[Preview] Is fear of protein the new fear of fat?

[Preview] Is fear of protein the new fear of fat?

In someone eating
a standard American diet, which is of course carb heavy, there is a massive increase in insulin where insulin goes up several times
over baseline, even when eating
a pure carbohydrate source. Adding protein to that
then sends it even further, so it is amplifying the inherent
insulinogenic capacity of the carbohydrate. In contrast in the instance
of a low-carb fed individual because we need to have the liver
making glucose via gluconeogenesis, we can’t afford to have insulin
spiking so high, because that would absolutely clamp down
on gluconeogenesis and thus as the evidence suggests
in humans, we in fact don’t see that expected rise
that we do see in insulin with the carb-fed individual, we see no such effect
in the low-carb fed person to the point that there is in fact
no response. It ends up being fairly neutral
with regard to the endocrine response. Which a lot of people don’t appreciate. We look at the textbook version saying
these amino acids are insulinogenic and yet that’s in this
overwhelmingly common situation of a carbohydrate fed state and that didn’t consider
the low-carb fed state.

6 thoughts on “[Preview] Is fear of protein the new fear of fat?”

  1. I want to do Keto. I am type 2. But i dont tolerate protein well. If i eat 3-5eggs a day for 2 days then the 3rd day my Albumin levels increase. It even goea up with my usual indian diet of pulses, so I avoid pulses as well. What should I do? Should i do keto diet and allow more protein?

  2. Thanks to Diet Doctor and their access to the Low Carb Breckinridge 2018 Conference I was able to watch Dr. Bikman's lecture (I'm a DD member). His lecture was quite the eye opener since I've been hesitant to up my protein intake too much while doing Keto for fear of triggering Gluconeogenesis and getting "knocked out" of ketosis. His covering the role of Insulin & Glucagon and Protein has changed my views and I will start increasing my protein intake while monitoring my keto status as well as my own subjective observations.

  3. He's wrong about the insulin response to protein in a low carb individual. Just ask any very low carber that is a type 1 diabetic.

  4. I had like 200 grams of protein this day and still was in ketosis.
    Granted, I live a fairly active lifestyle and was intermittend fasting (19/5) before. But this short interview excerpt only echoed my own experience.

  5. i was doing traditional keto and felt weak. After watching some videos from low carb or zero carb people who are active like myself i stopped restricting my protein. Now with a much higher protein intake i feel much better. i work a labor intensive construction job and lift weights. maybe people who arent as active do well with lower protein, but if you are working or working out realy hard try adding more protien and see how you feel.

  6. I love doing carnivore (2mths) has almost stopped my rheumatoid arthritis and prediabetes. I had high cholesterol of 260 BEFORE starting so I am a bit worried about my next blood test. Also I just read this article about some new research out of Australia saying that protein will shorten life by 15-20%. Please have a look at would love your thoughts https://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/health-and-wellness/researchers-discover-why-high-protein-diets-reduce-health-and-lifespan-20190225-p51046.html

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