Real KETO Questions For Extreme Weight Loss Answered By Drew Manning (Keto Klarity)

[Music] [Music] what’s up Calvin how are you aren’t you a cutie pie thank you just see and just enjoy good to meet you Nate – she lives in Atlanta and okay Salt Lake City hauling you to one see how you’re doing but more importantly to kind of report in all about gold sake – I like it to get involved in taking keto junuh don’t start no messy moan be no mess with this kiddo and I’m not even playing with you I’m here for the real deal Holyfield cheese and eggs bacon and sausage a cheeky foolishness and drop these sounds drew I don’t know if the sound brother get start of a cabin this week so okay and then I’ll give me the lowdown on keto how to do keto joy so okay okay so it’s been three days 24 days since you left I’m down 23 pounds Palin oh well everybody so I’ve been doing you know keto since January 5th okay but I’m losing but I have a lot of questions and I have like a lot of a second-guess a lot because I’m probably I don’t know if I’m eating the wrong because I’m finding my comfort in certain go-to meals yes oh that’s where I was like you know what and joy was like well if you eating bacon eggs cheese and everything I’m telling her I mean I’m like well let me double check because I might not be maximizing my Kido experience and so that’s why I wanted to call and just to talk to you about it because you can help both of us to do the right thing so what I was gonna say is why don’t you explain the Kido what Kido is and how it works for joy and then I’ll come back my expand for sure so what will keep it really basic joy but here’s how it works your your body all of our bodies as humans we’re meant to run off with two different types of feel okay so glucose is a very you know easily accessible fuel source right you eat breads carbs pastas cereals it’s a blanket it’s cheating greats as well our bodies you know love love glucose everything all the carbs that you eat get turned into glucose in the body and then our brains muscles and organs can use it as a fuel source but what happens if you stop beating today would you die tomorrow no you might feel like you’re gonna die but your body can actually survive a long time without food and basically how that happens is through a process called ketogenesis so what happens is your body takes its fat you know this all the stored fat that we have and it breaks it down into these things called ketones and then ketones are used as an energy source alternative energy source for glucose for our brains muscles and organs so it’s a different all of fuel source for a body right ketones but to get into ketosis you can either stop eating which you’ll get ink to ketosis really quickly but that’s not fun right starve themselves but it’ll happen if I if I you know locked you in a cage and said you can’t eat for a week your body’s gonna go into ketosis that’s what it does right as our bodies were designed to do that but a way to hack that is by eating the keto diet which is what Calvin’s been doing and a keto diet is high fat moderate protein low carb right so obviously you got to limit the glucose that you put in your body and your body can’t convert fat into glucose therefore it has to produce ketones because the majority of your calories are coming from from fat right you’re eating lots of fatty foods so your body can’t convert that so it has to produce ketones as a backup fuel source so what’s a ketone a ketone is basically your body to will take fatty acid right gets fat in the liver it converts it into what’s called a ketone and ketone is like a fuel source right as I guess as I guess okay okay so instead of sugar as the fuel it’s the back that’s the fuel exactly fat for fuel that’s something to remember fat is your fuel so if you think about like this let’s say we have a fire burning right and we throw paper or lighter fluid what’s gonna happen the fire is gonna you know bring really quickly right but really quickly it comes right back again right so that’s a glucose that’s what happens when you glucose that’s why we’re always constantly hungry we’re eating every two or three hours because we’re eating mostly glucose ketones are kind of like the the logs or the coal of the fire it’s a very slow burning sustained energy source for our bodies and that’s the difference between glucose which is a very fast burning energy and ketones so another thing to put into perspective here is let’s say you eat like a whole pizza all the carbs you want your body can only store maybe 2,000 or 3,000 calories of glucose at a time they can’t store 20,000 calories of glucose right maybe 2 or 3,000 and then you burn through that and then your body you know needs to replenish that and that’s a glucose ketones you can tap into 30,000 calories or more of stored energy