hey guys if you live here for tippy tails on today’s episode we are testing out rebel Creamery this is the lowest carb ice cream on the market we have all five players to test for you so if you want to see what we think of it stay tuned [Music] alright guys I have my husband Ryan with me today he’s going to be reviewing Revell Creamery with me because I don’t want any ice cream alone and ice cream is just one of those things where you should share it with somebody you love right yeah also I’m gonna ice cream fanatic I love ice cream a lot so I’m really looking forward to this today it’s gonna be a rebel Creamery they’re a brand new company making keto friendly ice cream this is straight from their website rebel ice cream is the lowest net carb ice cream on the market it’s healthy fats and zero sugar will allow you to indulge in creamy full fat ice cream without the negative impacts of sugar so today we’re actually going to be raiding every single flavor of rebel ice cream or as a rebel Creamery it’s a rebel Creamery double Creamery there’s five flavors that are available right now you’ve ordered all five yes and we are going to sample and rate each one so the way that works is we’re gonna give three different ratings per ice cream and it’s gonna be kind of like a 1 to 5 scale obviously if I for being the best and out of those three then we’ll kind of average it out how it goes so the three categories are gonna be texture flavor and finish all right what flavor we’re gonna try first okay first up to bat that’s not the sound effect of a bad lunch you get first up is classic vanilla let’s go okay it is very creamy there’s no graininess okay texture that I can detect on there so I I say that the texture is very good it tastes rich and creamy okay I would agree with you texture wise I’m out of five I give this a 5 you’re 5 yeah because there’s nothing wrong with the texture to me no I don’t think that there’s anything that they can fix yeah with the texture on the to do thatif I let’s do a five on there punching a 500k flavor it’s not great you know it’s definitely not a five for me but it’s not negative I mean there is quite the aftertaste I there is if there is a pretty bad aftertaste as well it’s like not I feel like I’m tasting mostly artificial sweetener yeah but it’s kind of like so the flavor isn’t very pronounced as far as vanilla goes I don’t taste a lot of vanilla it’s kind of like just the squeaking cream is more what I’m tasting yeah I definitely would like more vanilla vanilla bean vanilla extract something more vanilla II is that even a word okay but yeah so flavor for me I’m gonna put it at up oh man I’m gonna put it out too I’m gonna agree with that yeah I’m gonna put it a little too and we already mentioned that it did have an of an aftertaste as well which you know if you’re seeing an aftertaste of a to flavor than the after basically isn’t gonna be very good anyway I’m gonna do to you on there it doesn’t make me want to keep looking around inside my mouth kind of like yeah I kind of want to drink something else so I’m gonna give that at two as well I think vanilla is a staple I really wanted to love this I can’t say I do and this is the this is the first one so it’s all great so we’ll see where we go from here yeah okay what’s up next okay chocolate chocolate and Ryan your chocolate guys I love chocolate so alright let’s see what this is all about I’m not a sweet sweet chocolate person so I grabbed eight more toward the dark side this is a more of a light fluffy chocolate if not that heavy sweet decadent chocolate it’s kind of like a like that like chocolate boobs yeah it’s kind of wooden yeah why good description moosie yeah is that a word yeah it’s Lucy come on oopsie okay as far as flavor I like it I like the I like the airiness of it you know it’s not too heavy I like that a lot so I’m gonna give this off for I was also gonna give it a four I am I really like much richer chocolate you know I like to be kind of hit in the face with chocolate and this is kind of a very light chocolate flavor so if that’s what you like perfect but I would also agree that that’s that’s a poor all right cool all right how does it finish beautifully I mean compared to the vanilla taste this one is this month on the other corner to be honest I would get the support I would this is definitely not as bad as the vanilla but I feel like I’m still tasting a lot of the residual part of sweeteners on there like the erythritol and so I deduct I wanted to two points from that so you go to pour I give it a three so we’ll settle at a 3.5 what’s next chocolate peanut butter fudge that is what’s next all right peanut butter fudge chocolate peanut butter fudge