Signs That You Are Eating Too Much Protein – How Do You Know If You Are Eating Too Much Protein?

Signs That You Are Eating Too Much Protein – How Do You Know If You Are Eating Too Much Protein?

what’s good life gamers we’re back in
the building with another life gang fitness video today we’re talking about
how do you know what are the signs and symptoms that you’re getting too much
protein in your diet because when we start a diet we all know protein is a
fundamental macronutrient you need to build muscle help you lose weight but
sometimes our society has told you you need too much and we’re going to talk
about it but first I got to put on my plus seven glasses of life gain health
and fitness sexy as hell because I’m working on skill in my craft
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some of you all my wife is a kidney doctor we met when I was a respiratory
therapist and I was going through my fitness transformation at the time and
we learned a lot from each other about fitness diet and one of the things she
has to do is direct her patients about the appropriate diet for kidney
disorders and it’s not a lot of high protein and from her and just doing it
through myself I’ve learned here are your five symptoms of too much protein
in your diet and we’ll talk about them probably step-by-step fatigue fluid
retention if you start seeing swelling in your joints and your feet you’re
getting too much protein decrease appetite protein does fill you up which
is a good thing but sometimes it gets to a point where you’re just not hungry at
all and it could be because you’re having too much protein believe it or
not gout can be a symptom of too much
protein because income we protein breakdown creates too much
uric acid and that started putting those little crystals in between your joints
that could be a issue of too much protein and last but definitely not
least foamy urine protein spilling into the urine and the urine becomes really
really foamy a lot of personal trainers who use gear I tell you you just need to
be flushing with a lot of water however it doesn’t work the same way for you as
it would work for it enhanced athlete so what I’m saying is whereas their body
can absorb so much more protein you who are not using anything the most protein
that you man or woman is probably going to be able to absorb in one setting is
between 20 to 30 grams of protein per meal it’s about the most some people can
do a little more some people would do a little less but that’s pretty much the
range if you’re doing something like five to six meals a day now what’s wrong
to take your fitness journey as something that you’re utilizing to be
the fittest version of you is not just about aesthetics and so I want you to be
paying attention to these different criterias because what I found works
best for me who someone who doesn’t use any performance enhancers is a moderate
amount of protein versus a high amount of protein so when I’m dieting and I’m
cutting and I’m trying to get my physique to look better and I want to
feel better I usually get in about a hundred and fifty to about a hundred and
ninety grams of protein a day and I weigh anywhere from 190 and sometimes I
about something 220 and that’s what works best for me so I want you guys to
pay attention to these symptoms again fatigue fluid retention decreased
appetite potentially gout and foamy urine
look at those make sure you’re not getting those and if you’re still
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