just stored energy in your body so I’m gonna tell you a statistic that’s gonna blow your guys minds I don’t know if I told you this Calvin did I okay that the world record for number of consecutive days fasting so what’s your guess I’d say 40 40 days okay 382 days no food this man this 480 power man in the 1960s that was monitored by a doctor had water the vitamins electrolytes lived off of his own stored body fat over the course of 382 days and I was documented in medical literature it’s crazy right but you you know he had a lot more fat to live off of and that’s why wasn’t fun for him he probably hated the experiment but what I’m saying is that our bodies can convert its fat into an energy source but we don’t need to starve ourselves to do that you could eat it a keto diet right and so basically so now so that I’ve got a basic understanding right fuel right okay here’s where it challenges my intellect now because clearly we’ve been marketed to write about you know protein and this that and a third and hydrates and all of those things right and that meat and cheese and all of this stuff elevates your cholesterol your LDL and your elemental peas and right no I’m having a really tough time wrapping my mind around my ability to eat things that traditionally would spike my cholesterol with you know potentially give me you know heart disease or high blood pressure or diabetes for that matter and so I get the whole notes because I keep telling counting so is it like the Atkins diet and he’s like yeah and no sort of kind of not so much and so on but doesn’t it meet like produce like all of this other bad stuff going on like so many people are like vegetarian and vegan because of the meat and what it’s doing to our bodies but this totally speaks opposite of that how will this be healthy for me yeah so a couple things all of the older studies that we’re done on raising your cholesterol and clogging your arteries are done when people eat a high fat and a high carbohydrate diet so you combine high fat with high carb so they’re eating the fast food with the buns and with the fries all these fried foods the combination of fats and carbs is really unhealthy and that’s where the but that’s older science now if you have fats without the presence of carbohydrates in your in your in your body there no evidence showing that that clogs arteries causes heart attacks raises cholesterol things like that but most studies have been done with people eating grains and fats right this is back in the 70s and so we’re like oh my gosh fat causes heart attacks meat causes heart attacks but there’s been no studies done showing that you know just eating meat or high-fat foods without the presence of carbohydrates does that to you does it make sense that I know it it’s taking everything you’ve learned and turning on said clearly really yes but it’s and it’s it’s healthy fats right so we’re not eating Crisco and margarine and vegetable oil those are the kind of fat you want to avoid and the difference between Atkins and keto is this as Atkins was a high protein high fat low carb diet but with keto here’s the thing your body can’t convert fat into glucose but it can convert too much protein into glucose so if you eat too much protein like on Atkins diet your body can convert that excess protein into glucose and therefore you’re running off of glucose as the fuel source instead of ketones so that’s why on a keto diet you’re eating around 70% fat 25% protein which isn’t a lot and 5% carbohydrates then what’s okay so then what’s that and what’s protein I mean I get protein is like poultry and and and I got Haile that’s the only thing I can think of eggs sure so if kind of your cuts of meat first of all so things like bacon right which is mostly fat some protein eggs as well whole eggs like the yolk and the egg white all the proteins in the egg white and the yolk has all the fat and nutrients fattier cuts of meat like salmon or steak for example with the fat still intact but then also you’re adding things like coconut oil and butter and avocado oil avocados to your food which boosts the the the fats these healthy fats right I mean nuts and go ahead Calvin so finish I was just explaining what what cuz you’re getting it’s hard because our society is set up to get you protein and carbs but we don’t know how to get you fat seventy percent of calories from fat how are we gonna get that in so you do have to make an effort of adding these healthy fats like ice i saute all my vegetables in butter or coconut oil right and you got to add the fats to your food so at do and you have three or four eggs with a tablespoon of butter look at that face and you’re adding salt to go ahead Calvin I gotta say this so let me show you let me tell you my typical day so I’m doing the intermittent fasting so I’m doing it