Ridiculously Easy Keto Mousse & Whipped Cream Recipe (Vegan) / Mousse de Chocolate Cetogénico

what’s going on guys and welcome back to the fit me in cook kitchen today’s quickie recipe is a delicious decadent one we are making a four ingredient chocolate mousse and y’all are going to love it now there are two things that make this recipe extra special the first is that is low carb that’s right so you can actually use this on a ketogenic diet and the second thing is that this recipe is completely vegan there your products don’t have all the fun vegans can get down and dirty with the tasting as well my favorite thing to do with this recipe is to enjoy it with a nice cup of ice cold coffee check it out set two cans of coconut cream in the fridge overnight or four hours to a chilled Bowl preferably metal you file just the cream no liquid add sort of confection sugar or stevia in the raw then add cacao powder or dark chocolate powder and your choice of extract I use almond mix together on high with a handheld mixer until peaks form about 15 minutes I personally like to change so with midway through to add volume to the mousse garnished with cacao powder and cacao nibs for the whipped cream at swarf confection sugar or stevia in the raw vanilla extract and you’re done now to boost the flavors and masa coconut flavors you can add in a little bit of cardamom I’m also tossing in a little bit of rosewater as an aromatic beet and whisk on high until peak form spoon out a serving of the chocolate mousse and top it off with the whipped cream and here’s my personal favorite grab a cup of iced coffee and top it off with some whipped cream boom smash that like button then head over to fit Minka comm to get the full recipe and remember to download the fit man cook apps on iPhone and Android for more easy healthy practical meals

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