthy cookies but these are really flavorful and very tasty I’m not sure which one to pick because both of them are really good quite nice

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