from 12 to 8 so at 12 o’clock I’m really hungry and four slices of bacon okay I’ll do four or five eggs with cheese I use sometimes I’ll put a little cream cheese in it other times I’ve been doing Velveeta now I know you’re like okay but I’m getting my life right now drew in our pocket but it’s I’m losing so what’s happening to me it’s like I’m eating bacon a lot of eggs with cheese I might go today I threw a little Cholula sauce on it and I’m sometimes I throw spinach in it too but I’m like enjoying it like I really enjoyed it tastes good okay but then psychologically I’m like I don’t know and another one that I’ve been making was a friend of mine Jordan he made this Buffalo casserole thing now when I tasted it it was like it was similar to what I used this dip that I used to make and I call about that light anyway but here’s what it is and so I get 1/2 casserole dish I put like four ounces of cream cheese on the bottom right then I layer it with spinach a layer of spinach then I layer it with shredded chicken that’s mixed in buffalo sauce wing sauce and then I put a four tablespoons of ranch on it now this is not one eating this is like a couple meals out of this yeah the ranch dressing and then I top it with mozzarella and a little cheddar and sometimes I eat it with a bag of broccoli from Green Giant with cheese sauce so but it’s really like we’re not eating it I’m like do this right here love me Cheetos wrong I don’t want to be right tell them enjoy it’s like I’ve been eating that but every time I eat the little casserole I made I’m like is this right and that’s why I’m here because I want to know but I have aikido accountability Club and we’re meeting on Sundays eating broccoli keto broccoli cheese soup and all this stuff people are sending me these keto recipes and I’m like what’s what’s the what’s the guideline cuz I don’t want to leave her in the wrong way sure so there’s different levels of doing keto right some doctors will say any fat like whether this comes from vegetable oil or canola oil is still healthy for you without the presence of carbohydrates and I will say compared to high fat high carb yes that’s true but with things like best oil canola oil and a lot of cheese these are still high inflammatory foods and so I think for you with just getting started you’re you’re fine like stay with it if it’s gonna fit your lifestyle and it’s not too stressful because at some point my goal is to actually not have you eat so much dairy right Dairy is cool but I would actually start replacing those with coconut oil okay that’s I enjoy less don’t leave don’t leave stay with us stay with us so replacing some that dairy may be like limiting dairy to once a day okay makes sense but for right now it’s working so keep doing what you’re doing the other thing is adding in more green so spinach is cool but I would add in cauliflower broccoli asparagus like a variety so that your gut bacteria are being fed good stuff right because you need the fiber or you need the phytonutrients from the vegetables which is really important and I think we’re sending you over sending him some supplements yes we’re sending you some of the greens so you’re gonna start taking powdered greens every day so you’re getting in the micronesia you just put that in your water you put your water at ice shake it up good to go besides yes it’s good I promise all right it’s not to replace vegetables it’s just to use an addition to yeah I know so that’s what I’m saying the fibers key it’s very important because it’s easy getting bacon and cheese and eggs but that’s not gonna help you know push things through the system if you will so what do what would u s– what would you make me about little with you what would you make you make my breakfast no keep doing what you’re doing but instead of the cheese that you add to your a sausage or I mean to your eggs is maybe adding a little bit more meat so maybe some make pork sausage or something like a fatty or type of meat and then add in either some coconut oil or some grass-fed butter right and though I don’t need to add it if I already got bacon right okay so you in the four slices of bacon okay that’s big and five eggs yeah is it too many I mean calculate that macros five eggs with four slices of bacon that’s not only like what 30 grams 14 yeah I think about I’m about a thousand calories total okay per meal yeah per me and I’m going to meals okay so cuz my thing is I want to make sure but you’re not exercising yet right no okay so which is fine so we want to keep your protein a little bit lower which is is is okay so basically instead of the cheese add in the butter or coconut oil and then skip it’s doing Gary I was doing butter with it too so I do the butter take out the cheese right and see how you feel maybe add in some nuts maybe I just wanted