S’mores sweet potatoes dessert,  See recipe in the Description box | #GREAT HOME BAKING

S’mores sweet potatoes dessert, See recipe in the Description box | #GREAT HOME BAKING

today I’m going to make delicious
s’mores sweet potatoes let’s watch together peel the sweet potato. Once you
rinse it we will chop it in small pieces. After finishing chopping, now we’ll
boil it for about 15 to 20 minutes. Until it’s cooked well. I use about 4 cups of water. When the water boiled, I will add half a
teaspoon of salt (as needed) and half a cup of brown sugar, and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Now, we will add the chopped sweet potatoes. We’ll cook it for about 15 to 20 minutes
Or till it is completely cooked. Now it’s been boiling for about 20 to 25
minutes. Now I will drain it . I will add one cup of graham cracker crumbs. The rest of the graham cracker crumbs I will use it at the end. Add half a cup of melted butter butter and mix it. I will not smash the sweet potato. I will
leave it as it is. That looks delicious already, it smells so
good. Now, we’ll spread this on a baking pan. I cut the marshmallow in 3 pieces, like this. First keep the marshmallow in the fridge for about five minutes so you can be able to cut it
without it getting sticky on your hand, or on your scissor. Add the graham cracker crumbs at the top of the sweet potato and spread it all over. I am sharing with you my own recipe I am
hoping that you will like it. as I like it. put the marshmallow everywhere. now I’ll add 1 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips all over. Add a little more melted butter
at the top, not too much, just a little. Now, I will bake this for about 10 to 15
minutes, or until the marshmallow looks Brown. After 15 minutes, it’s done and it looks
delicious, it smells so good, Did you hear the crunch sound? you It looks so good. We can decorate it the way we want to, with powdered sugar I hope you’ll be able to see it. I am
decorating it with whipped topping and chocolate-covered almonds like this it
looks delicious This is the best dessert I have ever
made! It took me less than one hour to make this delicious
dessert. I hope you’ll like it. It looks good, it so tastes good, it smells so good. If you like this video, before you leave, don’t forget to Subscribe, and
Comment. Let me know what you think about this video. Click the Like button. Than you. Until my next video, bye bye

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