QUEST Pizza Review ๐Ÿ”ฅ The Perfect Protein Cheat Meal?

QUEST Pizza Review ๐Ÿ”ฅ The Perfect Protein Cheat Meal?

what’s going on DJ fitness demos reviews and together with me and together with us finally on the channel the quest nutrition protein pizza protein pizza people that so listen I mean quest has what bars cookies no they have the chips and they have the Doritos and we reviewed all of them and have the hero power which is like a protein candy bar but anyway listen it is about time they said that someone quest in this case would bring up protein pizza because honestly pizza is the devil people say is my favorite card in the whole world actually one of my favorite foods ever anyway so they introduced this pizza I think they have three flavors we have actually two of them right we have two of them this is the thin crust pizza uncured pepperoni so this is the pepperoni version now it’s supposed to be sort of a paleo friendly more than just like low low calories but it’s also like reasonably low calories so the size we’re gonna show you in a second but basically you have for a full pizza so there’s like the serving size is half a pizza for a food for a half a pizza 340 calories 21 grams of fat in this one in this one I think the other one which is not the pepperoni has less 21 grams of carbs of fact sorry 9 grams of saturated fat I’m guessing it’s the cheese in the pepperoni then you have total carbohydrates 24 grams 18 grams out of them fiber so this is this is true to the quest fiber thing right so only 3 grams sugar basically and 28 grams protein so we’re for food pizza which I’m going to show you in a second you were gonna get 720 count no what am I talking about no you’re gonna get 680 calories 680 calories 42 grams of fact 48 grams of carbs but a lot of them fiber you’re gonna get 56 grams of protein Oh this is much better than a pizza like a regular pizza this is more protein and less carbs or at least net dollars I think it’s the same fattest pita I think that the magic here is the protein and the fiber by the way as far as what it’s made of first ingredient water that’s really strange first in your reasonable water the second ingredient is mozzarella low moisture mozzarella then you have milk protein isolate tomato paste pepperoni and that’s it basically so let’s look at this size so you guys know what you’re getting for 680 calories think about it as like whatever – like 3 3 8 protein bars this is what this is replacing 3 protein bars also from a macro perspective sort of similar so you’re supposed to fill it in the mic in the oven 400 400 degrees keep pizza frozen during preheat remove pizza from the box this car ok so you need to preheat the oven place frozen pizza on a baking sheet bake for 20 to 30 23 minutes ok or until cheese is completely melted take pizza out stand for 3 minutes ok let’s look at the side so this is the size this sort of a personal pizza like you would have two slices of pizza this is about the size of two slices of pizza so it’s the same calories above the same calories as two slices of pizza obviously you’re getting more protein and less carbs so if you’re gonna have pizza might as well have this by the way we bought this on target for I think $8 1 which is actually I think very reasonable part with reasonable price for a high-quality protein pizza anyway here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna go we’re gonna come back in half an hour show you how it looks like taste it and we’ll be back looks like uh looks like a real pizza oh okay people so we’re outside now getting ready to eat the pizza it actually looks like a pizza the sizes is reasonable I think what you should be comparing this as we said before we cooked it is to two slices of pizza it does look the size of two slices of pizza actually the same calories as a normal pizza but way more protein way less net carbs probably about the same amount of fat we let it chill for about three minutes it was in the oven for about 20 minutes or so we’re gonna try this now and tell you what we think we expect this to be as good as a pepperoni pizza I mean if you’re eating the calories even though it’s like better macros so what do you think about the cross because the crust is the big difference here right the crust is where you usually get the carbs from and this has a mostly fiber for crust what do you think listen I think the cheese the pepperoni all that stuff is really good the crust I do feel it’s different you feel like it feel it feels a bit of a different texture it’s also like thin its thin crust by the weight it does say ten crusts but I would say it’s good like it’s not like bad right like is it the best pizza I ever had no it’s not this is how it looks like but it’s good as far as flavor and you definitely I mean the cheese and the pepperoni could probably have real cheese and pepperoni we know because we went to learn nutrition fact listen here’s my verdict you’re paying basically for two if you’re buying it on target just like we did you’re paying for two slices of pizza let’s say eight dollars right so for dollar no $8 for two slices for like two-for-one pizza is $8 so it’s like what four dollars per slice if you go to the to the pizza blitz here downstairs how much do you pay three dollars so it’s you paying thirty percent two more for getting a clean pizza so I would say price wise they’ve done a good job on this are their bit cheaper pizzas of course they are but for we’re paying 30% more to get better macros and I would say if I’m craving a pizza I rather have this than a pizza if I’m trying to watch my diet a real pizza like I’ve had worse pizzas and I’ve had much better pizzas but this is a good place in the middle it’s nice it’s like a good pizza so I think it’s worth the money if you’re watching your diet you’re craving a pizza and you’re just saying god damnit I need the pizza but I don’t know I don’t know feel like shit about myself later on so this you can have the pizza and not feel like total shit I actually like it it’s good listen people if this video was helpful in your cheat meal decision-making process give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel to see more reviews like this because this is what we do here we help you think not do think we find this stuff we check them out we tell you if you should care about them we compare prices we do all that good stuff if you want to save money on quest or anything else Fitness www Fitness leaders calm we don’t sell anything we just help you save money you

22 thoughts on “QUEST Pizza Review ๐Ÿ”ฅ The Perfect Protein Cheat Meal?”

  1. Robert Irvine's Fit Crust pizza was my personal favorite, but it's becoming harder to find and most local stores don't carry it.

  2. To me something like this is just not worth it. If I am going to indulge in pizza, I will go for the real thing. One other point: pizza gets an undeserved bad rap. True neapolitan pizza, in moderation (like anything else), is quite healthy. It's the American style of pizza that will land you in trouble.

  3. Thereโ€™s another pizza bar and that does the same has lots of protein I forgot what itโ€™s called but itโ€™s good

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