you to do take any nuts or C no I haven’t done any that like I’m kind of I’m really like a stage one so I have a little issue with how to do it and that was the other reason why I was calling because I’m getting ready to go on tour and March okay it’s lighting from March to May and it’s a lot of traveling and sunlight Oh what do I do no I got a plan but I – a little bit more yes especially when eating out because you sounds like you’re making food at home I want you to and and we did we went out to food we went it got some food and kind of showed you what to get right right but you don’t always know what kind of put stuff they’re putting in their sauces the barbecue sauce or you don’t you can’t always be sure of that right so the important thing is to bring like the snack straight during the on the road but like the supplements that I’m sending you there might be some other things that I’ll were all email you later to recommend for you and and then going out to you should be pretty easy you know like a Cobb salads really good and easy you know a bacon burger with avocado just no sweet potato fries like I got that one time but yeah solids are good cops house are good bunless burgers are good as well any kind of like alfredo is good without the pasta though so you can like check out plated but no pasta right cuz they’re adding butter and cream yeah just just no pasta maybe I were over like a thing of vegetables that would be good now I wanted to start doing this okay I I work in radio and so my morning starts at I’m up at like 3:15 3:30 and so then I go in and I do a split shift and then I’m back again at like 3:00 so I’m there from like 5 until 10 and then I’m back 3 till about 7:00 and then I’m right and then I try to get in bed at like 9:30 with the schedule like mine you know what’s the like Candice is this something that can be done like some of the things you mentioned like I like nuts I like cashews are like pistachios those are like my go-to is I don’t know if those are the healthiest but those are my favorite little snacks you know to have with me when I you know I’m out I don’t really eat beef go I haven’t eaten bee in a long time and if it is it’s like I may have a hamburger once a year yeah I even remember last time I had a hamburger oh but it’s not my issue has been chicken like I’ll eat the hell out of some chicken I’m a club honey but I don’t know who’d like that’s like if that’s part of it you know what I mean you know like so I don’t even know what like I would have for breakfast especially because I’m on the run and then like what like dinner you know saw that I’m throwing off a bit do you drink coffee or no I don’t you don’t drink how do you wake up in the morning you get up naturally yeah I just have a really good leg all right Lord let’s get up first of all because you could do a so it’s called bulletproof coffee but without instead of coffee you could do tea right and then what you do is you have coconut oil to the tea and you blend it up maybe adds a little bit stevia so it’s sweet you know and you sip on that getting some healthy fats firstly in the morning I think it’s gonna help you feel full because what when do you usually eat yeah on that on your schedule when do you eat like I’ll take nuts like this morning I just had like a bag of cashew so I’ll just eat that to just keep me like and that’s it like 6:30 just to kind of okay all right hey you know and then I may drink some water and then from there now but I’m just trying to figure out like what would I do like I can come home after after work we’re good us lose so though I would probably get home at like an 11:00 at the latest yeah I could maybe maybe he’s fast until then right so you drink a lot of water coffee or tea you know until you come home between like that you have a break you said right from like 10:00 till about 2:00 okay so maybe your first meal then and then you eat something that Calvin eat through lunch right okay three don’t eat it until ten eleven if you only eat a bag of cashews you said anyway is that sick right now can I have care you could have cashews here’s the thing so at the way Calvin’s doing as he’s doing intermittent fasting with keto and he loves it it works really good but you don’t have to do that but that’s because his window is noon to 8:00 so he’s still sleeping when I’m up so your your window would be from let’s say 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. that’s at the eight-hour Inlet doing between ten and six yeah so if you ate at ten a.m. and you stopped eating at 6 p.m. that’s basically what Kevin’s them but just different time frames that make sense so your first meals at 10 a.m. so you just have to fast until 10:00 right lots of water so here’s the thing with me looking at my breath to be stinking you’re on the radio buddy