Shrimp and Broccoli in Garlic Sauce, one sauce for many dishes 蒜香西兰花炒虾,一调料多用

Shrimp and Broccoli in Garlic Sauce, one sauce for many dishes 蒜香西兰花炒虾,一调料多用

hi everyone today we’re gonna make
very easy and delicious shrimp and broccoli the key to this dish is the
sauce I’m gonna show you how to make it I call it
garlic sauce if you are (vegetarian) you can use this sauce to make just broccoli
or any other vegetables you like now let’s make the sauce before we make the
sauce I’m gonna season the shrimp with a bit salt I have eight shrimp cleaned
and deveined and I have about 1/2 pound of broccoli cut up for the sauce we just
use the white part of the green onions chopped up finely and have 5 cloves of garlic we have to chop it up you can mince it okay now we are going to make the sauce add white part of the green onions and
minced garlic I have saved some for the shrimp a little bit salt soy
sauce a tablespoon anyway we don’t have to measure Chinese cooking is not
baking and drizzle some sesame oil and but a teaspoon corn starch so I’m making a (slurry) and some filtered water it’s about a quarter cup of water
let’s mix it well so that is our sauce and next we are going to boil the broccoli quickly The water is boiling let’s add broccoli and we’re going to cook about two
minutes after about two minutes we are going to strain broccoli and we
are ready to cook now we are heating up the pan to medium heat to cook shrimp
first add a little bit oil I will add some garlic now ready to put shrimp in the reason why I’m using medium heat
you know we don’t want high heat and have shrimp cooked outside but not
cooked inside shrimp normally takes about three minutes it’s about three minutes shrimp is pink and (curled) now we’re going to add broccoli turn the heat to
high and add the sauce fix it well before (adding into) hmm smells good let it cook about half a minute to incorporate the sauce let me taste it mmm perfect and doesn’t need to be adjusted now we got shrimp all coated with the
sauce and we’re ready to serve the shrimp and broccoli let me try this for
you guys smell very good with the garlic sauce broccoli crunchy I love it with the
garlic sauce it is delicious and shrimp perfectly done mmm so good Hope you guys are gonna try this very easy and delicious recipe and I’m going to continue to eat thank you so much for
watching! see you next time! you

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  1. I'm puzzled as to why you cook the shrimp first and then add the other ingredients. Shrimp cooks very fast and I have always added shrimp close to the end of the cooking process. I am not a professional cook by any means but I have been cooking for more years than I care to remember. I have cooked this and always added the shrimp at the end.

  2. We just made this and it was delicious!! Quick and easy!! We doubled it because we were feeding 4 people. There was enough for each of us to have one helping. We also served it over rice.

  3. As all the others say finally a low tone cooking channel. I will definitely make this with the few ingredients needed. Thank you!

  4. Just subscribed to your channel. I enjoyed your gentle mannerism and how you demonstrated preparing all the ingredients before cooking . I used to be a chef for many years in Manhattan so Im always interested in different flavors of the world , now I’m interested in the Chinese cooking or rather Asian cooking in general. Happy New Year’s to you and your family and thank you for the recipe . your new subscriber Pastor Paul D . Let’s get cooking ! I do all the cooking for my family so I need new recipes and ideas.

  5. Thanks I'm gonna make a it without the cornstarch and replace it with arrowroot powder which makes this lovely meal ketoXX

  6. Very nice video with a constructive and helpful comment. Never use the sharp side of the knife to scrape the chopped items, this dulls the knife . Simply flip the knife and use the backside of the knifes blade to gather or clean the cuttings. Thank you for sharing your recipe .

  7. I just did this exact to this lady's recipe, simple easy and so yummy.. so for the people that suggest add this or that , get u own channel.

  8. I would add a pinch of sugar instead of a pinch of salt. There’s already plenty of salt in the soy sauce and I feel that adding an extra pinch of salt could make it too salty but the pinch of sugar could balance things out nicely

  9. Hello, I just made and finished eating this but instead of shrimp I used chicken (breast & diced) and it was fantastic!! Thank you

  10. I'm new here, thanks for you're healthy and simple channel. Expensive to get fresh ingredients these days to make a healthy & simple salad which sucks!

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