doesn’t see chocolate on there it’s just a peanut butter fudge Gina butter hook okay peanut butter fudge scoop there hmm okay the texture is also not grainy I don’t think that we’re gonna find any grainy ice cubes in here no but it seems like it’s kind of like whipped as well like the consistency it’s like lighter then I would prefer my rich creamy ice cream to have so your peanut butter guy you like the thickness of it that’s what you want yeah now you do want yeah that’s my personal preference to me I don’t want that I don’t want my mouth to feel like I need water and I feel like peanut butter does that to you you like that I’m not into that but you know I I think out of the three this is my favorite so far I would have to say okay and I like that it tastes like a Reese’s Cup but it’s like a whip Reese’s Cups so something a lot lighter and it doesn’t have an aftertaste to me so this is this is my favorite so far it’s a texture wise mhm mhm what do you get five I mean there’s nothing everyone I don’t know I think it could be a little bit more dense I give it a four so we’ll do a 4.5 on that cool flavor oh man this is a 5 I’m loving the flavor I think I mean it’s called peanut butter fudge and you taste the peanut it doesn’t seem like peanut butter 5/5 so we nailed it a 5 ok finish there’s an apple taste to me I can I can’t detective movie I mean have to take another bite here ok I’m not detecting an aftertaste from the chocolate cuz usually there’s like stevia in the chocolate or something mm-hm I don’t know what’s particularly in this chocolate to be honest but like I said is there with straw and mom fruit but I can’t taste the application neither one I can taste the aftertaste but it’s a pleasant accent tastes like I keep wanting go yeah look the inside of my mouth look mmm that’s pretty good I get back to the taste that lingers is enjoyable I’m gonna give that a pie okay let’s do a bike on the five yeah we’re doing next cookie dough let’s get let’s go cookie dough yeah that no no I’m glad they didn’t skimp on the cookie dough that’s good that’s good sign that’s all like I like it a lot man I like it a lot I feel like the cream that the cookie dough is in is very is very creamy that regime is very creamy but I feel like the cookie dough itself is a little on the grainy side okay I can taste that in there so I mean for me I’m gonna give it a texture of like a 3 now I think of four before mm-hmm all right so I’ll do the 3.75 there okay we’re getting like a limp ecstatic hope her signs yeah whatever it is okay all right what about the flavor 5 how do you taste like cookie dough fine it’s really good in the finish yeah after case let me do it again does it make you want to enjoy it in your mouth a little bit more yeah yeah I’m good even afford though yeah me too it’s still good it just really good I’m gonna have to taste this is the last layer mint chip kinda like the texture of this one a lot I feel like it stretched the right balance like the cream alone sea creamy the chocolate it tastes like the nice little chocolate slippers in there will provide a nice crunch there’s nothing weird about it I’m gonna give that a 5 texture yeah mm-hmm what about the flavor you know I feel like it’d be more minutes I wanna I want to be hit with a myth I want that meant to be there I feel like the chocolate they are more than the myth I I agree I think the chocolate does overpowered and a little bit and I would prefer to be a little bit more minty because it is midship I want the mint first and then I want to chip it all out try another bite so here’s one I just notice with the bite that I just did is that the very first sensation or the very first flavor I detected was mint all quickly by the chocolate but then the chocolate overpowers like your chocolate with sticks in your mouth and then you don’t really taste any mint anymore then it’s like mostly I see what you I see what you mean there is it because the mint it’s in the ice cream so it’s melting first and the chocolate obviously is more solid it’s gonna go and it’s crunching around on your teeth so you can kind of taste the chocolate much longer yeah yeah and the mint so I’m gonna give it a three it wasn’t great but it wasn’t definitely bad so I’m gonna put in a three flavor I’m going to give it a four okay I think it’s still pretty good so let’s do a 3.5 and then the finish I’m letting it finish yeah co-leaders yeah this one’s got a strong stronger aftertaste that sticks longer than the other one I think that that’s heavily due to the that the chips in there but the chips in the peanut butter fudge didn’t leave her the way that this did mm-hmm it’s not a puzzle it’s not unpleasant no silly I’m gonna