right just the microphone might hate you but so drink some water chew some gum you’ll be fine and then ten o’clock half of that meal like similar to Calvin go home and the thing with nuts that I was gonna say really quick is that that’s easy to overdo it just like cheese’s or dairy right cuz one handful of cashews leads to two handful of cashews or three if you’re really hungry and even though we’ve all done that before so that’s the other thing with with nuts limit once a day and and portion it fortunate out in a ziplock baggie that you know you if you eat the whole thing you’re not gonna kill yourself because there’s a lot of carbs not a lot of carbs there’s more carbs and nuts then there is in coconut oil right or butter but you’re not gonna eat better I get it I’m going back to chicken really quick chicken is okay but stick with but let’s let’s stick with the dark meat the fatty or me don’t go chicken breast on me chicken thighs are fun chicken thighs are awesome on keto because there’s a chicken thighs and go to town on a sandwich chicken thighs on with you know cooked and butter on a salad you’re good to go and avocado oil because I already cook with avocado oil perfect avocado it was great I know you’ve been but let me just go ah boy I’m real quick drew yes ma’am don’t have me around here at the grocery store with a basket full of bacon and eggs and a little bit of cheese with some avocado oil and I already do like I said butter can I used to work on whole food so I get that whole brats bad deal deal but I will go to town bacon and eggs and then but I don’t know I don’t know what I would have for dinner cuz I don’t really eat these so what so I can have a Cobb salad with big with the chicken pad right yeah you can do that with the chicken thighs and then for dinner do you do salmon or any type of fish at all salmon but I do like like white flaky fish I don’t like tilapia what is rounder or something like that no you could do like chicken sauces you ever bite chicken sausage from Costco my chicken sausage so good or you could do pork – you could do pork if you don’t Abby sausage with what else like what would accompany it cuz cuz what I can AG sausage and all that kind of getting on my nerves all the time yeah yeah so you definitely want to get into some veggies as well so saute your vegetables and butter and coconut oil add a lot of salt to that you know some chicken sausage and cauliflower rice mixed in isn’t met hey Calvin do you have the meal plan at all can you just email that because that gives you a structure of what to eat you’re in the day with the recipes and stuff like that can you go back to her yeah I do I just didn’t know cuz I’ve kind of follow a little bit but then I’m kind of adding my own little thing and so I was just trying her I started her with the right foundation because I think she needed to hear the hope of Kido like come on you know like I’m eating bacon an egg but the problem is is that I think the dairy is the thing what do you think about all the the recipes that are out there because like okay I saw something today call cloud bread have you heard of that yeah cloud bread yes look amazing yeah so I’m okay with that stuff I really am but the problem is that it’s still you gotta it’s the behavior behind it Aikido cookies are still cookies but they’re not as unhealthy for you but man you can overdo them easy and you’re eating keitel cookies and you’re eating cheese and dairy all the time you can overdo it so use them just as like a tool to kind of fit into this lifestyle the more you do it they’re gonna bake oh yeah I can fit this in I can do this here but then you all almost always go back to the same five or six recipes that are your go-to that tastes good and you can mix those mix those in and out right so so find what works for you so then if I keep the two thousand calories as my guideline will I still be good to have cloud bread if I you know because it’s made out of like eggs and I think has a little tartar sauce with yeah am I still able to yeah we factor that in and it was pressure that how do you feel on two thousand cards are you satisfied are you full like eating all this fat or you like men I could eat double this I felt a little more satisfied I mean I get hungry quicker lighter by dinnertime I’m ready but I feel like after I eat the bacon eggs or whatever have in them you know for my first meal I’m feeling pretty good you know now when I go out to a restaurant thirty other day and I ordered the same thing bacon and eggs I wasn’t really satisfied I was hungry so yeah it works with smaller portions too yeah support four pieces of bacon of 40 eggs but it just I don’t know it didn’t taste the same way so that you know great me what would you what would you say my grading of the way that I’m eating keto right now