Patricia Bright who is she??  Pregnant🤰 again😮

Patricia Bright who is she?? Pregnant🤰 again😮

oh I have I was taking all [Music] hi guys it has happened again it has happened again to face Beauty Patricia bright hi guys welcome back to my channel if you are new to my channel subscribe click the bell so that you are notified whenever I post a new video guys today is all about good news and it is about race amazing gorgeous YouTube star called Patricia bright Patricia bright is a British youtuber she is a fashion beauty and lifestyle blogger Patricia is married to Michael bright and they have a beautiful baby girl called Grace who was born in the year 2016 Patricia bright is not only a youtuber she is also an inter planar and she has worked also with different cosmetic brands like Marc and fancy beauty and so many others like also Lou real and in many others so guys Patricia bright is also a note on o face amazing book called head and her soul it’s awesome so guys guess what Patricia bright is expecting again she is going to have another baby guys and this is the good news that I was going to deliver because Patricia bright kept this a secret for five good months five good months people did not know if she was expecting maybe there could be a few people who already knew but it was not in public and she decided to post a photo of her beautiful baby bomb so guys check this because Patricia bright for the true those fine once people do not even notice she posted photos she posted videos like so if you look closely you will exactly see happy people but she was able to keep it secret very few noticed very few notice that she was expecting or she is expecting and here is somebody already saying that literally how yes just yesterday I was looking at your posts like how is this still secret she is a master of deception so proud and excited for you wonder woman huh nobody nobody expected nobody I mean noticed in this comment you see like I cannot believe how you kept a secret for so long I am in error but so happy for you Mike and grace so here Patricia answers like hahaha it felt like forever but I know my friends are loyal because it never leaked so she did that on purpose she kept her pregnancy secret between the crop tops and tight skirts how have you been able to hide this Congrats so Patricia was able to hide look in this picture you will notice and there’s a video on it you will notice that she has a baby but okay she was a little bit she covered her belly she she did a little bit of coverage so that people did not even notice and yeah if you look at those photos you will realize there was something there was a blessing and it was bland there was a blessing on the way so when you look at some photos there were some people already saying congratulations but it was not clear it was not detailed congratulations for what yeah and Patricia made a video about being an emotional wreck in this me when I go to the comment session of this video so people did not even get a clue because she was saying she is craving for chocolate in this video she said that I am craving she is craving for chocolate who cries for chocolate and she is also emotional so guys just check the whole thing so guys in this photo Patricia was pregnant with baby Grace and that is to 2016 where they were expecting their first baby Grace and um yeah of course they were a joyful full of joy and you can see how happy leah and how cute baby cries is it is just amazing I am so excited for this family I am so excited and happy for them because this is amazing this is something a blessing it’s a blessing to get babies it’s a blessing to get children so I can imagine her joy and even keeping this pregnancy secret it’s important because keeping telling people in the public that you are pregnant at a very early stage of pregnancy is not even advisable and she did the right thing to keep this secret so I wish this family the best I am just excited excited about this news who wouldn’t be excited about the good news of Patricia expecting another baby who wouldn’t who would be who wouldn’t be grateful so I wish the family bright all the best I know most probably is the big sister to be very happy and very eager about the whole day yeah and I’m just happy for Patricia this is one of also my favorite couples in YouTube and she is a very inspiring person Patricia bright is very inspiring she has worked with Rihanna she has worked with Mariah and um she’s a very inspiring because she was like I wanted to talk in person like she she is here and there she is walking she is a mom she is an enterpreneur she is all that yeah you know and that is somebody you can always get inspired from she is also an Ulta yeah she has her own book but it’s called head and hustle yeah and this book is really amazing anyway Patricia bright and your family congratulations and we wish you or I wish you blessings and all the best in your pregnancy journey and good luck in everything you

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