Psychological Food Addiction vs. the Keto Diet – Jacks Low Carb Journey Epi – 7

well hello there YouTube jack checking in on yet another episode of Jack’s low-carb journey we’re going through this together is I try to slim my big ass down in a narrow ass and we are on day 24 today I checked in with you yesterday about to 31.8 checking in with you today to 30.8 like I said I’d go through this little bitty drop and then like a pound over about four or five days it’s kind of weird but it’s just a little bit comes like nothing nothing a little bit boom a pound and then nothing nothing a little bit boom a pound just like that over four to five days and I’ll take you man it’s alters at least a pound coming off every about five days I am ahead of my plan honestly at this point right now I’m you know let’s call it 231 rounding up and on plan I should have hit 231 on the 30th day or September the 10th we’re sitting here on the 4th so I’m six days planned so I’m I’m stoked about what did I eat yesterday it might sound a little repetitive but it’s because not before I had this huge ribeye steak that I bought I mean this is massive very much taken as expensive but it isn’t expensive if you get three meals out of it so yesterday I took about three or four ounces of that beautifully marbled fatty ribeye that was just I did – I actually cooked it even a little less than I like it a really really read because I knew I was gonna eat it all so I took about 4 ounces of it and cut it into thin strips and make myself a small salad you know about two cups of greens four or five cherry tomatoes cut up some blue cheese crumbles and some some chopped pecans tried out two pieces of bacon and two over-easy Duquette stuffed cakes from my backyard from my own personal ducks non-gmo fed I mean this is just the highest when we were selling our eggs we were selling for $8 a dozen we used to have like 150 ducks now we have like 12 but we started like 150 we had restaurants that were on waiting lists to get to buy our eggs so really premium quality there and I just took the the few ounces of sliced ribeye and I had the cast-iron griddle for cooking the eggs kill the heat because I didn’t want to over cook them you know and just threw them on there just to let them warm through and I put a picture of that in my evening meal on Facebook I’ll put links in the notes today so you can see it I’m talking about I have people see coupon food for the week looking at that plate of food and you know it was about 900 calorie plate right that’s a lot of calories but you know I need to keep my calories to about 16 1700 a day I know people say calories don’t count but they do if you’re stupid and then my evening meal like I said it might start to sound redundant those lower calorie it was about the 750 800 so that’s keeping me well where I need to be to be on a 25% deficit which keeps me on plan and I am not hungry and I basically made another salad this almost like four cups of greens my wife went out and bought these really big salad bowls because normal salad bowls gonna tell you that it’s like you get in the keto just go out and buy a salad bowl that’s designed to be a small salad bowl that you sit in the met center of your table for four people buy one for every member of the family’s on keto is an eating bowl so that you can actually have a salad that you can fit your bowl and eat without everything falling all over the place I threw some in there added some tomatoes tablespoon of roasted pumpkin seeds some sharp cheddar cherry tomatoes little bit of cucumber I try not to overdo the cucumber tomatoes no peppers and there’s lady peppers for the breakfast no peppers this time around sliced up the meat did the same thing warm it through but then I was like you know I know you love you blue cheese yeah you can’t just say there do you get bored with it so I made myself a blackberry balsamic dressing which was a little bit of light variable Sonics you don’t need a lot of it and there is a little sugar in nursing you got to be careful really good quality olive oil and then just a drip of mustard and if you try that what you’ll find is instead of ending up with oil and vinegar that separate you end up with what’s called an emulsion that’s what mayonnaise is works for a different reason but the oil and the vinegar together away you can do to even make us a little more powerful add a little bit of water put it in a ball jar by that I mean a canning jar any kind of thing you can close up and it’s not gonna leak put it in there mix it up and shake the out of it and it’ll it’ll turn out to it like a thick almost creamy if you use a balsamic if you use a regular vinegar you’re gonna end up with something more akin to a typical dressing but this you’re gonna end up with like this thick drizzle i drizzled that over if you look at the pictures of what I ate yes you know people say you deprived yourself on keto I don’t know what freaking planet they get their from I mean mistake up the steak salad I made for dinner probably would have cost you 20 bucks and in a restaurant I had about $8 in it and it was fantastic those two were my meals no snacking no cravings no nothing yesterday bulletproof coffee in the morning that’s it now let’s talk about the pitfall today I want to actually continue with what I talked about yesterday with people saying I can’t do it I’m deprived or whatever and I won’t talk about it a little bit differently today from a psychological standpoint I might look like a redneck hippie duck farmer and I am but I’m I’m the world’s worst nightmare guys I’m a freakin educated redneck okay so when we look at any lifestyle change generally we’re dealing with some level of the a word and that is addiction and people believe that addiction is a physical addiction it has to be physical or it’s not really an addiction especially when it comes to substances and when we all know if somebody’s like addicted to porn or something like it has to be psychological because there is no nothing in the body but generally when we think of alcohol drugs etc and we use the word addiction people focus on the physical addiction ie an alcoholic that has a true physical addiction may go through something called the DTS it was your tremors and can actually be life-threatening if they don’t get alcohol and they