go with the three you’re gonna give it a three yeah I’m gonna give them four have it is time it is time to crown the losers and the winners right take it away okay with a cumulative score an average one of those in last place unfortunately is going to be the vanilla it got the score of three right yeah the five had excellent texture not great flavor not very good finish put that right there okay doing much better in fourth place is going to be the mint chip with a score of four so still far above average of three and I’ll say I’ll say average is going to be three okay okay so it’s still excellent all right all right in third place with a score of 4.2 chocolate chocolate coming through got the bronze there you go okay second place the score four point three cookie Oh meaning that the grand winner with a huge score of four point eight is peanut butter fudge and surprised by that by the results alright so there you have it which ones we liked the most those are the best they learned objective completely and I just want to mention price point is $5.99 per pint that is to us reasonable definitely reasonable okay but it’s it’s above market price right normally when you go get a tub of premium ice cream that’s in the four to five dollar range this is a little bit more but you’re gonna pay a little more to this day and long the keo obviously yeah definitely so I say that price point I’m okay with the price point especially being that it’s five to eight grams of net carbs per pint I mean that’s a whole pint that’s ridiculous that’s crazy right I did order this off their website and their shipping is quite a bit it is 60 99 for shipping and that’s just because it’s just really expensive to ship ice cream you know to keep it cool it came in a box with dry ice in it so it’s gonna cost a lot it was seventeen bucks basically to ship so you get you know if you’re gonna order one don’t order just one order order several yeah like we did is definitely in get your money’s worth they’re asking that your requests from like your sprouts Trader Joe’s Whole Foods etc to get them in so that way you don’t have to pay that $17 for shipping but that’s kind of where their situations at there’s still a brand new company now they’re probably been around for a couple months distribution is kind of poor right now but I am super excited that there’s actually a keto option out there that is creamy and doesn’t taste like eating a shock or something like that because some of them are some of the diet ice creams are not what I would eat what do we reorder this again the answer is yes yes yes what I would donnelly you should also know that nobody sends us any of this stuff any bought it ourselves out of our own pockets yeah this stuff is good yeah I even even even the vanilla was pretty good it’s okay you know I mean so the rest of them definitely and they they far exceeded the vanilla yeah I’m gonna try let us know what you think in the comments what is your favorite flavor of this you know I’m sure the different tastes taste palates will you enjoy different things that doesn’t have to be peanut butter 5 yeah as our winner here but definitely let us know down below and why you think it’s the best anyway yeah and let us know if you like us doing these reviews there’s so many low-carb keto products on the market if you want us to do more reviews like this we would love to we need kind of our food critics period just learning about food this whole entire year Cooke booking it’s giving us much of an appreciation of her food and we are pretty critical so we’ll be honest every single time all right if you did not hate this video give it a thumbs up if you have not yet subscribed be sure to click that subscribe button and also ring that notification valve you want to be notified on future tippy tails ring my bell I do that I just finally did it okay all my socials everything’s linked down below you want to follow me and we will see you in the next to details guys we are signing off with love and gratitude right off camera I have my laptop in a spreadsheet but we have a little okay as far as flavor goes we’re just gonna keep it simple it’s gonna be bad or good okay one for bad eye for good that’s flavor yeah cream and they sweeten with or it’s a risk at all or respite all okay erythritol Christmas all I gotta say what’s a few times get that going oh we’re going to rate it from got my hair in my mouth that’s not the point – boy quad peanut butter butter fudge peanut butter fudge Oh what is that peanut butter fudge peanut butter fudge okay I don’t know what I’m saying okay we need to love each other I guess my ass too [Music] [Music]

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