honestly do you’re like I would give you like a what’s that what’s a eighty percent that it be any program yeah you’re in the B category that’s good yeah you have you have me as your coach you know so that helps up close to why you playing joy we got join the group now welcome I go into it but I deal well is there anything else do you have any last questions I think I want to try this starting in February I’m about to lose in my life I think that’ll kind of keep me happy get like 60 pounds off my birthday 11th and that’s it I’m trying to like race for your life Charlie Brown but like if I could kind of see some movement and practicing this you know is this something that you can stay on forever be are you supposed to come off and matter what is totally up to you what what fits best in your lifestyle so I’ve known doctors that have eating this way for years or even decades now and they’re totally healthy right it’s totally fine but if you’re you know want to go back and have your grandma’s like you know bread pudding and cheese just understand that when you eat that food it’s gonna kick you out of ketosis but the thing with keto you got to understand this is you got to get keto adapted first which means you got to be strict with it for a good 60 to 90 days so that your body learns how to use ketones right your body’s adjusting but if you do keto for a week and then you have macaroni and cheese and your body’s never fully adapting to the ketone that makes sense that makes sense will I be annoyed like will my attitude adjust and I’ll be like pissed off like what are you talking about talking to me so week one the week one there’s a transition there’s that there’s a transition and it’s gonna take you gotta be patient with your body right because your body’s been running out of glucose for you know how many are held you’ve been running out of glucose for all these years and now you’re saying okay no more glucose your body is like what are you doing to me like I don’t know how to use ketones yet and so there is a transition there’s three things that can help out water like lots of water salt I think lots of salt to your food or just even like putting it in your hands I know I’m blowing your mind here Peter Malayan sea salt like real salt with the book and minerals still intact I have some of that so that’s awesome and then there’s the supplements called exogenous ketones and basically what it is is it puts your body and a simulated version of ketosis just like by drinking it and there’s a it’s flavor that tastes good Kevin did you did you get some of that or no no I’m just I’m real basic I need done yet I don’t have any supplements or any ketones coming anything okay okay it’s coming from 10:00 to 6:00 would be my time to eat even though I would be starving from like three of ten but okay and then bacon and eggs and then fish and chicken sausage and sausage and cauliflower bites gonna have like peppers and onions and things like that yeah yeah you can have peppers and onions the vegetables you want to focus more on though or like the broccoli the cauliflower the spinach the kale those are lowering and carbohydrates things like peppers and onions and carrots you got to be kind of careful because they’re a little bit higher so you should be having around 30 grams of carbs per day so that’s one thing to track 30 grams of carbs and you’ll look at 1 tablespoon of like cashew butter is like 5 grams of carbs so just just put that into perspective 30 grams total carbs I do watch my carbs and yes I have a little energy drink well AdvoCare has this little yes but it’s like 4 grand exactly four grams yep so that’s that’s something you could add to your total daily allotment yeah is going like I should regularly yep so that’s what we add in and I’m sending you some probiotics as well so that’ll help out with gut bacteria unless you want to start adding in sauerkraut and kimchi and pickles and fermented foods you got a fermented foods yeah pickled beets right can’t we drink probiotics too like kombucha yet some of them have a lot added sugar so just look at the back look at the back and see but yes that’ll help put your gut your goes back to let’s sugared up their authority so sugar is carbs so 30 grams per day oh okay okay so yeah just when you look at it if it has like a lot of have like eight grams of sugar and one thing you know you can drink it but you got to be careful because that’s you have 20 grams of carbs left right so those those little things yeah I’m down 23 and you know next time I’ll be down 30 40 but uh I can see it in your face dude Kelvin and you not know out skinny me so [Laughter] you guys are funny okay with drew I appreciate it man thank you very very much thank you closer Calvin Rd then joy you [Music]

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