may need to actually go for medical assistance in coming off of alcohol now not all alcoholics will do that but that’s a physical addiction to heroin addict often will need medical assistance getting off of hair and or the withdrawal itself can be life-threatening think about that before you then somebody and understand that maybe what they need some people yes some people no but the other side of addiction is psychological there is a craving that is mentally based that I know how good this thing is how it makes me feel good or how it makes me not hurt either emotionally spiritually whatever for a time that’s the person one day I can’t think this name now will flourish some is the last name big dude muscle guy lost like 80 pounds on keto does a lot of seminars and stuff said he used to go to fast food places and sit in his car where nobody could see him on the other side of town any four quarter pounders that’s physical because yeah you get the cravings off you but it’s not so psychological that I’m miserable but this makes me feeling a little bit better for a time even though I’m a shake but psychological addiction goes even further than that one it becomes a self-identity and what I mean by that let’s let’s use beer because it’s easier there’s beer and drinking if somebody is known as a party animal they go to the bar every Friday and Saturday night and they tear it up and while they’re doing it not only did they feel good with people like them they’re not a mean drunk they’re a happy drunk and people talk about say Tom Tom’s a freakin party a little muck man I can’t wait till Tom comes over and all their friends and all their social interactions are based on that that persona of them that is not their true selves then giving up alcohol even if it’s not a physical addiction and even if they don’t really sit around oh man I really want to drink but giving up drinking if it is creating a problem for them in their life let’s say there’s don’t have physical problems because of all that party will be difficult even if they’re not physically addicted even if they’re not like a first-level psychologically addicted because they now identify it’s Tom the party animal to give up the drinking and to give up the lifestyle is to give up some level of connection with their friends and their family and the reputation is the release of who they are it is death to a persona they’ve built that they now see as themselves how does that apply to keto there are people who say I can’t give up bread and I can’t give up fruit and I can’t give up this because but I love bread but I love fruit and when somebody says that what they’re really saying of course it tastes good let’s put that on the shelf for a second I’ll come back to it but what they’re really saying is my identity it’s a person needs bread the person eats fruit the person who needs cake and if I let go with this I let go of Who I am okay changing your life means letting go of the you it is doing negative things in your life that’s what it means you do have to let that persona die now how powerful is this I’m guaranteeing you right now there are people that sit on the outside looking in at the world Akito who they’re lab results suck their cholesterol through the roof they’re on all kinds of drugs they’re either pre-diabetic or type 2 diabetic their life is in a shambles they’re overweight and they’re not just overweight insane the of the well I’m still happy no they’re like overweight and they’re unhappy about it they want their life to be better than if you said here’s a pill if you take this pill once a day you’ll lose weight and you’ll be not anything that you’re out I’d be away you’ll you’ll lose whatever this is your weight now this is your ideal weight somewhere down here around the bottom third you’ll go right to there and you’ll stay there you live however you want they would take that pill well duh of course they would who would okay what if I gave you another pill what if you’re on the outside looking at keto and I gave you another constant this is what this will do if you take this bill you will be able to do keto you will change and you will accept that these foods should not be consumed at all until you lose weight and then only in extreme moderation as Chiefs for the rest of your life and you will believe that and you will do it if I give you this bill there are a lot of people that would claim that they want to lose weight they would be deathly afraid of that pill I know it sounds crazy especially if you’ve already made the decision because you already got past it understand everybody walks their own walk everybody comes up against their own barriers everybody has their own fears what that pill represents to them is a letting go of this Sonnen they’ve built for themselves a person that it is a is not a person person is the spirit the intellectual component in the spirit and the soul however you want to define it the intelligence the consciousness that you are what you project is whatever you’ve decided to project but what happens is we take that projection and we grab onto it and then we identified as ourselves and whether it’s drugs or food or a lifestyle whatever it is we’re then afraid to let go of that and let that persona we created out of thin air die so that we can do better for ourselves I told you I wasn’t educated redneck okay that’s it for today I don’t have any more for you than that that’s pretty damn deep but it’s the truth so if you are thinking about it but you won’t do it realize that maybe your hang-up and if you’re doing it but you’re not doing it right because we’re gonna talk more about this feels like well I’m dude keto and I hit a plateau and I can’t bull you’re not doing it you’re doing part of it and a lot of times it’s the part of it is a refusal to let go of that old cells if you want to renew what you are some of the old has to go it’s up to you I can’t do it for you like I said the only person can do that for you is the guy in the mirror or the gal in the mirror and remember when you go look at that mirror probably on the floor is a scale you know the skill to be your friend of your enemy most Americans it’s uh their enemy you want to make it your friend do keto and I’ll catch you later the dogs anger

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